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 An Act of God!




IMPORTANT NOTICE: If reading "HERESY" bothers you, and you can feel the flames of HELL crawling up your ankles, by no means read beyond this yellow warning. Be content to read instead ERIN MILLER's sermon, which will not be considered "heresy" by anyone.

Those with real brains, and critical minds, will understand that I am saying the same thing, and preaching the same "Gospel", but to a vastly different "congregation".

A "congregation" that would not sit still and listen to Pastor Miller for five minutes!

.....On our last page we discovered that the god "chained to earth", Lord Shiva of Kashmir and India, had adopted the Essene descendent of King David and Solomon as his special "Son", and provided him with the means to be both Messiah of the Essenes and at the same time, the active ruler of Kashmir, Lord Shiva's childhood home, and favorite part of India.

......In his duties as an Essene Messiah, Sandimati, of the tribe of Judah and lineage of David, had been caught by the Romans leading a Zealot demonstration in Jerusalem and crucified. ...In a later crucifixion of Sandhimati's son Jesus Christ, certain priests and scoffers are quoted in the Gospels as callling out, "If you are really the Son of God, your Father should come and get you down from that cross!" .....The real background of this taunt to Jesus was that some knew that Lord Shiva had indeed rescued Sandhimati-Joseph from another cross, and restored him to life and some degree of health.

"I have known that Jesus Christ was a 'Time/Space Voyager' since 1998, when I drew this illustrative cartoon."

But I did not know until December of 2002 that Jesus' father Joseph, called Sandhimati in Kashmir, also rode around in Lord Shiva's vimana, and was crucified by the Romans before this happened to his son Jesus!

Dr. Bob Holt, md

The Crucifixion of Sandhimati - Joseph

......Sandhimati, the "White Rajah", was still able to reign as King of Kashmir after his crucifixion in Jerusalem in March of 23 AD, but the Kashmiri record shows that during the period between 23 and 25 AD, there was increasing dissatisfaction with his reign. Perhaps his brain was damaged by his near-death experience. He now spent most of his time in worship and pilgrimages, and very little time being the proper political leader and administrator of the Kingdom of Kashmir.

......Lord Shiva was watching developments, and was looking for a proper replacement for his now Zombi-like King. ......And Sandhimati and Shiva agreed that Jesus would be that replacement..... So they arranged for Jesus to continue his Essene training in Taxila, where various other members of the Yudisthira dynasty now lived. .........Considered to be princes by the locals, because of their distant ancestors David and Solomon, and their more recent ancestor, Yudisthira, the former King of Kashmir.

......So Jesus, over two years' time, became known as Prince Meghavahana, descendent of Yushisthira. ......His identity as the oldest son of Sandhimati was kept secret. ...Not difficult, because no one in Kashmir knew Sandhimati was married. .........He had always acted like a celibate monk or priest, and had shown absolutely no romantic interest at all in the local Kashmiri women.

......An excuse was found in 25 AD for Jesus [Prince Meghavahana] to take over as his real father's replacement. ..King Gundaphor of Taxila had a spinster daughter, Amritaprabha, that was available for marriage, but the sons of the nearby rulers were not interested. ....Jesus had been married to a young Jewish girl as a youth of 18, but his wife, Maryam had died after seven years, perhaps during childbirth. .....So Jesus, as Meghavahana, was available for a political marriage to Amritaprabha. ......Which duly occurred, portrayed as a "contest" in "Kings of Kashmira", in which Prince Meghavahana "won" the priviledge to become the husband of the Princess of Taxila.

.......Sandhimati gracefully retired as King of Kashmir, and the court of Kashmir invited Prince Meghavahana to become their new king, never dreaming that he was in reality, Sandhimati's eldest son. ..And of course, Jesus by now knew all the details of his father's relationship with Lord Shiva, and inherited, along with his kingship, the use of "Varuna's Umbrella", a euphemism for Lord Shiva's vimana, and the ability to commute, in a few minute's time, between Kashmir and Judea. ........And to remain invisible and eavesdrop on people and "read their thoughts".

......As before, I am able to tell you this story because of my slow, but thorough indoctrination in these subjects by Lord Shiva and Jesus Christ, the time/space voyagers, between 1988 and the present time using as props and tutors, the Bible, the new Bible Codes, Ellen White's early visions, and lastly, the book "Kings of Kashmira" sent to me by Sue Olsson, the adventurous descendent of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ.



Kings of Kashmira OT and NT Bible

"Early Writings"

.....Lord Shiva, the "Left-behind God", had a big problem....... How to control a world full of warring humans competing for earth's limited farmlands and mating and increasing like bacteria or mice. ......Religion had been used by his ancestors the Elohim, as a means of control, at some times more successfully than others. What he needed now was a NEW RELIGION, based not so much on rules and threats, but on ethics and on genuine concern for other members of the human race....... And so, in Lord Shiva's mind, and with the consent and participation of his new unique "Son" Meghavahana, the DIATHEKE COVENANT was born...... God would give us "salvation" as a free gift. .....All we need to do is accept it!

