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as revealed by the "Gospel Pesher" Codes


 excerpted from "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls"

by Dr. Barbara Thiering, PhD

   '     "Palm Sunday" is traditionally celebrated on the Sunday before Easter Sunday, and begins "Holy Week" with "Maunday Thursday" being the day to celebrate the "Last Supper", Good Friday celebrated by some as the day of the crucifixion, and of course "Easter Sunday" celebrates the resurrection of Christ "very early on the first day of the week."  Once the Bible Codes known as "Gospel Pesher" became generally available for everyone to read who really is interested to know the real dates, places, and actual historical events, it can be said with reasonable certainty that the only one of these traditions that is truly accurate is that the "Lord's Supper" was really held on a Thursday evening.  And that Thursday evening was March 19, 33 AD.

       There were two "triumphal processions" involving a donkey (ass) and palm branches, one on Monday, March 2, 33 AD at 2 PM starting at the "Queen's House", and the second on Thursday, March 19, 33 AD at noon. 

      There were also three "cleansings of the temple" recorded in the gospels, two in John and one in the other gospels.  The reason that none of these 5 controversial "happenings" created enough of a stir to get Jesus arrested, or killed in a riot is that they all occurred at or near the Qumran monastery, not at the city of Jerusalem some 14 miles distant over treacherous desert paths which must be walked at night because of the stifling daytime heat most of the year in this area.   Jesus was at the times all these things happened the chosen "Messiah" (David King) of the Essenes, and had the right to do all these things by virtue of his position.   Hardly anyone in the city of Jerusalem knew what he was up to, or why.  His actions were quite invisible to the general populace.  Mister Cellophane Man of 33 AD. 

                      JESUS AS MR. CELLOPHANE(temp closed)


The Prophecy that Failed, 

and failed repeatedly during the 3 1/2 years that Jesus was an Essene Messiah at Qumran was called the "Restoration"In this prophecy, God [Yahweh] would cause the Romans to "disappear", and a descendent of King David would be king of the Jews once more.  Not only that, but the Jews would rule over the entire world!    The Zealots wanted to fight to achieve this objective, but peaceful Essenes, such as Jesus, depended on God to achieve this entirely by a miracle, such as in their scriptures was the crossing of the Red Sea and the falling down of the walls of Jericho.

March 21, 33 AD- Midnight

Midnight (Fri)                                     Mary arrives near the cave, sees that the

                                                           stone has been  removed, and sees 

                                                          Simon Magus ("the  Lord") in the

                                                          western chamber.   She goes to fetch 

                                                          Peter and   John Mark.

1 AM                                                     They arrive at the opening to the cave.

                                                          John  Mark looks down into Cave 7

                                                          and sees the garments (ta othonia).

                                                           Peter goes down into Cave 7, sees that 

                                                          Cave 8 is open and that Simon Magus' 

                                                           soudarion (headcloth) has been left in


                                                                Simon Magus has been

                                                          returned to the eastern  cave.  Peter goes

                                                          into Cave 8 and sees Jesus first, then

                                                          John Mark enters and sees him next

                                                         (1 Cor 15:5).   John Mark goes to fetch

                                                          a litter to carry him away 

                                                          (John 20:3-10).

2 AM                                                      Mary returns to the cave.  She looks

                                                          down into cave   7 and sees Simon

                                            Magus and Judas there in the 

                                                          positions of First and Second.  

                                                          Simon allows her to   go into the western

                                                          chamber (hopou, ta opiso, 

                                                          John   20:11-17)

                                                               Peter and John Mark enter Cave 8,

                                                           prepared to  carry Jesus away. 

                                                          They find him able to walk. 

                                                           (Cf GPet. 10;36-39, Two men entered 

                                                           the sepulcre,  and they saw ... three men

                                                           come out from the  sepulcre, and two

                                                           of them sustaining the other, and a 

                                                           cross [the litter] following them".)  They

                                                           take him up  the path, permitted  by

                                                          Ananus and Theudas, whose  duty was to

                                                           guard Simon Magus.  He (Jesus) is taken 

                                                            to the queen's house."

