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by Dr. Robert Holt, MD, MPH

BA Behav.Science, Biology, Chemistry

"Magna Cum Laude" Columbia Union College


MD Degree and Masters in Public Health,

Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, Calif.


Sooner or later it is likely one or several REAL SCHOLARS will stumble across this WEB SITE in their ongoing search for ULTIMATE TRUTH. The inevitable result will be a rapid search for the items on this page, a SUMMARY, GLOSSARY, and BIBLIOGRAPHY.... Not finding these, they will classify me as just another RABBLE-

ROUSER with nothing to say!... So here you are!


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WHAT'S NEW AND DIFFERENT about what Doctor Robert Holt

is offering to the modern world on this website seems at

first obvious by the title "JESUS IN KASHMIR".


HOWEVER, what is not quite as obvious is that he is not

here saying that "Jesus [as an organization, not a real

Person] is interested in converting Kaskmir [along with

the rest of the modern world] to orthodox Christian beliefs!"

As set forth by various Church Councils throughout the Dark

and Middle Ages. .. With perhaps some slight clarification

or minimal improvements more recently.


NOR IS HE JUST SAYING that Jesus lived in India during some

of the obvious "gaps" in the lifetime of Jesus Christ of the

Gospels. ..Gaps that are obvious to even casual readers of the

New Testament Scriptures. ..Although it may be enough for

simple non-critical Church members to be told that Jesus was

an unlearned carpenter of Nazareth who was suddenly embued

at a baptism by John the Baptist with extraordinary wisdom and

magical powers, only to have his work cut short by crucifixion

after a mere 3 1/2 years, the scholars among us will generally

question this simplistic scenereo.


30 YEARS IS A LONG TIME to be doing nothing more than sawing

boards and helping one's father in a "carpenter shop", and

so, even in early modern times many scholars started looking

for a "historical Jesus", not the least of whom was a doctor

named Albert Sweitzer. ...At this time the similarity between

the "peaceful" teachings of Jesus, and similar teachings by

Buddha and Indian gurus of all ages were noticed, and the

search was on for evidence that Jesus lived in India and Tibet

during those supposed "lost years" in his father's carpenter

shop. ...And as most real scholars are well aware, a fairly

large body of evidence was indeed found in the near and far

East of Jesus passing through all these areas, telling parables,

making various statements and sayings, and perhaps learning a

bit from these "Eastern" teachers.


OVER TIME NUMEROUS BOOKS have been written relying on this "new

evidence". .."New" to the Western World brought up in orthodox

Christian communities and churches with no mention at all ever

being made that Jesus might possibly have received part of his

religious training outside of Judea and Galilee. ..Or that he

might have traveled to Great Britain [Cornwall] or to India and

Tibet. ..The Western World's Theology will tolerate a short stay

in Egypt, because Saint Matthew suggests this, so long as Jesus

was no more than a toddler when he returned, and absorbed no

forbidden Egyptian theology.


THE NEW BOOKS, on the other hand, discard at the outset the idea

that the Gospels tell all there is to know about the life of Jesus

Christ. ..Each book presents the evidence of Jesus' visits to

various sites in Turkey, Persia, Pakistan, Kashmir, and Tibet, and

reminds its readers that there is no real contemporary evidence

other than a statement in Josephus, a few critical remarks in

Jewish oral tradition, and several Roman statements that may

refer to his crucifixion, that Jesus spent much time in Judea.

Of such books "Jesus Lived in India" by Holger Kersten, and

"In Search of the Historical Jesus" by Professor Fida Hassnain

have enjoyed wide circulation.


"JESUS IN KASHMIR", as presented on this website, goes far beyond

what even Kersten's and Hassnain's earlier books have said. ..What

seems to be merely "annoying" to theologians relying on a rather

anonymous and totally "magical" Jesus whose life can be made any-

thing they desire to make of it to enhance their power and prestige,

now becomes totally threatening and noxious with Holt's new ideas

and information! ...


SUFFICIENT HISTORICAL INFORMATION is now available to topple the

idols set up for over a thousand years....Idols on which millions

depend for "salvation" dispensed in the form of "host" crackers and

Latin prayers and ritual. ..Or in the improved Protestant variety,

obtained by baptism, occasional church attendance, and "Amazing

Grace!" ....The beauty of the proffered "heaven" is dimmed, but

"hell" is still with us! ...And indeed, if we don't soon take

responsibility for our world's affairs, "hell" will be on our

street, or right next door!..Things have really changed since

September 11, 2001 and the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers

of the World Trade Center.


