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Sai Baba Sri Sathya Sai Baba

  Sri Sathya Sai Baba Avatar

 The Golden Age of Sai

Compiled by Nirmal
Vancouver: Nirmal, 1997

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1st edition: 1996 2nd edition: 1997


30 March 1996

Sri Sathya Sai Baba has declared that He will usher in a new era of Love, Peace, Righteousness, and Truth. This "Golden Age," as He calls it, is destined to begin soon with an event (or series of events) that will draw world attention to His Divinity. Many of Baba's devotees wonder what these events will be like, what the Golden Age represents, and what our duty is towards it, Bhagavan, and each other.

This book of quotations, written for Baba's devotees, draws together all the material that I have been able to find on the nature and characteristics of the Golden Age and on our duty in regards to it

Baba tells us that we are fortunate to live during these times. Never in human history has the planet witnessed a full Incarnation of the Divine working with the world's population to raise human consciousness to a level where world peace and fulfilment are possible. All power resides in Swami's Palm and yet He does not intend to correct the Earth's problems with a sweep of His hand. Instead, He proposes to work with humans from within, to raise our awareness so that we are empowered to solve our own global predicaments. Swami promises all of us accelerated spiritual growth, and even liberation for those who stick to their sadhana to the end. The opportunity of these times should not go uncontemplated.

Baba's is an unfolding gospel. He adds to His revelation daily. We sit, mere spectators, watching and waiting for the golden moment to arrive when He announces Himself to those in the world who remain unaware of His Presence on Earth. Talk circulates of an impending economic crisis, during which the leaders of the world turn to Baba as the only one who can solve it. Miracles occur such as Ganesha statues drinking milk. Food animals such as salmon and cod disappear from the Earth's oceans and whole herds of cattle are infected with disease and must be destroyed. To what extent are these evidences of Baba's activity in pushing and pulling the world towards some unknown consummation? We cannot know until Baba unfolds for us the whole of His Plan.

For my part, I find more satisfaction than I can say in being able to watch over and participate in these events as a Sai researcher and writer. I thank Bhagavan for answering the prayers and pleadings of saints and sages, whose supplications have brought Him here. And I thank Him for allowing me to serve Him in this way as a means of earning His Grace.

Om Jai Sai Ram!


 Prophecies of Baba

Aurobindo on Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Twenty-fourth November, 1926, was the descent of Krishna into the physical. A power infallible shall lead the thought in earthly hearts, kindle the Immortal's Fire, even the multitude shall hear the voice! (Sri Aurobindo in DMSSB, 1. For full references, see bibliography at end of paper.)

Mohammed on Sai

[Sanjay Kant:] According to an article published in "Two Worlds" magazine of London, an Iranian writer was irresistibly drawn to a huge volume in Tehran. This Book, called "The Ocean of Light", is in 25 volumes. It is claimed to be the collection of the discourses of Prophet Mohammed. Volume 13 of these discourses is called "Mehedi Moud" in Arabic, meaning "The Great teacher that was promised." The teacher is also referred to as "Master of the World", "Master of Time", "God"s President" and "God Speaking and Advising". Prophet Mohammed is quoted by Peggy Mason to have indicated a large number of signs or marks by which the great teacher would be recognised. Prominent among these hallmarks, which remarkably identify ... Sathya Sai Baba are: "His hair will be profuse. His forehead will be large and concave. His nose will be small, with a slight bump at the bridge. His front teeth will be spaced apart. He will have a mole on his cheek. He will not have a beard but will be clean shaven. His clothing will be like a flame. He will wear two robes (one an under robe). The colour of his face will be some times yellow like gold, some times very dark and some times shining like the moon. His body will be small. His legs will be like those of a young girl. All the teachings of all the religions of the world will be in his heart from birth. All the science and knowledge of the world from the beginning of time will be in his heart.

All things which you will ask from God, he (the Master of the World) will give you. All the treasures are under his feet. He will give gifts that are light in weight. He will go around among his devotees and touch their heads with his hand. Every eye that sees him will be happy, not only humans but disembodied souls. He will live 95 years. (Sai Baba has said that will be in the present body for 95 years -- this means he would leave his present body around 2020 A.D.)