.....The crucifixion of Sandhimati had been a chance occurrence, and although Sandhimati had survived due to Lord Shiva's intervention, his usefulness was thereafter limited. ....In councils involving Lord Shiva, Sandhimati, perhaps other Elohim, and eventually Jesus himself, another crucifixion was planned..... Jesus would be crucified, under carefully controlled conditions, among his friends instead of his enemies. .....The torture would be severe. ...There is no such thing as a "pleasant crucifixion."..... But scores of people are crucified in the Philippines yearly as a form of penance, and most survive with minor after-effects. .......And Jesus, the Essene Messiah was surrounded by doctors and administered medications, and swathed with medicinal bandages afterwards.

.....The real story of the crucifixion of Jesus is right there in the Gospel of John for anyone with eyes to see to read, and a mind that is not brain-washed, to understand. ......As did Hugh Shonfield years ago in "The Passover Plot".

....Jesus did not really "die" during the crucifixion, because it was arranged by the Essenes that he be crucified at Qumran, by a small detachment of Pilate's soldiers. ....He hung on the cross for three hours, and was administed an opiate in vinegar by a sponge on a reed when he asked for it. ....The fastidious Essenes demanded that he and the other crucified Essene Zealots be removed from the crosses early so as not to desecrate the Sabbath. ....By midnight Friday night Jesus was fully conscious, and he rested all the daylight hours of the Sabbath day, not in a tomb, but in the no longer existing "Queen's House" across the wadi from the marl cliffs in a grove of date palms. ....With Mary Magdalene and his mother Mary administering medicines as required and bathing his wounds and scratches.

//////And by Sunday morning Jesus had walked the seven miles to Mar Saba, where he held a counsel meeting with his brother James, in which it was decided that James would be the new Essene Messiah. .........Monday morning Jesus appeared at the Essene first meal of the day at the Essene gate in Jerusalem, and gave the blessing over the meal as an Essene "High Priest" for that group of Essenes later to become Christians.


.....Here Lord Shiva is shown with only 5 cobras over his head as a sort of "umbrella", and a lizard as an earring hanging from one ear. .....In the middle of his forehead is the traditional "third eye", that shows this is really Lord Shiva, and not somebody else. ..The eye is closed, which is a sign of peace and tranquility. ......When Lord Shiva opens his third eye, the one in the middle of his forehead, [and at the top of the pyramid on American dollar bills] watch out. ....The Age will end, always a major traumatic event, and a New Age will begin.... A process we are just now well into!


.....The symbol of the Elohim in those centuries before Christ was born near Bethlehem in Judea was a circle with flying wings, as shown above. ...We should not be surprized that Lord Shiva was given one of these space craft, his own UFO, to give him the power and opportunity to take over as the real ruler of this earth when the other Elohim left earth for other planets not inhabited by so many tribes of constantly warring native inhabitants. .....Or if they really wanted peace and quiet, some moon or asteroid, natural or artificial.

.......Below the flying disc of the Elohim I have now shown another depiction of Lord Shiva, photographed somewhere in India, that shows Shiva with the body of a serpent, and seven, not five, cobras over his head. .....It looks like there are more serpents, but if you count the heads, you'll discover there are seven./////The other Elohim have allotted to Lord Shiva the remainder of the 7000 years they originally decided it would take to train humans to take their rightful place among the other civilized races that inhabit various planets, moons, and real or artificial asteroids in the Milky Way Galaxy.

.......The promise of Lord Shiva [or one of his ancestors] to the human race can be found in Genesis 3:4, 5.

......"And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die. ...For God doth know that in the day [the 1000 years] ye eat thereof [of the fruit of wisdom, of real knowledge], then your eyes will be opened [including your third "spiritual" eye], and ye shall be as gods [like the Elohim], knowing good and evil."

We have certainly learned about all there is to know about evil, what with Hitler and Al Queda, and 2000 years of "Jew-Hate". ......Perhaps it's time to learn some of the good. ........Taught by Jesus Christ and the other avitars, prophets, and teachers sent periodically by Lord Shiva!



"The DIATHEKE Covenant is the gift of KNOWLEDGE,

of WISDOM and Responsibility -

No longer depending on Gods and their priests to tell us

what to DO and NOT DO, we humans will learn to make

these decisions for ourselves -

Based on LOVE for each other, the ANIMALS, and for

the EARTH who is our MOTHER!"

Dr. Robert F. Holt, md - 10-22-2004

The Lord Shiva - Qumran - Essene Connection

The "Gospel Pesher" [1992] and "Bible Computer Codes" [1997] show numbers can be assigned different time frames [hour,day, month, year, 1000 years] and that meanings can be reversed. [Satan = God, God=Satan]

This series of pages is just a small sample of the information available on this web site about Jesus Christ, Bible Codes, Gospel Pesher, and about Lord Shiva, the God that was "Left-Behind" as a caretaker god by the Elohim. The "Heavenly Astronauts" who created civilized human beings in Ancient Sumer.

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An Act of God


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