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         Above picture is an artist's depiction of Hiram Edson's "Cornfield Vision"




        Dr. Robert Flewelling Holt, MD, MPH graduated in 1971 with an  MD degree and MPH (Masters in Public Health) degree from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California.


In 1976 Dr. Holt moved to Sampson County where he was hired as the Emergency Room Director of the Sampson County Memorial Hospital in Clinton, North Carolina -- Since then he has worked at Emergency Rooms all over North Carolina.  He is now retired.

After 1985 Dr. Holt traveled extensively all over the world. and is an expert in Bible Codes of several types and a religious scholar and author of a number of books. 

      Dr. Robert Holt MD, called Dr. Bob by a lot of his friends, has

 been a frequent attender at the Foster  Memorial Seventh-day

 Adventist church in Asheville, North Carolina since the Edneyville

 SDA  church was closed by the Carolina Conference, but attends

 several  other churches regularly as well, including the Mills River

 Unity  Center.

    Dr. Holt is a firm believer in the gift of prophecy in Ellen G.

 White, and explains many of her prophecies using Jewish-style

 midrash  that have appeared to "fail" when taken literally and


       A major part of this UNOFFICIAL SDA SECTION will be a 

humorous comparison or parody of the Seventh-day Adventist

 leaders and ministers to the comic Broadway play titled HMS Pinafore, whose captain got his

position in spite of no sea-faring experience, and no real real

 aptitude for leading men.

 The HMS Pinofore SDA parody



The messages of the SEVEN (not 3) Angels of Revelation 14 and 18, : Click Here!

  Why it was that Adventists were sleeping at midnight, not watching!


What do I mean by "Unofficial"?

Adventists rejected "CHEAP GRACE"

Jesus getting off the Cross!

Seventh-day Adventists and the 

Great Tribulation!


Still non-Trinity like the early Adventists!

10 NT Texts that Disprove there is a "divine Trinity"!

After 44 years of being called "semi-Arians", SDAs became


Charles Wheeling and Ellen White's Daniel Statement!

Ellen White's "Speeding Train' vision re-interpreted!

Ellen White's "coiled green cord" vision explained!



Who did Abraham pay TITHE to?

Who did Jacob pay TITHE to?

Who did Malachi promise a  TITHE blessing?

Who did Jesus and his disciples pay TITHE to?

Merry Christmas from Satan Claus!



Fundamentalism and the Divine Trinity

Cain's Salvation! Abel's Folly!

    By failing to read, understand, and make allowance for  the now available pre-Biblical literature and history that archaeologists have excavated and translated in the ruins of ancient cities of the Middle East, Seventh-day Adventist scholars are perpetuating ancient myths that Jesus himself labeled "the traditions of men." One of these now understood historical stories was the real story of Ka-en and Aba-el (Cain and Abel).

Pre-Biblical Literature and History IGNORED

IGNORING the Essenes and Dead Sea Scrolls

IGNORING Ellen White's most important prophecies

IGNORING Recent "Gospel Pesher" and Torah Codes






Jesus' Matthew 24 Prophecy 

Completely Interpreted!

The Millennial Week!



Hidden Prophecies in the PSALMS

Bryan Aalborg's 6-hour Christmas

Bryan Aalborg's 9-17-2011 sermon-

WATCH, Jesus is coming!

"Tis so sweet to Trust in Jesus!"

Divine Baby or Really Human?

Perfect Child or Carpenter's Kid?

Illegitimate Essene "Orphan"

"Christ in Me"--said Paul

Isaiah and Paul warn about "Delusions"



A much longer INDEX featuring Dr. Holt's  research in non-medical subjects


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