In the last twenty years of His life, He will be the 'King of the whole world', but at that time only two thirds of the world will believe Him.. (This period would then be 2000 A.D. -- corroborating [the] Cayce Prophecies [see below]. Muslims will recognise him only nine years before his passing from the world. He will make the world light and full of peace. So as not to be deceived, you should know that the Master of the World will bring things out of His body, through His mouth. (GDOE, 29-31.)

According to all prophecies and predictions Sathya Sai Baba is going to emerge as the universal Messiah and savior by the end of this decade. All prophecies and predictions also point to great upheavals on the economic, geographic and political fronts by 2 000 A.D. Recent changes in Russia and eastern Europe are evident examples. (GDOE, 1991, 89.

[Swami Maheshwaranand:] Irani Ma, one of the old devotees of Bhagavan, wanted to publish what prophet Mohammed had prophesied ... "Ocean of Light". In this book 27 attributes pertaining to the Avatar have been mentioned in full detail. Baba, however, did not give permission for its publication. (SSBNNGA, 1990, 39.)

Cayce on Sai

[Sanjay Kant:] When those that have gradually forgotten God entirely have been eliminated ... there will come at the close of this next year, the period when there will be no part of the Globe where man [will not] hear, 'THE LORD HE IS GOD," and when the period has been accomplished, the new era, the new age, is to begin. (Edgar Cayce cited in GDOE, 21. The year of Cayce's prediction is around 1998.)

Nostradamus on Sai

[Sanjay Kant:] According to ... Nostradamus who recorded his prophecies in his book 'Centuries' about 400 years back, a very great leader would be born in South India.... He would have unlimited wisdom and power, and He would be the greatest conqueror in history. He would be [an] immortal ruler. With His efforts, world war would be over, and India's spiritual message to humanity would be spread far and wide. He would observe Thursday as the holy day. (GDOE, 36-7.)

Sai Baba is the Apocalyptic Conqueror and the Kalki Avatar

And I saw, and behold, a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering and to conquer. (St. John, Revelation 6:2.)

And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns, and he had a name, written, that no man knew, but he himself.

And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

... .And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. (St. John, Revelation 19:11-13 + 16.)

[Howard Murphet:] There are Sai devotees in the West who think that the Satya Sai Avatar is the promised Conqueror of Saint John's Apocalyptic vision as given in the Book of Revelations in the New Testament. Like all visions lying beyond the space-time dimensions, the Apocalypse is couched in symbolic language. It has, therefore, been given many different interpretations by different people. But in general its theme is the return of the Godman, the Avatar, who will come as a Conqueror of evil forces and establish the Kingdom of God.

In one place St. John writes, 'And I saw heaven open, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.'

In her book The Hidden Manna [Patrizia Norelli-Backlet, The Hidden Manna. Aeon Books: 1976], Patrizia Norelli-Backlet endeavours to interpret the Apocalypse according to cosmic astrology and the language of the zodiac which, she says, was understood by the initiates of old. She states that the Conqueror is, in fact, the Kalki Avatar who is pictured riding a white horse in Hindu Puranas.

Swami has not, himself, stated that he is the Kalki Avatar, but people have experienced, in his presence, visions of that evolutionary Avatar, mounted on a white horse. (SBIG, 1982, 192-3.)

[Kasturi:] The ten incarnations [of Vishnu] were revealed to [a] gentleman, now deceased.... Baba took him to the river and asked him to watch His reflection in the water. The man announced later that he saw at first Sathya Sai Baba Himself, then only the halo of hair that surrounds His Head, and then all the ten incarnations in the order in which they are mentioned in the legendary histories of India; the tenth and last incarnation on a white horse, had the form of Baba Himself! (LSSSB, 62.)

[Hilda Charlton:] As I sat in the bhajan hall at Prasanthi Nilayam, listening to the joyous songs sung by the devotees, and looking at Sai Baba sitting in his chair on the dais, suddenly over Baba's head there appeared a figure of great beauty, riding a white horse. At this time I did not know the significance of this symbolic figure. I asked someone if there was in Hindu scriptures a person who rode a white horse. I was told that the Kalki Avatar rides a white horse, and Kalki is the Avatar for whom people are looking forward. [Cited in SBA, 70.)

[Murphet:] Norelli-Backlet believes that the Hindu Puranas are cosmic revelations, containing the cycles of Times, and the manifestations of divine truth, in their structure, and that the Puranic stories corroborate the Apocalypse of Saint John.

