GOD, the DEVIL, and BOB!

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In the NEW AGE that started Jan.1,2000 - THE NEW AGE GOD no longer needs churches, ministers, priests and popes!

www..New Age God..com


GOD is


LIVE RIGHT or die!

That's the message of the Koran, the Torah, Lord

Buddha, the Bible, and all the other Holy Books!

.....The Bible clearly says Adam and Eve

disobeyed a command of God, and so they

had to die....that they were tempted by a

serpent (some say the Devil), didn't make

much difference...they died anyway!

And so we've made up a background of SKULLS,

an appropriate setting for a GOD Who kills

everyone, or lets us die anyway, because our

parents were sinners and we are sinners!

...Ordinary People, (not priests and

nuns), don't have a lot to do with

GOD, but a lot to do with SATAN,

the Devil, who they understand, and

who understands them!

Enter Robert Holt, webmaster of this site, "BOB"

for short, and we now have the complete STAR

line-up of "GOD, the DEVIL, and BOB", as in

a SIT-COM hosted by NBC-TV in tthe Spring of

the year 2000!

The SIT-COM didn't run very long, it was shortly

cancelled by NBC....flooded with letters by irate

Christians, who don't consider a cartoon God and

a cartoon Devil appropriate...However, I assume

a cartoon "Bob" is all right!

Since NBC "dropped the ball" it appears to be BOB's DUTY, in

the SHOW ordained by God to "SAVE THE MODERN WORLD"

to carry on...or we certainly will get TRASHED AGAIN...as in

Noah's Flood, Lot's SODOM, and Jesus's


Dr. Bob Holt, MD, web master
The original idea for this web site, and some of the gifs and dialog began in the fall of 1999.

"Let there be light!" and there was..."

What's the point?

Doctor Holt, who is also a minister, is trashing egotistical, exclusive religious dogma!

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Now LAUGH-IN is Back!

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Since someone else recently acquired the domain name www.god.com we'll now

use the more descriptive, and perhaps more appropriate www.newagegod.com.

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