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as revealed by the "Gospel Pesher" Codes


 excerpted from "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls"

by Dr. Barbara Thiering, PhD

   '  "Barabbas" A name for Theudas as the servant (Aramaic bar) of Jonathan Annas, who could be called  Abba, the Father."  Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 386

      "Earthquake" - a name for Theudas as the one who took over and renovated Qumran after the earthquake in the 7th year of Herod's reign.

 31 BC

Antiquities Book 15, Ch. 5 (121) "At this time it was that the fight happened at Actium, between Octavius Caesar and Anthony, in the seventh year of the reign of Herod, and then it was also that there was an earthquake in Judea, such a one as had not happened at any other time, and which earthquake brought a great destruction upon the cattle in that country. (122) About ten thousand men also perished by the fall of houses; but the army, which lodged in the field, received no damage by this sad accident."

"Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls" page 41

"Qumran was first used, as a monastery, by Palestinian Essenes, who had come there at the time they were expelled from Jerusalem in the second century BC.  But in 31 BC, everything changed.  The Qumran building was struck by an earthquake that devastated the whole of the Judean valley.  The cistern in which the monks took their daily baths suffered the worst of the shock: one side of the steps dropped a cubit below the other.  God, the Essenes believed, had struck their building, declaring it unclean.  They abandoned the property, and it stayed desolate for twenty years."

11 BC

     Page 51 "After the earthquake, Qumran was no longer pure enough to be used as a monastery and sanctuary.  When it was reoccupied about 11 BC, it was as a centre for celibates who had not fully renounced the world, like the Egyptian Therapautae They held less strict rules on ritual and moral matters."

     Page 171 "The order of Ephraim, Egyptian Therapeutae, had not supported the Herods as rulers, but wanted a return of David kings.  Although in the Diaspora, they were on many points in sympathy with the Palestinian Essenes.

     They had made a revision of doctrine in 31 BC, shortly before the earthquake, for this and other reasons their leader was called "Earthquake".  By allowing a zero decade, they could treat 31 as the beginning of the millennium (solar).  Consequently when they joined the anti-Herodian groups, they began their new Exodus ten years later than 21, in 11 BC.  Their scheme was:

BC-AD         AM-s                         Event

BC 31          3910          Millennium begins

BC 11          3930          Exodus

AD 30          3970          Holy War

AD 70          4010          End of Holy War

29 AD

      Since the Last Jubilee, now in 3969, was to fall in AD 29 according to the adjustment -- it was possible to combine it the revised Exodus scheme-- the different prophecies came together in the gospel period, making it a time of intense expectation.

      It was this group that reoccupied Qumran, some twenty years after the earthquake.  The reoccupation gave them a definite starting point for a new order, and forty years later some still believed that the scheme of history revolved around it."     

March 19, 33 AD (Thursday)

     "In the reproduction "Jerusalem", [at Qumran] , the "Mount of Olives" was the monastery building east of the aqueduct.   After the Last Supper Jesus with his companions went across to the building, then turned down to the area of the divided cistern south of the monastery wall."

     "There were two hours to wait until midnight, when the test for Simon Magus and his associates would come.  Jesus had given evidence of support for Simon [the raising of Lazarus story], and was known to endorse western ways and the Julian calendar [this midnight was the proper time]; Theudas-Barabbas also was in the same party, as a close associate of the tetrarch Antipas."

     "If heaven favored Jesus at this time, the sign would come in the place in which he was most identified, the meeting hall of villagers.   Both married men and Gentiles were of this rank, and the hall had been built in the place where they assembled when they came to Qumran as pilgrims."

    "Jesus, coming to the doorway, said to John Mark, "Sit here", then took Peter, James, and John inside the hall.   During the next two hours he wrestled with the question of his loyalties.  He was not really on the side of the Magus; he had merely given him personal friendship.  It would be a betrayal of his own political position if he was arrested and tried as a zealot.  His political sympathies actually lay with Annas, who had also come into the village hall for the midnight vigil.  For a time, Jesus turned to him for support, submitting to him, and praying to him as the Father. (Mark 14:35-39)   Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 108, 109

March 20, 33 AD (Good Friday)

These events occurred during a time-correction routine at Qumran quite similar to that gone through in our country when we switch between Standard time and Daylight saving time, but in this case three hours were "jumped" not just one!

5 AM old time  8 AM new time -- Pilate arrives from Jerusalem (40

                                                        km, 200 stadia, 2 1/2

                                                       hours by horse, horse rate 80 st

                                                       per hour)  He tries and

                                                       condemns Simon Magus.

6 AM old time 9 AM new time -- The tetrarch Antipas offers a

                                                       bribe for Theudas.

                                                      Judas ("this man") is tried in his

                                                      place.   Jesus is heard also,

                                                      defined as the third man, the

                                                      King, and made to wait (John

                                                      18:31-38, Mark 15:1-5, Luke 23:1-

                                                      10, Matt. 27:1-2, 11-14)

7 AM old time 10 AM new time -- Pilate becomes a member [of

                                                      the Essenes]  by a token

                                                      washing of hands, in order to

                                                       receive the bribe.  He announces

                                                      that Theudas-

                                Barabbas is to be released,

                                                     and Judas to hang.

