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September 30, 2003 SUN TABLOID!

In this article, a regular SUN TABLOID writer who writes under the name Beth Gimmel [possibly Jewish], quotes a supposed new author whose book is not even as yet accepted for publication, who is improving on earlier theories used by the respected scholar Hugh Schonfield.

Schonfield's book, The Passover Plot, was a best-seller back in the 1970's, and this new author, named by "Beth Gimmel" as Martin Piswell, if indeed such a person exists, is naming his book The Crucifixion Conspiracy: The Secret at the Heart of Christianity's Origin.

Whereas Hugh Shonfield in his block-buster The Passover Plot, after carefully reading the Gospels from a really critical standpoint, assumes that Jesus was taken down from the cross after only a few hours hanging on it [this is clearly indicated in each of the four Gospels] and placed swathed in linen and spices in a cool cave out of sight of the Romans [indicated only in John's Gospel], Shonfield does not argue that Jesus was not indeed crucified..... And he also assumed that he later died from the wounds he received during the crucifixion.

Hugh Sbonfield's scenero leaves intact the necessary elements that the Christian Church under the direction of the Apostle Paul, used to make Jesus' death the equivalent of a Sacrificial Lamb, slain to placate the desires of a Just God [the Jewish God Yahweh] for a price in blood to be paid by all sinners on earth for our sins..... Both Jews and Christians are in agreement that this is indeed God's requirement, and without this Blood Sacrifice, all the sinners in this world are hopelessly lost forever.

In Paul's Gospel Theology, it is not important what Jesus said or did, only that he was indeed the Son of God [Yahweh], and that he willingly offered up himself to die for all our sins. ...And that he did indeed die..... Anything short of death completely nullifies Paul's Gospel reasoning.... But there is no requirement that he die immediately. ....If indeed he died a few hours or few days later, as the result of crucifixion, then God was satisfied, and we should be also. ...But if he did NOT die, O what a predicament we are in!... If indeed we believe both Jewish theology prior to Paul to be correct, and accept Paul's explanation of what really happened at Calvary.

Along comes this aspiring new author Martin Piswell [let's hope this really is his name, and not a "Beth Gimmel" invention], and jerks around Hugh Schonfield's provocative attempts to read Christian Gospels more thoroughly than Christians do, to make it match what Muslims have been saying since Mohammed. ....That God would not kill His own Son, and that Jesus was clever enough [as any Muslim worthy of the name Muslim would be] to avoid crucifixion altogether by seeing to it that someone else was crucified in his place....And so Piswell has reportedly found documents that show that Pontius Pilate paid a Cyrenean traveler 30 manahs (about $750), and another document showing Pilate himself was at that time the beneficiary of 20 talents of silver (over $30,000) paid into his personal account by an unidentified doner. .......The Cyrenean traveller was Simon the Cyrene, says Piswell, and he did more than just carry Christ's cross, he was crucified on it in Christ's staid!

Pontius Pilate benefited most in this wheeling and dealing, because he had someone to crucify, and was bribed to let Jesus go free............But Jesus, while sneaking away unobserved, was stabbed in the side by a Roman soldier, and died anyway.....What this does to Paul's Theology is almost as worrisome as if Jesus indeed got away scot-free. ...Does the death of an unwilling Sacrificial Lamb trying desparately to escape count? ....Perhaps, if a dead lamb is the only requirement!

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