Composed November 18, 2010

by Dr. Bob Holt, md, mph

....This is definitely not the story or religious theory being used by the Jewish Rabbis today, whose theory is that God gave "Moses" the entire TORAH on the top of Mt. Sinai as a continuous string of Hebrew letters with no breaks for words, paragraphs, or punctuation. ..The "God" who did this was, of course, YHWH, Who revealed Himself first to "Moses" at a bush that was on fire, but which didn't burn (Exodus 3:2-10).

.....However, since most scholars today are quite certain that if, indeed, there was any Hebrew language at all at the time "Moses" is assumed to have been at Mt. Sinai (and there is still a major debate about which of many mountains that may be) it must have been quite primitive, and with much fewer letters, of a different shape than those used later, such as in the days of King Herod and Jesus.

.....Proto-Sinaitic Letters found at Sarabit-al-Khadim 

.....Since the Bible Computer Codes we call the "Torah Codes" depend so heavily on not even a single letter being missing, or out of place in the long string of letters from Genesis 1:1 until the last letter of the TANAKH, which is II Chronicles 36:23, this negates, to those of us dependent on LOGIC, the idea that "Moses" did, indeed, get the Bible Code in this manner. ...What's more, since the same Bible code continues on way past the 5 books attributed to "Moses" to, as I said, II Chronicles 36:23, I, for one, find it more practical and believable, to look for an author and editor of the Hebrew Bible among the first century CE Essenes as the person most likely to be responsible.

.....We are unlikely to find anyone bragging about being responsible for the "Torah Codes" among the scribes and Bible copyists at the Qumran monastery, because to have changed in any way the texts they were copying from would have been such a bold and unlikely action as to have brought upon the one responsible severe punishment, such as stoning to death, or even crucifixion. So we must look for someone so fearless, and yes -- "heretical" among these Essene scribes, that he could assume to "speak for God" to an extent far above the expectations of the usually lowly monks who spent their lives dipping pens into ink and writing out what others had written many years before they were born.

...As with any other subject of a religious sort, in which traditions are challenged, and many willing and able to defend what has been taught them with fanatical zeal, many scholars today are unwilling to say for sure that there were scribes at Qumran copying anything. But there were indeed many who thought this soon after the discoveries at Qumran, and these were great scholars, well-known, and their assumptions are still at least as plausible as the new group of their antagonists. ....So I'll continue believing that there were indeed scribes at the Qumran monastery, that these scribes were Essene monks, and it was indeed they who wrote a major portion of the scrolls found in the DEAD SEA CAVES AT QUMRAN.

....Having ventured this far along the pathway followed by the original Dead Sea Scroll researchers, I'll continue on with the somewhat smaller group who also assumed that these Essene scribes in their "Scriptorium" at Qumran copied scriptures for synagogues all over Judea, Samaria, and Galilee, and thus had a widespread market for their skills in an age when many of the common people could neither read nor write, and in which Aramaic, not Hebrew was the familiar language of most of the people, with Greek the language of commerce. ...Those scribes at Qumran with their fluent Hebrew did have, I believe, a "corner" on this particular market. ....And one of their number had the audacity to meddle with what these monks were writing, and the authority to get at least some of them to do what he and they felt needed to be done. .....And that person was Jesus Christ to us, who are only familiar with his Roman name, and hardly can recognize him as Yeshua the son of Miriam, the ESSENE "Messiah" between 29 CE and 33 CE.

....Again the fanatical defenders of the "Status Quo" will leap to their feet and oppose the idea that their Roman Jesus could possibly be an Essene, because the Essenes were vegetarians and "Holy Men", while the Roman Jesus was a fish-eater and drank wine and consorted with harlots and publicans -- a person any Roman could feel comfortable around. ...Even the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, could say, in John's gospel-- "I find in him no fault at all." (John 18:38).... Pontius Pilate had this in common with both the majority of common Jews and Romans of his day and the common people who called themselves "Christians" of the Dark and Middle Ages, and the majority of people in the Western World of today. ....These all found or find themselves "uncomfortable" in the presence, real or imagined, of a Jesus who was not one of them. ..But who was, instead, a "Holy Man", a vegetarian, almost a celibate, and definitely an Essene. ....The Essenes had lots of rules and customs that the Romans and common people of first-century Judea did not have, and it was for breaking a number of these rules that Jesus was turned over to Pilate and his squad of soldiers to be crucified, which is hinted at in Pilate's dialog with Jesus' accusers in John 18:29-31.