... Some western students of the Sai Movement ... equate him with the Apocalyptic Conqueror, and the Kalki Avatar. If they are right, we can, according to the Apocalypse and the Puranas, [expect] some violent clashes of opposing forces, some cataclysmic world struggles ahead. Avatar Rama led the armies of righteousness in a great war against the demonic forces. Avatar Krishna was involved in the holocaust of the Kurukshetra war. The prophecies foretell even more terrible wars in the time of the Kalki Avatar and St. John's Conqueror. (SBIG, 194.)

[Murphet:] Many rumours fly around as to what Swami has said about frightening large-scale events and conditions of the near future. But when I, and others in my presence, have asked him about these matters, he has never said that cataclysmic wars, with wholesale destruction, are imminent. (SBIG, 195.)

[Murphet:] In [a] talk [with Sage Markandeya] a few years before the Kali Age began [and recorded in the Mahabharata], Lord Vishnu told how Light would come to earth when the evils of the [Kali] Age had reached a level that required the direct action of God. Lord Vishnu said to the sage Markendaya: "When evil is rampant upon this earth, I will take birth in the family of a virtuous man, and assume a human body to restore tranquility by the extermination of all evils; for the preservation of rectitude and morality, I will assume an inconceivable human form when the season for action comes. In the Kali Age of sin I will assume an Avatar form that is dark in color. I will be born in a family in South India. This Avatar will possess great energy, great intelligence and great powers. Material objects needed for this Avatar's mission will be at his disposal as soon as He will think of them. He will be victorious with the strength of virtue. He will restore order and peace in the world. This Avatar will inaugurate a new Era of Truth, and will be surrounded by spiritual people. He will roam over the earth adored by the spiritual people."

"The people of the earth will imitate this Avatar's conduct, and there will be prosperity and peace. Men will once more betake themselves to the practice of religious rites. Educational centers for the cultivation of Brahmic lore, and temples, will reappear again everywhere. Ashrams will be filled with men of Truth. Rulers of the earth will govern their kingdoms virtuously. The Avatar will have an illustrious reputation. "

This prophecy concerning the Kalki Avatar, from the Mahabharata, is collaborated in the ancient classic, the Vishnu Purana, which also mentions that this Avatar will display great superhuman powers in establishing the new age of Truth. It adds that, "His parents will be devotees of Vishnu, and will reside in a village worshipping the cowherd form of Sri Krishna." (SBA, 71.)

Baba Mentioned in Ancient Hindu Scriptures and Naadis

[Swami Maheshwaranand:] What is special about [the epic called the Jaimini Mahabharata] is that it contains a detailed and complete account of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. It mentions the name of the Avatar, a full account of his dynasty, and contains descriptions [of] several wonderful miracles. performed by the Lord indicating the beginning of a new era by establishing true religion on the lines of Satya Yuga.

The Siddhas who visited the Gufa Ashram had the good fortune of going through this holy book. They were amazed to see, read and hear the contents. They realised then that over five thousand years ago the great Muni Jaimini who was [farther] advanced in spirituality than them predicted .... the incarnation of Lord Sainath. (SBNNGA, 1990, 35.)

[Swami Maheshwaranand:] When the sadhakas staying at Gufa Ashram sought permission for the publication of the reference about Bhagavan Baba in Jaimini Mahabharata, Baba refused. (SSBNNGA, 1990, 39.)

[Swami Maheshwaranand:] Acharya Ganjur Narayana of Bangalore is in possession of a rare script of 'Sai Charitamrutum'. This was written by Shuka Muni five thousand years ago. There is a detailed description about the incarnation of Lord Sai in Kaliyuga. Some of the Sai lovers approached Bhagavan and sought permission to publish this important document. But their request was not granted. (SSBNNGA, 1990, 39.)

[Shakuntala Balu:] A well known astrology professor ... of Bangalore, Sri Ganjur Narayana Shastry, recently traced a Shuka Naadi Grantha (a volume of palm leaf manuscripts by Sage Shuka) on Sri Sathya Sai Baba, entitled Saicharitamrita Grantham. It consists of hundreds of palm leaf manuscripts written in Sanskrit and is thought to have been set down over 5000 years ago. It describes, accurately and at great length, Sri Sathya Sai Baba's family tree and many facts about him. ...