The Jesus who lived in Kashmir as presented on this website is

as different from the magical Jesus of the Gospels as East is

from West, and as black is from white [no pun intended]. ..The

Jesus of Kashmir was a REAL KING, not a wannabe king who was

rejected as such by the Jews. ..He got to be king because his

father was a king of Kashmir [Sandhimati, the "White Rajah"]

Also he married a princess of Taxila, the unmarried daughter

of King Gundaphorus. ..Since his new wife Amritaprabha was

Hindu [a worshipper of Vishnu], and his father Sandhimati [a

devotee of Lord Shiva] was also Hindu {while in Kashmir],

Jesus was prepared to be quite liberal in his religious views.

Not limited as yet by Essene ideas of monogamy, young king

Jesus soon had a harem, many of these wives political and more

interested in setting up Buddhist monasteries than in any

physical intimacy with their new king.


LORD SHIVA, the most feared [and respected] of the Hindu gods,

developed a liking for this latest of his Jewish kings, and

adopted him as his "Son" and "Heir" [Aramaic term - "Only-

begotten Son"]. ..Having a powerful space-ship at his disposal

["Vimana" in Sanskrit], he allowed Jesus [Meghavahana to the

Kashmiris] to travel with him through time and space. ..He

proposed to his newest "Son" that together they can rule the

entire Age of Pisces...Jesus [Meghavahana-Pravarasena] accepted

this proposal in Kashmir while supposedly rejecting it in several

Gospel stories.


THE PLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION required Jesus' crucifixion, with

the assurance of Lord Shiva that he would be resurrected from

apparent death in a few hours. ..Since Jesus knew that his father

Sandhimati had survived a similar crucifixion and lived on to

reign in Kasmir many more years, he said "Yes" to crucifixion

also. ..As the plan was carried out, Jesus commuted between

Kashmir and Judea in Shiva's "Vimana" and was elected as the

new Essene "Messiah". .. Indeed his father Sandhimati, as Joseph

the Essene, had fathered [some thought] this son by an Essene

nun named Mary...Some of Jesus' miracles during his 3 1/2 year

reign at Qumran and in Judea were "miracles" of symbolism only,

but no doubt many were real also. ...When your "Father in Heaven"

has an invisible space-ship hovering overhead, many interesting things

are possible that can convince even the most skeptical observers!


AN EXPERT NOW in several types of "Bible Codes", including the

newly popular Bible "Computer Codes", Doctor Robert Holt explains

these new exact prophecies as the expected results of the TIME/

SPACE travels of Jesus[Meghavahana] and Lord Shiva....It's

relatively easy to explain the FUTURE once you've seen the events

actually happen. ..One takes the time and opportunity to then go

BACK IN TIME and instruct the scribes in the Qumran monastery on

how they must spell words and edit the Torah and Tanakh to reflect

modern events in equidistant letter spacing!


SO THERE YOU HAVE IT, "The Rest of the Story" -- available only

on this website....Totally heretical to most, highly improbable

to many, and impossible for anyone else of the early first

century to have done. ..But with the help of "Veruna's Umbrella"

it happened!

Dr. Robert F. Holt, MD, MPH .....11-15-2003






ACP- AJUNTA CAVE PICTURES. Buddhist paintings of the Jesus Family

in Kashmir while Jesus was reigning as Meghavahana and Pravarasena

I. Their importance first seen by Sue Marie Olsson in India.

AGM- ADAPTED GREEK MYTHOLOGY. Most of the Gospel writers knew

much about Greek gods and theology. And used it in their books.

ANA- ANAGRAM TECHNIQUES. Based upon appearance of letters, and

other word games, many of them only make sense in Aramaic.

AST- ASTROLOGY. Even among the Essenes, many of whom were

Astrologers, Jesus was supreme. No doubt space travels helped!

BCC- BIBLE COMPUTER CODES, also callled "Torah Codes" by

orthodox Jewish researchers. They are throughout OT Scriptures.

