"Jesus Only"and Gospel Pesher

In 1992 in Great Britain, Australia, and the USA, a book was published by

HarpurSanFrancisco written by Doctor Barbara Thiering PHD which undid

all that scores of Church Councils had done throughout the "Dark" and

Middle Ages to hide what was known about the REAL LIFE of Yeshua ben

Miriam, also known as Jesus of Nazareth....


The book was titled "Jesus the Man" in Great Britain and Australia, and

"Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls" in the USA....I was one

of the first to buy the USA version, and went to Qumran and the nearby

Judean desert late in 1992 to confirm what the book presented and visit

most of the Essene sites described by Dr. Barbara Thiering as being the real

places where Jesus spent most of the 3 1/2 years described in veiled and

coded language in the Gospels....


The shocking conclusion is that Essene Scribes, with the full cooperation

of Jesus, have led us Gentiles astray, and deluded us, quite successfully,

for 2000 years!......They will never be "tried" and "convicted" of this

"crime", if you wish to call it that, because they are all dead save one,

Jesus Himself, and He is protected and kept alive by beings not of this

world!.....Also, He has provided the Theology that has proved the

major mover in world politics for an entire "Age", and allowed the Church

of Rome to exercise immeasurable power over kings, governments, and

billions of people during that same time.......It is a "fait accompli", already

done, and nothing can now UNDO it!


Although the "Gospel Pesher" itself, as clearly revealed by Doctor Thiering,

allows us to discover the details of Jesus's real life and political decisions as

"David King" or MESSIAH of the Essenes for 3 1/2 years, where and when

each decision was made, and how it affected Essene practices and theology

ever after, two documents discovered among the famous Dead Sea Scrolls

themselves give us an overview of His early years [before the Gospel period]

and His later years [after He was crucified, but DID NOT DIE].


These two Dead Sea Scrolls are a HOROSCOPE of the young Jesus,

perhaps as a baby, more likely as a pre-teen or teenager, and a prediction

of His ultimate success as a figure of world renown, and another document,

an account of a ride out into space where He met persons from other

worlds, who offered Him a place among them, and they assured Him He

would be considered "a god" because of what He would be able to


......It must have been an impressive ride, and an impressive meeting, and

it is reasonable to assume that it happened BEFORE THE CRUCIFIXION,

because in that case it explains to a large extent how Jesus knew He would

survive crucifixion, and gave Him courage to endure what must have been

an excruciatingly painful experience......It is also reasonable to assume that

some of His disciples were a party to this, and did what they could to make

sure Jesus survived crucifixion, as the "Gospel Pesher" shows they did in

the version of the crucifixion in the Gospel of John.


These two documents, both Dead Sea Scrolls, and numbered as such, are

not "hidden", they are freely obtainable any place that has a reasonably

good library of Dead Sea Scrolls...they have been carefully pieced together

and translated....and there is no official or unofficial plan to "cover up"

their existance.....They have merely been "mislabelled"....The scrolls

do not clearly describe that they refer to Jesus....One has to use just a

bit of logic to determine that this is so, and those allowed continued power

and prestige by avoiding the "obvious" are doing just that!


IN SUMMARY: The "Gospel Pesher" shows in great detail what happened

the 3 1/2 years that Jesus was MESSIAH of the Essenes, and that He

survived crucifixion alive, but severely wounded and perhaps a "cripple".

Two of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls detail what He looked like as a

baby, the color of His hair, how much He weighed at birth, and that He

was a very bright student, who learned normally, by reading books or

scrolls, but with a special talent for "mind-reading" or counselling....

even while young........The second scroll is a clue to the how and why

of the newly popular "Torah Codes", the Old Testament Bible Codes,

made famous in 1997 by Michael Drosnin's book "The Bible Code".

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