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as revealed by the "Gospel Pesher" Codes


 excerpted from "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls"

by Dr. Barbara Thiering, PhD

   '    At the time of the crucifixion Judas attempted revenge, notifying Pilate of the whereabouts of three wanted zealots, and working with Agrippa I to offer a bribe  [thirty pieces of silver] to Pilate for his own release.   But Pilate then accepted a bribe from the tetrarch Antipas for the release of Theudas [Barabbas], and Judas was crucified in the place of Theudas.  When the method of execution was changed to burial alive, his legs were broken and he was placed in the cave, becoming one of the two "angels" seen there.   When Simon Magus was rescued Judas was punished for his betrayal of his comrades by being thrown down the cliff from the window of the cave."              Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 392, 393

     The six real leaders were Judas Iscariot, Simon the Zealot, Thaddaus, Jacob of Alphaeus, Thomas, and Matthew."Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 77, 78

A New Pope in 29 AD

     "The two candidates for Pope were Simon Magus, for war, and Jonathan Annas, for peace. [The war envisioned was the "Holy War" of the Dead Sea Scrolls, promoted in the newly discovered "War Scroll"  1QM ]   page 78.

     "Jonathan became Pope immediately followingr the fall of the Baptist, as both the pesher and the Clementine books show.  He took from the Baptist the name and discipline of "Elijah" (that is, the life of a hermit).   Thus when Elijah appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration, speaking with Jesus, it was Jonathan."

      Judas Iscariot is the next leader of importance in the list.  As the chief of the Scribes until the crucifixion, he was committed both to zealotry and eastern views.  The successor to Judas the Galilean, he was called "Satan" , and under this name debated with Jesus at the Temptations.   On this occasion (which took place near Mird, the Wilderness), they were together  working out the differences within the newly-formed anti-Baptist party.   Showing Jesus a map of the world as it was then known, he said: "If you worship me , it will all be yours."  The concealed meaning was: If you will accept me as Priest and Pope, I will make you King."

     Jesus replied: "you shall worship the Lord your God, and him only you shall serve".  He is declaring his support for the head of the peace faction, Jonathan."  Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 78, 80, 81.

December, 32 AD  

      "The three zealot leaders, Simon Magus (Pope), Judas Iscariot (his Second), and Theudas (Barabbas) led the uprising of nationalists.  They were structured as a triarchy of Priest, Prophet, and King, and in their minds they formed a reproduction of the triumvirate that had formerly ruled Rome.   When their protest failed and their followers were routed, they themselves escaped, but had to go into hiding.   Theudas-Barabbas had blood on his hands; he had killed a Roman soldier, "committed murder in the uprising".

     "From this time, Pilate's orders were to find and round up the zealot triarchy; if he suceeded in this, he would gain credit for having put down a constant source of harassment of the Romans."

Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 97, 98     Notes: page 420 #2 Luke 13:1  Ant. 18:55-59, 62   #3 Mark 15:7


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