CGP- CLASSIC GOSPEL PESHER as used by Dr. Barbara Thiering in

her indispensible book "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea

Scrolls" USA - "Jesus the Man" in GB and Australia.

DAN- DANIEL. Much of "Daniel" was written by the Essenes. Some

of their early numerology is incorporated in this book.

EGP- EXTENDED GOSPEL PESHER, other examples not found or

reported by Thiering, but found by R. Holt using CGP tech.

KOK- KINGS OF KASHMIRA. Story or historical item available only

in Kahlana's historical book "Kings of Kashmira".

MWP- MILLENNIAL WEEK PROPHECY. The Essene prophetic view that

the World will last 7000 years until final judgment. They

integrated it with Astrology so each "Age" = 2000 yrs = 2 DAYS.

NUM- NUMEROLOGY. Used by the Essene authors of the New Testament

much of the time. Often a text only makes sense numrologically.


EGP, but still valid if no previous examples found.

PMU- PHALGAM MURAL. Stone carved mural photographed by Sue Marie

Olsson in Phalgam. A suburb of Srinagar, Kashmir.

REV- REVELATION. Started by John of Zebedee, finished by Jesus

in Kashmir. Heavy on AGM, NUM, and AST. A lot of Kashmir "Codes".

TMP- TAXILA MEGHAVÁHANA PICTURE. Known for many years, this

picture was thought to be that of the Apostle Thomas. The female

figure is the clue that this is Meghaváhana and Amritaprabha.

WOJ- WORKS of JOSEPHUS. Either "Antiquities of the Jews" or

"Wars of the Jews".







AMRITAPRABHA = Jesus' first royal wife, married in Taxila. ..Marriage alluded to Thomas' books....... Documented in Kings of Kashmira story of Prince Meghaváhana.

ASHVAPÁDA = Name taken by John Mark [Maroka] in the JAYANTA story related in KOK in

..............APPENDIX E.. Confirms John Mark is assisting Jesus in his TIME/SPACE adventures. EGP

DORCAS = Mary the mother of Jesus after menopause....CGP

EUTYCHUS = Greek given name of John Mark of Acts, the "Beloved Disciple" of the 4th Gospel.

............A significant amount of his real life is recorded by Josephus in "Antiquities" 18:6:5".

............He also, like Jesus and his father, had a hidden life in Kashmir, where he was known as

............Moroka and Maraka. As at Qumran, Jesus trusted him with great responsibility. CGP, KOK

HAZRAT ISSA = Muslim name in Kashmir for Jesus Christ after 89 AD, as a "Holy Man".

HELI = Hebrew Judean name of the man named Sandhimati in Kashmir. Took the Essene name of

............."JOSEPH" in the Essene hierarchy at Qumran to signify he was son of "Jacob". ...CGP

HIRANYA = Son of Jesus and Lydia, born in Kashmir, became King when Jesus retired. ..CGP, KOK

JAYANTA = My name [Dr. Robert Holt, MD] in the Kings of Kashmira story of Pravarasena I, told Kahlana in APPENDIX E.... Ashvapáda is here John Mark, Jesus' fellow TIME/SPACE

.................traveler, who has visited with me several times. .....Being pushed into the pond is equivalent a TIME trip [or reincarnation]...... Fetching water in my own native land is present

.................Christan baptism, to be converted now to Aquarian "baptism" by the heavenly AQUARIUS.

.................The "village" inhabited by Bráhmanas is this website!....EGP applied to a KOK story.

.............. ..Using also AST and NUM.

JOHN MARK = "Beloved Disciple" of John's Gospel...... Jesus' prime minister in Kashmir as Moroka

................or Maraka. ...In Acts he is called John Mark and Eutychus [his real given name]. ...CGP, KOK

JOSEPH son of HELI = Essene name of the same man known as Sandhimati in Kashmir..... A commuter

................using the "Vimana" of Lord Shiva, he was a descendent of King David in a family that had

................achieved a royal status in that small Himalayan kingdom....CGP, EGP, KOK

LYDIA of Thyratira = Jesus second western wife, bore him 2 sons, Queen of Kashmir ... CGP, KOK

MARAKA, MAROKA = Kashmir names for John Mark. Example of ANAGRAM technique. .KOK, EGP

MARTHA of BETHANY = The "Woman of Samaria" of John ch. 4, Helena the female partner of