...."Pilate then went out unto them, and said, What accusation bring ye against this man?... They answered and said, If he were not a malefactor (wrong-doer), we would not have delivered him up unto thee. "...Then said Pilate unto them, Take ye him, and judge him according to your (Essene) law (which stringent rules we now know, having found them in the Dead Sea caves). ...The Jews (the Essenes) therefore said unto him (Pilate), It is not lawful for us to put any man to death:---" There, just below the surface of John's account of Jesus' "trial" before Pontius Pilate, with very little tweaking of the account, is the real story of why Jesus was crucified. ...And if Jesus were not himself an Essene, then the Essenes would have had no jurisdiction; -- no reason to accuse Jesus. ........And it is entirely logical that one of the many actions of Jesus that upset Essene leaders was that Jesus had influenced some of their Essene copyists to copy in the Bible Code in ELS (Equidistant Letter Spacing) into public copies of the "Torah" (expanded to mean the Law and the Prophets and the Writings). ......Public copies left at the Qumran scriptorium to "repair" by recopying them. .....In which case Jesus was "guilty as charged." .......And bragged about doing it in Matthew's gospel!

....Well, I am now going out on some very thin ice, where angels will fear to tread, and say that Jesus, besides the rag-tag little band of fishermen and publicans who followed him in the gospels had a lot more to do with the Essenes than most people are willing to give him credit for (except in the Tabloids, who almost routinely give Jesus credit for being an Essene). ....And that he had the authority and charismatic appeal and leadership ability to convince the scribal monks to change what they were writing enough to include ALL the ELS messages in the Old Testament Holy Scriptures that we are now finding in them.

.....The reason I can do this with impunity -- although perhaps few will believe me, is that Jesus himself was proud of these ELS messages and definitely "took credit" for these "prophecies" hidden in what was then called "the LAW"..... His superb and uncanny knowledge of the FUTURE was so good that he knew that modern critics would discredit almost everything he taught as being "unoriginal", except for perhaps two of his better-known discourses, the "Sermon on the Mount" and his Olivet discourse recorded in Matthew chapter 24. ....So Jesus shrewdly placed his claim to the authorship of the prophecies in ELS (the "Torah Codes") in those two places, both in Matthew. ....Matthew, it turns out, was not really a "publican" in the usual meaning of that word, and was a close friend of Jesus, willing to participate in quite a few of Jesus' sneaky schemes, of which the "Bible Codes" was only one of many!

.....Matthew 5:17 "Think not that I have come to destroy the law, or the prophets:---" This is exactly how inserting messages in ELS would appear to onlookers who knew what Jesus was doing in conjunction with the Essene copyists in their scriptorium--- I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill." ....This surface interpretation we well understand, it being perfectly evident throughout the gospels, in which the writers credit Jesus with fulfilling all the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament, real or imagined. .....The hint of something deeper here is that the law (Torah) becomes a prophecy also. .....And indeed there are hidden prophecies by ELS seeded completely throughout the 5 books of Moses!

....Verse 18:---"For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass (at the "End of the Age", when computers are available), one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law (an accurate description of the Jewish copying procedure), till all be fulfilled."

......Since Jesus did not fulfill all the messianic prophecies, including mainly that the Jews would regain complete control of their nation, and the Romans there would "disappear", then he is referring to some future time when this would indeed occur.

And indeed it did, but not until 1900 years later, on May 15, 1948. ...All the details of this fulfillment are encoded in ELS in the "Torah Codes"; -- the Bible Computer Codes..... Jesus knew this to be true, because he had caused it to happen.


......Matthew 24:34 "Verily I say unto you, -- " Here Jesus begins this second reference to the hidden "Torah Codes" with the same preface --"Verily I say unto you,--" as the first in Matthew 5:18-- as an aid to those of us looking for such clues -- "This generation" (the generation that sees the "putting forth of leaves" of the "Fig Tree" of verse 32) -- which means that the messianic prophecy of Israel being reborn as a nation -- May 15, 1948 -- has indeed occurred -- shall not pass, till all these things (the prophecies hidden in the ELS codes, as well as the more obvious ones in Matthew 24)-- be fulfilled."

.....Verse 35:--"Heaven and earth shall pass away, (the expected date for the "End of the Age" will come and be exceeded, be passed, become just another supposedly failed prophecy)-- "but my words"

(Jesus' words written in ELS in the Torah and throughout the Old Testament scriptures) "shall not pass away."

......And indeed, this is the ultimate TRUE PROPHECY amidst a forest of failed prophecies -- the only TREE in the forest left standing. ..As long as there is one Old Testament left in the world, Jesus' words in ELS are in there.... The PROOF that he lived, and prophesied, and that his prophecies WERE FULFILLED.... Not indeed in the way some wanted them to be fulfilled, but fulfilled anyway.

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