3 AM                                                        The three women arrive on top

                                                           of the west  chamber.  They knew that

                                                            the main stone has been

                                                            put back by Peter to confine Simon

                                                            Magus.    But Theudas 'Earthquake"

                                                            wants to help Simon. 

                                                             He must not lift up the stone [Sabbath

                                                             rules!], but  he can roll it down the

                                                             sloping shaft into the east

                                                             cave.   It crashes down,

                                                                  Simon Magus is able to roll it

                                                            further and sit on it  as if on a papal

                                                            throne.  He now claims to have 

                                                            returned to the position of Pope

                                                            "Lightning", through 

                                                            having worked a "miracle" on Jesus.  

                                             Ananus is put  down in rank. 

                                                           The women enter the cave, and 

                                                            Simon tells them he has brought 

                                                            about a resurrection."

                                                            (Mark 16:1-7, Luke 24;1-8, Matt 28:1-7)

      At this point I feel it's time to look at the Greek words that Dr. Barbara Thiering PhD is using to support that this is what really happened, and which allow her to "see" how the Essenes are able to make one day (24 hours) appear to be two days (48 hours).  The conventional explanation has always been that Jesus spent the Sabbath "in the grave" resting, or perhaps "in Hell" preaching to the "spirits in prison" 2 Peter 2:4, 1 Peter 3:19,20 --(hardly "resting" one might surmise) --Jesus was indeed, alive and "resting" this particular Sabbath day, at the queens house near Qumran.   With Mary Magdalene and the two other Marys taking very good care of him.

 ---diagenomenou tou sabbaton (Mark 16:1 "the sabbath past") Friday 3 AM, midpoint (dia) of the 31st Friday 3 PM to Saturday 3 PM.  lian proi (Mark 16:1 "exceedingly morning" 3 AM, 3 hours before 6 AM, early morning for villagers.  te mia ton sabbaton (Mark 16:2) 31b as first day of the month and year.   Sabbatical year SS3969. 3AM villagers' start of the day.

anateilantos tou heliou (Mark 16:2 "the sun having risen") Jesus, the LIGHT, the SUN, has been moved from the cave.

opse .... sabbaton  (Matt 28:1 "evening of the sabbath") 3 AM as "evening" (normally 9 PM) to a day starting 6 AM, of the sabbatical year.  eis mian sabbaton (Matt 28:1) 31b as first day of the month and sabbatical year  orthrou batheos (Luke 24;1 "dawn deep") 3 AM.

Sabbath, March 21, 33 AD

6 AM                                   The women see Jesus at the queen's

                                                    house. (Mark 16:8,

                                                   Luke 24:9-11, Matt 28:8-10)

3 PM         Qumran                      Ananus the guard is removed from duty

                                                   at the cave, as the  Jewish sabbath law no

                                                    longer applies.

4 PM                                               Celibates keeping Jewish rules now go to

                                                   Cave 4.   But   for those under Julian times

                                                    it is still the sabbath.  They have  already

                                                    missed Friday 4 AM, and now use the sabbath 

                                                   latrine at 4 PM,  Simon Magus is removed

                                                   and Judas is thrown from the window.

                                                        Agrippa ("the soldiers") is told of the

                                                   release of Simon,   and offered money to take

                                                   no further action.   Pilate will

                                                   also be bribed if necessary (Matt 28:11-15)

Sabbath Evening, March 21, 33 AD

Jewish Start of Sunday, March 22

6 PM          Ain Feshkha         The evening common meal and communion are

                                                  held at  Ain Feshkha (John 20:19)

                                                  opsais te hemera ekaine te mia sabbaton

                                                 (John 20:19)   6 PM, 1st ("that day", for

                                                  Hebrews) 1st of month of  sabbatical year

                                                  SS3969, Jewish start.  [for Samaritans 

                                                   this day had already started the evening

                                                   before, and for  those using the Julian

                                                  calendar, it was 12 hours old!]

