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     Loma Linda University is world famous for "Medical Missionaries" the school has sent all over the world as well as hundreds of graduates and trainees working throughout the USA in Health-related Jobs.  As a Family Doctor in Upstate New York before he specialized in "Emergency Medicine" Dr. Holt helped many people to Quit Smoking, and in a home office jn Garland, North Carolina he for quite a few years conducted a "Weight Loss" Clinic, besides advising many patients on various other Health Issues.






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      Although Dr. Robert F. Holt MD, MPH received a degree in Health Administration and Health Education from the above pictured school, Loma Linda University School of Health and an MD degree from that same MEDICAL SCHOOL, his advice on this WEB PAGE in no way represents those schools' CURRENT TEACHINGS on any subject, and they are in no way responsible for what Dr, Holt has written here!  Let the READER beware!  If your own doctor or other health adviser advises otherwise, it may be far safer to follow their advice.  Dr. Holt no longer diagnoses and treats any type of diseases and health conditions.  He retired from active practice in 1998.

You do not need a doctor's prescription to buy or use the Amino Acid TAURINE.  Normal people eating even an American "Junk Food" diet probably get plenty of it, the average amount of it acquired this way being about 54 mg. --- usually sufficient.

    Those at risk of being "Taurine Deficient" -- not getting enough Taurine in their diet to prevent symptoms, which can vary in severity from not noticeable or trivial symptoms to QUITE SEVERE, --are the following types of people.

    Old People on a limited budget who can't afford to eat out much, and limit the amount of meat they eat.

    Immigrants, seasonal workers, and other poor people or homeless people who find it hard to acquire money to purchase enough of any kind of food, and can't be fussy about what they are eating.

    People who for Religious or Ethical reasons do not EAT MEAT (Vegetarians)  Example: Some Seventh-day Adventists, most Hindus, some Buddhists, and many New Age religious people who are against "Cruelty to Animals."   "Animal Rights" activists who practice what they preach.

     Particularly at risk -- VEGANS.  Those who subsist on a diet completely free of all animal products, even eggs and dairy products. And who have often practiced this life-style for many years -- have many symptoms of Taurine Deficiency, and are generally unaware that what they're NOT eating (Taurine) is the cause of some pretty distressing symptoms!
This young man has lots of energy. He can if he wishes to, hold down a paying job.


He can walk as far and as fast as he wants or needs to, and he sleeps well at night.


He is hungry at mealtime and his food tastes and smells good to him.

He can remember a list of quite a few items and comes back from the store with those items and perhaps a few more.

He is not a dangerous driver, knows how to use a GPS and a map, and knows where he is locally -- and can find his way home.


He eats MEAT, and is NOT Taurine-deficient, although he has plenty of RISK in other areas of his DIET and his LIFE!

One or both of these persons is always tired.

Walking is difficult, so they would rather drive.

One or both sleep most of the time, or don't sleep at night.

Food is tasteless, and smell is very poor to non-existent.

MEMORY is deteriorating and words must be searched for

Dangerous drivers for lots of reasons. Often get lost even in familiar territory.

One or BOTH may be Taurine deficient, more likely if they eat little or no MEAT in their diet.

How to diagnose and Treat Taurine Deficiency.

Simple and Quick!  Buy some and take it every day for at least two weeks and hopefully much longer.  By one month you'll know you were deficient BECAUSE:

Your FOOD will taste better.

You'll be able to SMELL flowers and other smells that you haven't been able to smell for months or years.

Your MEMORY will slowly improve and LISTS will become possible without writing everything down.

OLDER MEMORIES will begin to return.  They were "there" all along, but your "broken" mind wouldn't let you connect with them.  Think of Taurine as a MIND Mechanic -- a "Fixer" of broken minds!


DOSE:500mg Daily

My suggestion

Break up tablet and chew  up 1/3 tablet morning, noon and night.


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