                                                     (John  18:38-40, Mark 15:6-15,

                                                      Matt. 27:15-25, Luke 23:13-19.

                                                         AGRIPPA  mocks Jesus' claim

                                                      to be king in his place,

                                                      dressing him in the purple of a

                                                      king-bishop, and putting on

                                                      him the ascetic crown of thorns

                                                      worn by Jonathan Annas

                                                      (Stephen "the crown", and the

                                                      Thorn, in the flesh).

                                                      (John 19:2-5, Mark 15:16-20,

                                                       Matt. 27:27-30)

8 AM old time 11 AM new time -- Independent trial of Jesus.  No

                                                        bribe is offered for him,

                                                       and he is condemned.  (John

                                                       19:8-12, Luke  23:20-21)'

Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 240, 241


Theudas (again an)


assists in Jesus' resurrection!

Noon (old time) 3 PM new time --Jesus cries out --

                                            The snake poison is brought, Jesus

                                             drinks and loses consciousness --

                                             Simon and Judas are placed in

                                             Cave 7.  It adjoins Cave 8, used

                                             as a Sabbath latrine by lay

                                             celibates.  The entrance is at

                                             its north-west corner, to which

                                             steps lead from the cliff above.

                                             Entry is through a large hole

                                             in the roof, which can be

                                             blocked by a large stone.

Friday 4 PM (new time) --James, who as the Prince and the

                                            Rich Man is responsible for

                                            Cave 8, arrives and opens it

                                            by removing a secondary stone

                                            (lithos, no art.) blocking its

                                             inner entrance.  It is used at

                                             4 PM (Matt. 27:52).

                                              James returns to the boundary

                                              of the buildings (Matt. 27:53).

                                              James asks Pilate for permission

                                              to take Jesus down from the

                                             cross (John 19:38). John Mark

                                             tells Theudas (Nicodemus --

                                  "Earthquake") that

                                               Jesus is not dead (Matt. 27:54)

Friday 5 PM (new time) -- Women, using the unclean

                                               area at 5 PM, see Theudas-

                                               Nicodemus wrap Jesus

                                               in  linen garments (othonia,

                                               worn by Therapeutae, cf.

                                               Contemp. Life 38), and conceal

                                               under the garments a very large

                                               quantity of aloes and myrrh

                                               (Mark 15:40-41, Luke 23:49,

                                                Matt. 27:55-56, John 19:40).

                                                James asks Pilate for permission

                                                to take Jesus down to the cave.

                                                It is before 6 PM, so James can

                                                still lift a burden.  Jesus is

                                                carried down to the cave.  James

                                                removes the othonia and dresses

                                                Jesus in a sindon, a garment worn

                                                by Palestinian Essene novices.

                                                (Luke 23:50-53)

Friday 6 PM (New Time)--Pilate is standing at the edge of

                                                the esplanade, supervising the

                                                burials.  James asks him for

                                                permission to bury Jesus.

                                               Pilate is told by John Mark

                                               that Jesus is dead.  Although he

                                               was surprised, he gives

                                               permission.  James wraps Jesus

                                               in an outer sindon, and leaves him

                                               in Cave 8.   After 6 PM he can

                                               roll a stone, although not lift

                                               it;  he rolls the secondary stone

                                               (lithos) into place, closing

                                               Cave 8.  He leaves through the

                                               opening above Cave 7.

                                               (John 19:42, Mark 15:42-46,

                                                Luke 23:54, Matt. 27:57-60).

Friday 7 PM (New Time) --The women have reached the

                                               Queen's House on the plain

                                               after one hour's walk (not

                                               bound by the Sabbath rule).

                                               They can look up at Cave 8.

                                              (Mark 15:47, Lk 23:55-56,

                                               Matt. 27:61)

Friday 9 PM (New Time) -- It is time to seal the outer

                                               opening with the main stone.

                                               The chief concern is to

                                               guard Simon Magus,

                                   the "Deceiver" to

                                               Caiaphas (Matt. 27:62-63).

                                               The problem is solved by

                                               putting the chief jailer,

                                               Ananus, on guard; he as a

                                               servant of Agrippa is the

                                               political foe of Simon Magus

                                               (Mark 27:62-66)

  Theudas comes on duty as the night guard.  He has orders from the tetrarch to ensure the safety of Simon Magus.  He knows also that Jesus is not dead.  Keeping the Julian Sabbath (which does not begin until midnight), he orders Ananus to help him move the main stone aside (ROLL THAT STONE AWAY!).

The two go down into the cave, move the inner stone, and carry Simon Magus into the western chamber, where he applies the aloes and revives Jesus.  Mary Magdalene, in the Queen's House below, sees a light in the chamber."

Matthew 28:1 "In the end of the Sabbath --came Mary Magdalene and the other Mary to see the sepulcre.

     2 And behold, there was a great Earthquake:

for the angel of the Lord (Simon Magus) descended from heaven (Cave 7 and 8), and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it. 3 His countenance was like lightening, and his raiment white as snow;  4 And for fear of him the keepers did shake, and became as dead men."



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