9 PM                                              At the hour for the sacred wine or teaching,

                                                  Jesus  comes.  John Mark is made bishop

                                                  [the disciples glad +  the ritual of verses 22, 23]

                                                  (John 20:19-23).

"Easter" Sunday, March 22, 33 AD

3 AM                                               Jesus is now under the rule for the sick,

                                                    who must stay  outside Qumran for

                                                    three days (11QT 45:7-12).  He acts 

                                                     like an outside Nazirite during this time,

                                                     walking long distances to the various

                                                      outposts, as an ascetic  discipline.  (His feet

                                                     had not been nailed, cf. John  20:25.) 

                                                   (Cf. Ant. 18:64, on the Christ, probably a 

                                                     genuine passage.   It was known to

                                        Josephus that after   Pilate had

                                                     condemned him to be crucified,   "on the

                                                      third  day he appeared to them living", 

                                                     On Monday, the literal third day, he was in


Noon Sunday   Mird Major                Jesus arrives at the Mird building

                                                     (Hyrcania) (9 hours) to have the communal

                                                      meal with Thomas.  He shares 

                                                      the meal, and again shows that he is

                                                      physically present

                                                      (John 20: 26-29). (The eastern

                                         Christian tradition did not

                                         teach the resurrection.)

4 PM              "Emmaus"                     Jesus walks 2 hours from the Mird

                                                       building to the  annexe of Mar Saba,

                                                      "Emmaus", meeting James  (Cleopas)

                                                       and Theudas (his unnamed companion).  

                                                       On the way to Mar Saba they discuss recent

                                                       events.  (Luke 24:13-26)

5 PM        Mar Saba                             They arrive at Mar Saba, and have

                                                       further  discussion  of  Essene laws.

                                                       (Luke 24:27)

6 PM                                                    They have the evening communal meal

                                                       by Herodian  rules for villagers.

                                                       (Luke 24:28-29)

8 PM                                                     At the hour for communion bread,

                                                        Jesus performs  the ceremony of blessing,

                                                       and James and Theudas acknowledge him

                                                       as the true David (Luke 24:30-31)

9 PM                                                    Jesus takes 3 hours' rest, "not appearing"

                                                       (as a  priest)   (Luke 24:31)

                                                             James and Theudas walk 12 hours to

                                                       Jerusalem  (Luke 24:32-33) aute te hora

                                                       (Luke 24:33) 9 PM.

 Monday, March 23, 33 AD


ON FRIDAY, March 20, 33 AD

9 AM   Essene Gate                             They arrive at the Essene Gate (Luke


      "And as they thus spake, Jesus himself stood in the midst of them, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you. (the blessing over the noon meal).

     "But they were terrified and afrighted, and supposed they had seen a spirit."   (Jesus had, they had all heard, been crucified at Qumran, a mere three days earlier, on Friday the 20th of March.)

     "And he said unto them, Why are ye troubled? and why do thoughts arise in your hearts?"

     "Behold my hands, and my feet, that it is I myself;  handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have."

     "And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his hands and his feet."

     "And while they yet believed not for joy, and wondered, he said unto them, Have ye here any meat?"

     "And they gave him a piece of broiled fish, and of an honeycomb."

     "And he took it, and did eat before them."

    "Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures."

Noon                                                    They begin the noon meal, where

                                                        common food is taken according to

                                                        Herodian rules.   Jesus arrives

                                                        and takes the position as bishop, proving

                                                        that he  is physically present by eating

                                                        common food.   (Luke 24:36-43)

3 PM                                                     End of service.   Jesus sets out for Ain

                                                              Feshkha  (a 24 hour walk)

 The Real Easter Story


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