...........Simon Magus, once a brothel prostitute, Simon converted her to a better life....CGP

MARY of BETHANY= Mary Magdalene, Mary sister of Martha, Woman of the city [Luke] ....CGP

MARY Magdalene = Mary of Bethany, Mary sister of Martha, Woman of the city [Luke].....CGP

MARY [VIRGIN] = Secret wife of Sandhimati in Judean desert, Dorcas when a widow....CGP

MEGHAVÁHANA = The name in Kashmir for Jesus Christ from 25 AD - 59 AD.....KOK

PETER = Simon, Cephus, Son of Jonas ...CGP

POPE "JOHN" = Simon Magus as Pope of the Essenes soon after Jesus' resuscitation at Qumran.

.............Since he was in the cave with Jesus after the crucifixion, he claimed credit for raising

.............Jesus from the dead....... One of the "Angels" seen by Mary Magdalene....CGP

PRAVARASENA I = The name in Kashmir for Jesus Christ from 59 AD - 89 AD.....KOK

PRAVARASENA II = Son of Toramana, grandson of Jesus..... First darker-skinned King of

.............Kashmir of the Jesus bloodline. ...Built Srinigar in its present location..... KOK

RHODA = Mary Magdalene's name in Acts after she chose to separate from Jesus. Comes

..............from the Mediterranean Isle of Rhodes, where Mary's Essene order took rests...CGP

SIMON MAGUS = Simon the "Leper", Simon the Caananite, Simon Zelotes, The "Good Thief" on

..............the cross, Simon of Cyrene [that carried Jesus' cross], Lazarus, and Zebedee....CGP

TORAMANA = Son of Jesus and Lydia, born in Kashmir, Essene High Priest of Kashmir...CGP, KOK

...............His son by a dark-skinned Indian princess became king after Hiranya died without an heir. KOK

SANDHIMATI = Another name for Joseph, Jesus' father. In Kashmir he was the "White Rajah".

.................Apparently celibate in Kashmir, he secretly had a wife and family in the Judean Desert.

.................He commuted back and forth in Lord Shiva's "Vimana", as did Jesus later. ...He took

.................part in a Zealot demonstration in Jerusalem and was crucified by the Romans.

.................Rescued by Lord Shiva and resuscitated, he continued his Kashmir reign.. Part CGP and part

.................KOK, neither place knew the other half of the story! ....Surgery may have been required to

..................restore Joseph-Sandhimati to functioning condition [from the Kashmiri story]...EGP also.

YUSU ASAPH = Indian name in Kashmir for Jesus Christ after 89 AD, as a "Holy Man".






5 LOAVES and 2 FISHES = 7 MILLENNIUMS. Numerology plus

the Millenial Week Prophecy - Story in Matt. 14:17-19,

Mk.6:38-41. MWP presented in Matt. 13 by 8 parables.

"ANYMAN" WHO HEARS JESUS' VOICE. The offer is in Rev. 3:20

Numerology [7 millenniums] show this to be Aquarius. "ANYMAN"

is here yours truly, Dr. Robert Holt MD.


Also includes allusion to "Rainbow Promise" of Genesis 9:13-17.

AQUARIUS, "HER" PICTURE IN JOHN 4. Because the "Woman of

Samaria" is carrying a pitcher of water, she is pictured as

doing the same thing as the Zodiac constellation Aquarius.

The hidden message is a greater religious role for women in

the Age just beginning. John 4:4-24.

ARMY of ESSENE PRIESTS go forth to BATTLE. Text is Rev.

19:14. Duplicated in Kings of Kashmira page 36 "This prince

[Meghavahana] led an expedition to compel other kings to

desist from killing animals ; he carried his arms to the sea,

and even to Ceylon, making the subdued kings promise not to

kill animals." Revelation 19:14 reads: "And the armies which

were in heaven [KASHMIR] followed him upon white horses,

clothed in fine linen, white and clean." [NOT covered with

blood, like a butcher's garments would be!]

BEELZEBUB. Used in the Gospels as a "Code Word" to reveal

Jesus' relationship with Lord Shiva. Series given on website.

BLIND GUIDES. Refers back to one of Jesus' ancestors in

Kashmir, King Yudisthira "the Blind", as well as referring

to past, present, and future Church leaders.

