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bDr. Bob Holt, md, was an army medic in the Korean War, trained to act as an "Advanced Aid Man" in a M.A.S.H. Hospital (in Europe, not Korea). Transferred to the 2nd General Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, he took the opportunity to visit East Berlin in 1953, while it was still SOCIALIST.  He is offering his record of conditions there, as well as his political support for Dr. Ben Carson on the first of 4 Power Point Lectures, each 1/2 hour long.  These are full-color slide shows with pre-recorded sound that play automatically on any Windows Computer that has Office or plays Power-Point (.ppt) files.  If you are worried about the future of our country and want to become a political activist AGAINST Socialism (not FOR it) here's an opportunity for you to influence small or large audiences with very little speaking ability and without "stage fright".



Power-Point lecture #2 also provided by Dr. Bob Holt,  to those political activists AGAINST Socialism who wish to purchase it (cost of making the CD, handling and mailing -- no profit) uses Orwell's "Animal Farm" as a basis, using pictures not owned by Dr. Holt and political slides from the internet.  The script and voice is that of Dr. Holt who is doing this as a patriotic duty like his service in the Army Medical Corps.

30 minute Power Point Show, with automated sound.

Power Point lecture #3, also Anti-Socialist (not Pro-Socialist) uses George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" as its plot with the assumption that Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton are willingly or unwittingly leading the United States into the conditions predicted by George Orwell 66 years ago.  (Add another 6 and we match the Bible 666 prediction).  Also introduces the subject of Hillary Clinton as the "Woman riding on the red-colored Leopard Beast of Revelation ch. 17 and 18. The red standing for world Socialism and Communism (not able to buy and sell)

 30 minutes, Power Point, automated sound.


Power Point lecture #4, also Anti-Socialist (not Pro-Socialist) continues with the Holy Bible, Revelation chapter 13, then parts of Chapters 17 and 18 (description of the woman with a golden cup who is fornicating with the "Kings of the Earth") to suggest that the 2016 Campaign with its possible outcome of United States money becoming worthless and Wall Street being brought down by those like Bernie Sanders may indeed happen unless those of us still able to do so vote against their intended (or unwitting) plans to give an irresponsible generation everything they want paid for by increased taxes until the country declares total bankruptcy.

     Also features the "2 Minutes Hate" used in Orwell's book "Nineteen Eighty-four" - being used by professional protesters against Donald Trump's public appearances. A history of this "Hate" technique, beginning with Christ's crucifixion, the French Revolution, and Nazi Holocaust.

30 minutes slide show with automated sound (Dr. Holt's voice + other sounds)


Shall we let her get away with it? Not if I can do anything to prevent it! With your help, I hope.




          Dr. Robert Holt, md is a retired Emergency Room doctor, world traveler, and Bible scholar who is also an expert on the Essenes and Dead Sea Scrolls, and ELS computer codes.

All 4 lectures (2 hours total) on 1 CD

Postage Paid -- $6 first copy, $5 add. copies

INFO ONLY, NO CD -- FREE. SASE with correct address.

4 Page Summary and Outline for your own talk, same subjects --

$2 and SASE (Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope) 


Send order along with cash or Money Order (no personal checks or Credit Cards) and an accurate Post Office address (no FedX) to:

R. F. Holt, Administrator

EElijah Revival Mission

224 Thompson St. #265

Hendersonville, N.C.



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