His glory will spread, and many people will get near him. ... Total equanimity will be his. ... He will not be concerned with public opinion and will only do what is right. ... His life will be for the good of mankind. .... The naadi astrologer says that adharma (unrighteousness) has grown to three fourths proportion. When it increases by one fourth more, that is when all becomes unrighteousness, Sri Sathya Sai Baba's full powers will come into play and be known in the world. In other words, evil has to rise to its uttermost before his divine quality can be fully realised.

As things stand at present, Sri Sathya Sai Baba displays only one tenth of his real self. After a while, his efforts to save the world will increase tenfold.... He will show that he alone can control the fury of nature. ... In a short time, his greatness will spread further and there will be universal worship of Sathya Sai. ....

If people recognise the truth of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, salvation will not be long to follow. ... The Shuka Naadi emphasises that Sainatha (Lord Sai) is Mahavishnu Swarupa, a form of Great Vishnu Himself. Seeing Him is the same as looking upon Lord Vishnu. . ..

Very soon, more and more people will come to accept his divinity, for they will have seen his divine powers. After the spring of 1979, the tide will turn and dharma will slowly reassert itself, atheism will begin to decrease. India will come into better days, too, and once again the influence of the present Mahapurusha [great being] or Mahashakti [great power] will be decisive. Sri Sathya Sai Baba will perform even greater miracles, more wondrous than any he has performed up to now. One of the examples of his miracles mentioned in the Shuka Naadi is ... he will keep an aeroplane airborne for a long time after it runs out of fuel, through his will alone. ... Very soon now, the days of his great glory will be upon us. (LD, 51-6.)

One article, which was taken from Sanathana Sarathi of February 1961 is entitled "Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba's 500-year old Horoscope." It reads: "There is an institution in New Delhi known as Indian Astro-Occult Research Association. Dr. E.V. Sastry [ evidently not the same as Sri Ganjur Narayana Shastry of the previous instance], a famous and prominent member of the association happened to read the book Sathyam Sivam Sundaram. He then began a search to find out from Nadi Grandham available in Tamil Nadu, about the indications in Baba's horoscope. ... In these collections of grandhas which are more than five hundred years old and are considered as one of the wonders of the world, were found some parts describing Baba, all of which were not in a single instance different from what is published about Baba's life in the book Sathyam Sivam Sundaram. This truth made him wonderstruck. ... Dr. Sastry ... [whose] pen name is Leo ... happened to come to Puttaparthi in November 1960 on the birthday of Baba. On that occasion Dr. Sastry had with him an old palm leaf taken out from the Nadi Grandham, which contained details about Baba written by ... an old, famous and well learned pandit.

... In one Nadhi Grandha the following is said: "The person to whom this horoscope relates in his previous birth was Sai Baba, who was a famous Maharishi. He was also a world famous Sad Guru!" Another Nadi says, "I am an avatar of Sai". ... In all three Nadis [Agastheya, Budha and Sukra Nadis], the names of his father and mother are mentioned, clearly, truly and accurately. In addition, another fact clearly mentioned in these is, "the person to whom this horoscope relates, whose name is Sathyanarayana Raju, will renounce the world in his boyhood, will start schools and hospitals, will publish books for the upliftment of the world, will spend every day of his whole lifetime for the establishment of dharma, which is his ideal and objective." Another fact written in Budha Nadi is, "the person to whom this horoscope relates will spend the whole of his lifetime always enjoying the bliss from uniting jivatma with paramatma." In Agastheya Nadi it is mentioned that Baba will be an all merciful avatar of God. Not only that, but it is also mentioned that He will be Akkilathara pitha, i.e., authority of manava vamsam, preceptor, protector, and father of the world.

In Sukra Nadi it is written, "Baba will have all the siddhis, possessed by Sai Baba; by love, kindness and knowledge he will establish eternal bliss in this world. He will establish a mandir which will be conducive for practising tapas, etc." On top of all this is another important passage in Sukra Nadi, i.e., "the person to whom this horoscope relates will be an avatar amongst the avatars." Another sentence is, "He will derive immense pleasure in the service of mankind."

... The fact about [Baba's] coming into being, written separately, several centuries before His incarnation by three special expert astrologers, ... describing His character which is in no way different from what we see now in Him, is an agreeable surprise. (GOS, 122.)

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