Now YOU can know what some others have ALWAYS known! JESUS lived in INDIA! Before and after his GOSPEL YEARS [29 to 33 AD]

Even more Amazing!

He was KING of


 Doctor Robert Holt, MD (lower right corner), has been investigating "Jesus in India" since the Spring of 1995.color

Since the spring of 2002, Sue Olsson has supplied new information!

NOTICE: Although perhaps 1/3 of the world believes Jesus survived crucifixion and lived many

years in Kashmir, this is a relatively UNKNOWN story in the USA and Western World. ...Doctor

Holt's telling of this story, and his hand-drawn pictures of the supporting EVIDENCE, as well

as his E-Books, CDs, and Power Point Presentation, are COPYRIGHT 2003.

Jesus Christ became King of Kashmir in 25 AD,

4 years before he was baptized by John the

Baptist, (29 AD) when John was baptizing in

"the wilderness" -- see Mark 1:4,5

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To continue to read about Sue Olsson's

discovery of a monument in Kashmir to

Jesus' kingship there, and of Doctor

Holt's "decoding" of the meaning of

this "obelisk"

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Jesus claimed in the Christian GOSPELS to be the favorite ("Unique" --

Aramaic- "Only -Begotten") Son of an Elohim God he called

"My Father in Heaven" -- Here you can read how this was

literally true in a very real sense! ...



The REAL Ark of Noah was built mainly of REEDS [wooden frame and planks]

and coated with cement called KPR or GPR [misnamed GoPheR "wood"] later..

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The so-called "Flood of Noah" occurred around 11,000 BC [Healthark-dot-com]

Dr. Robert F. Holt, MD, MPH, who is bringing you this information,

is also known as the INTERNET FAMILY DOCTOR!

Doctor Holt has owned and operated Healthark (dot-com) since 1998.

He first visited India, including KASHMIR and AJUNTA in 1995.

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