CHILDREN of the DEVIL. John 8:44. "You are of your father the

devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do." ..Indicates that

Lord Shiva is of the Elohim family of Lord Enki [EA], the

Creator of the human race. ...The snakes or serpents always

pictured with Lord Shiva give the same message.... Enki's

association with serpents a well-known motive on Sumerian picture


DEMARIS, DAUGHTER of JESUS. Married Apostle Paul at 20 years

old [Paul was about 36]. ..Paul called her Phoebe as his wife.

Acts 18:18b. ..When Nazarites were "shorn" [cut their hair] it

showed they were now married [OT Samson imagery].


Middle Ages are here indicated.. Main diet - swine. Main theology

- that given them by Shiva and Jesus [the serpent lifted up on

a cross or pole]. ..The "Sea" is "Pisces". Matt. 8:30-32, Mark

5:11-16, Luke 8:32-33. ...There are 2000 swine, as there are

2000 years in the Age of Pisces.

GODDESS OF WISDOM [GNOSIS - BARBELO]. Sequence is chopped up

and spread throughout book, but once we concentrate the story

and slightly edit the description of the "woman clothed with the

sun" with the "moon under her feet" of Rev. 12, we have neither

the "Church", nor Virgin Mary, but the Gnostic goddess "Barbelo".

JESUS JUSTUS. First son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Brought up

as a practicing Essene. .Should have replaced Jesus in Judean Essene

royal hierarchy, but crucified by Romans at Masada [while Jesus


INDIA's TEEMING MASSES [OVERVIEW]. Matthew describes the

conditions in India so accurately he must have accompanied Jesus

on one or several of his trips. Matt. 15:30, 31.

JESUS' REPUTATION as the DEVIL's DISCIPLE. In this part of

the Beelzebub codes, the reasoning is clear and logical.

As teaches Lord Shiva, so will teach Jesus.

KINGS [Wise Men] of the EAST [India, etc] PAY HOMAGE.

Were it not Matthew once again relating this, we might choose

to overlook the obvious link to India. Matt. 2:1.

LAKE DAL COMPARED to SEA of GALILEE. Once we have accepted

the description as that of India, the comparison becomes clear

between Lake Dal and the Sea of Galilee. Matt. 15:29.

LORD SHIVA's "THIRD EYE". To have left out this most prominant

feature of Lord Shiva would have been an excuse for doubt.

LORD SHIVA's REPUTATION as the DEVIL. Yes, Jesus knew that to

Jews, Lord Shiva would be "the Devil". ..Instead of denying this,

Jesus exploits it.

MARRIAGE to AMRITAPRABHA. The sequence gives this away, in

that the meeting occurs as Jesus is entering new territory.

Matt. 15:21, 22, 25, 28. As compared with Luke 8:43-47. EGP


relying on Matthew to supply these Kashmir coded stories

allows us to presume Matthew knew the truth.

MEGHAVAHANA duplicated in REVELATION. It can hardly be

coincidental that Rev. 19:5 supplies the EXACT MEANING of

the Sanskrit or Aramaic name "Meghavahana". "Praise our

God, all ye his servants, and ye that fear him, both small

and great." "Hana" means "praise", "Meg" means many or "all".

"Hava" means life or living beings. "Small" includes the

animals. Indians "fear" Lord Shiva as the destroyer god or

"devil", but he is significantly, the protector of the animals.

PETER's PROPHECY in ACTS. In a more widely seperated than

usual example of repetition to indicate 2000 years as "2 days"

of the Millennial Week Prophecy MWP, Peter mentions that Jesus

was "hanged on a tree" in Acts 5:30 and 10:39. This repetition

indicates the "cross" would reign for 2000 years. But in verse

40 he goes on to prophesy: "Him God raised up the third day

[Age of Aquarius], and shewed him openly [the REAL JESUS];

41 "Not to all the people , but unto witnesses chosen before

of God, even to us, who did eat and drink with him after he

rose from the dead." [See "supper [dinner] with Jesus" --


42 "And he commanded us to preach unto the people, and to

testify that it is he which was ordained of God to be the

Judge of quick and dead." [Since I, Dr. Robert Holt, MD,

became that "Arrogant" Judge on Dec. 12, 1997, this prophecy

of Peter's is about me!]...EGP, NUM, MWP, AST.

