Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In!

The "Fickle Finger of Fate" Award was not given to anyone physically present on the show, but to someone who had earned the wrath and derision of the producers of Laugh- In. ...Sometimes the Pentagon or some other government organization. .Often an individual that had made an outrageous claim.

Again the same type of derision we are offering those to whom we extend the third finger. [Those who admit doing this!] But this does not remove the sexual meaning.

The same as all those Shiva-lingas all over India and Kashmir that stand for the male organ of procreation.

But specifically that of Lord Shiva, the creator god and destroyer god of the Indian pantheon of gods.

To those of us with the mentality that Goldie Hawn and some others played on "Laugh-In", I will now [as Nixon put it] "make myself perfectly clear!"

Ancient Vedic Vimana of Shiva, etc


Ancient Vedic Vimana of Shiva, etc