PRAVARASENA duplicated in REVELATION. For those who say

"Meghavahana" in Revelation was a chance occurance, the feat

is duplicated with Jesus' later name, Pravarasena.

Rev. 19:11 "And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white

horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and

True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war."

"Prava" means "Truth". Pravarasena with his "Sword" in

his earlier reign of Meghavahana mounted a "righteous"

war to "save the animals of India" from slaughter. A

campaign whose results has endured to this very day!

SATAN as the RULER of this WORLD ["Age"]. In the Gospel

stories of the "Temptation of Jesus", he refuses to worship

"Satan". ...In the Kashmiri version he accepts Lord Shiva's

help. ....But the "Gospel Pesher" meaning of the Temptation

stories shows that Jesus also accepts Judas' help to become

an Essene Messiah..... Judas is repeatedly the "Satan" of the

Gospel stories.

SATAN offers this WORLD to JESUS. As one of the four

temptations listed, Satan offers Jesus rulership of the

World. .........History confirms that "Satan" has indeed used

Christ's Gospel to rule at least the Western World.... And

the Western World has obtained dominance.

SUPPER {DINNER?] WITH JESUS. Rev. 3:20, 21. A "New Age"

promise fulfilled when I met Jesus at meal-time in Jerusalem

on Dec. 12, 1997. We did not eat together literally, but he

with his family and I at a shop. ...But we were in the same

section of the Jewish quarter eating a meal. ...Jesus made sure

I had this significant date by putting it on his portrait of me.


Luke 17:2, Rev. 18:21-22. The OT story is that these commandments

were written by "the finger of God" on tables of stone [2 stones].

Ancient millstones came in pairs, working together to grind the

wheat into grain. So the commandments are reduced to two commands.

But if one by of these commands [love God - Allah with all your

heart], a leader "offends" or destroys a child, then [Matt. 18:6,

Mk. 9:42, Luke 17:2] the commandment [millstone] should be tied

to the legalist's neck and he be thrown into the sea [of Pisces].

....Without Rev. 18:21-22 the reason is unclear why this anti-

Ten Commandment viewpoint is so sneakily presented in the Gospels.

Rev. 18 gives the scenario of 9-11-2001 in relatively clear language.

Muslim terrorists are by now using the jealous God terminology and

the inflexible stance of the "Ten Commandments" to justify their

attack on the World Trade Center.... Murder is OK if all you are

doing thereby is enforcing the will of Yahweh - Allah.

....So Jesus repeats the message of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.



Rev. 18:21 "And a mighty angel took up a stone like a giant

millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with

violence shall that great city Babylon [Iraq - Islamic

Terrorists] be thrown down, and shall be found no more at

all... 22c ...and the sound of a millstone shall be heard

no more at all in thee." [LOVE, not arbitrary prayers and

commandments will rule the world] [Death of Islam as a

significant theology!]

THE "ARROGANT JUDGE" in LUKE. Luke 18:2-6. The judge is

not "unjust" so much as he is arrogant. He refuses to be

told what to do by a woman who is a pauper. His "arrogance"

is shown by the statement, verse 2: "which feared not God,

neither regarded man.." Jesus was looking for such a person

at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, and found him in

Jerusalem on December 12, 1997. Read story under "Supper [Dinner]

with Jesus" -- above.

THE "GREATEST COMMANDMENT" DILEMMA. In several of the Gospels,

Jesus is asked to confirm that "Love to God" is the greatest

commandment, which he does. ..But suggests that the second is "like

unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." ..Present world

terrorism in the name of Allah and religion would cease immediately

if this advice of Jesus were to be followed. ...This supports also

the "millstone" texts we have discussed at length above.

THE JUDGMENT OF SOLOMON. Only case recorded as an example of the

"wisdom of Solomon". ..Involves cutting a living baby in two pieces.

An Essene insertion in the Old Testament. ...Supports both the

"greatest commandment" dilemma, and the "millstone" texts.

THE THRONE of AQUARIUS. Word picture in Rev. 3:21. Aquarius often

pictured as seated, and wearing a crown in Middle Ages Astrology.

THE THRONE of SOLOMON in KASHMIR. By logical sequence and its

place in Matthew's account, the "Throne of Solomon" in Srinagar,

Kashmir can be identified as the "mountain" of Matt. 15:29.