Dead Sea Scroll 4QMessAr


A Horoscope for Young Jesus of Qumran

"I ...of his hand: two .......a birthmark. And the hair will be red. And there

will be lentils on ........and small birthmarks on his thigh. [And after t]wo

years he will know (how to distinguish) one thing from another. In his

youth, he will be like ....[like a m]an who knows nothing until the time

when he knows the three Books.

........And then he will acquire wisdom and learn und[erstanding]....

vision to come to him on his knees. And with his father and his ancestors...

life and old age. Counsel and prudence will be with him, and he will know

the secrets of man. His wisdom will reach all the peoples, and he will know

the secrets of all the living. And all their designs against him will come to

nothing, and (his) rule over all the living will be great. His designs [will

succeed] for he is the Elect of God. His birth and the breath of his spirit...

and his designs shall be forever ...."


Parallel Scriptural Passages

Matthew 1:20, 21 "But while he thought on these things, behold, the

angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou

son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which

is conceived of her is of the Holy Ghost....And she shall bring forth a

son, and thou shat call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people

from their sins."


Luke 2:7 "And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him

in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no

room for them in the inn."

......21 "And when eight days were accomplished for the circumcising

of the child, his name was called Jesus, which was so named of the

angel before he was conceived in the womb."

......34 "And Simeon blessed them, and said unto Mary his mother,

Behold, this child is set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel;

and for a sign which shall be spoken against;...(Yea, a sword shall

pierce through thy own soul also) that the thoughts of many hearts

may be revealed."

"If indeed Simeon was the one to write this HOROSCOPE, he had every

opportunity to...the Essenes had a large quarter adjacent to the temple area,

they are known to be excellent prophets, they kept very good records, and

some of their Horoscopes are recorded and were preserved in Cave 4 at

Qumran...Simeon took the child Jesus in his arms [verse 28] and would be

likely to examine him if he was about to make a note the color

of his hair, any birthmarks, and note whether or not he seemed to be a happy

and healthy baby....The other Essene Horoscopes were often made on the

basis of a person's appearance, as well as their date of birth and Zodiac "sign"...

4QMessAr mentions ultimate success, so does Simeon's prophecy [verses 30-32]..

They both see this success as extending beyond Israel, to "all peoples"........

4QMessAr talks of people having "designs against him" which shall "come to

nothing"...Luke in Simeon's prophecy seems to hint at crucifixion (the sword in

Mary's heart) and trouble brought to Israel by this baby, but that, of course, may

have been "edited in" later....It is reasonable to assume that Simeon the ESSENE

was the one who wrote part or all of 4QMessAr, after carefully examining the

baby in his arms, and that baby was Jesus of Nazareth.


Luke 2: 46,47 [Jesus is now supposedly 12 years old, doing his

Bar Mitzveh] "And it came to pass, that after three days they found

him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing

them, and asking them questions....And all that heard him were

astonished at his understanding and answers."

"This passage, like many others, is coded, and presenting a lot of other

information it doesn't seem to be presenting....however, what is here is also

supporting the prophecy of the 4QMessAr Horoscope...the Horoscope credits

him with being a bright child with knowledge of the "Three Books" when

he was supposed to have learned them....It is reasonable to assume that he

is here, in Luke 2:46, and 47 being quizzed by the temple "doctors" on the

contents of the three books.....Now for the PESHER MEANING....Jesus's

father Joseph was a freedom fighter, a guerilla or Zealot, and he wanted his

firstborn son to follow him, and begin military training....Jesus was not here

12, but about 20....Jesus "astonished all who heard him" by deciding to join

the peaceful High Priests of the House of Annas his father Joseph's

great disappointment...thus the confrontation at the end of Luke chapter 2.

Luke 2:49 "And he said unto them, [Joseph and Mary] How is it

that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's

business?" The peaceful business of "Father" Annas the High Priest, not

the bloody Zealot business of Joseph...who had to wait for James to reach the

age of Jesus before he now had a son to follow in his own footsteps.

4QMessAr first achieved widespread attention by being

in Geza Vermes "The Dead Sea Scrolls in English" .

It was not in the 1962 nor 1966 printings, [which I have]. It may have been in the

1975 edition [which I don't have]. It was definately in the 1987 edition, The Third,

Revised and Augmented Edition, which I have quoted here.

We shall here see how the "mislabelling concept" serves to cover up the obvious

Jesus "connection"...remember now, Geza Vermes is a Jew, and on very good terms

with a "concensus" group who has for years tried to distance Jesus and his disciples

from Qumran and the Essenes every possible way they can!

On page 305, referring to 4QMessAr, Vermes comments ...."The Aramaic

'horoscope' is, according to its editor J. Starky, that of the final Prince

of the Congregation, or Royal Messiah....It is just as likely, however,

that the text alludes to the miraculous birth of Noah (cf. pp. 252-3 above)."

When we turn to pages 252-3, as Geza Vermes suggests, we find nothing in the "Noah"

text that relates to fact 4QMessAr mentions the baby's father and ancestors,

while the "Noah" text is involved with Noah's father doubting that he was indeed the father

of that baby, and accusing his wife of "messing around" with one of the divine beings of

those former times....the reason for Lamech's concern is not apparent from the text quoted,

but Geza Vermes knows full well what that reason other scraps of the same story,

Noah was born with white hair fully able to talk to those around him!....Again there is no

match with 4QMessAr....This baby was born with RED HAIR and it took him two years

to learn much of anything, never mind how to talk!


To carry on with such nonsense, we must assume that some Essene author went to the

trouble to "invent" birthmarks for Noah, a partly ficticious figure based on a Sumarian

named Utnapishtim, at least 2500 years after "Noah" was dead and buried....and in the

process changed the usual color of his hair from that of similar stories....But I am glad

to report that other, more recent authors have returned to Father Starky's original

conclusion, and connected other scroll scraps with this Horoscope that provide the

birth-weight of the infant described [not "Noah" but the "Final Royal Messiah of the

Essenes"] which the Gospel Pesher shows to be either Jesus or his brother James.

Since James was never much trouble to the Jews as a whole, we are left with Jesus as

the one who fulfills both Simeon's prophecy and 4QMessAr, treated as one and the

same prophecy!


4QMessAr, now numbered 4Q534, is now

joined by 4Q435 and 4Q536 and assigned

another "identity", that of a "priestly Messiah" who

never appeared, or at least nobody wants to identify!

This from "The Dead Sea Scrolls, A New Translation" Michael Wise,

Martin Abegg, Jr., and Edward Cook...HarperSanFrancisco, Paperback,

Copyright 1996, published 1999.


4Q534 [Identical with 4QMessAr as given and commented on above]


4Q535 "[....] is born and they are exalted together [....] [....] is born night and comes out who[le ...] [ a] weight of three

...........hundred and fi[fty] shekels ... [ the ni]ght he sleeps until

...........half his days are done and [....] [....] in the daytime until two

...........years are over [....] [....] shall be moved from him; and after

...........[ x ] ye[ars...]"

4Q536 "[....] will be [....] he will call to mind the holy angels [....][....]

...........the lig[hts] will be revealed to him [....] all of his teaching,

...........spl[endor ...] [.... wi]sdom of humanity and every wise man

...........[....] in mortality; and he will be great [....] humanity will be

...........troubled [....] he will reveal secrets like the Most High [....]

...........and with the perception of the mysteries of [....] " -E.M.C.

...........Note that if we substitute "Bible Codes" for "mysteries of" and take

..............the usual Jewish view that the Most High revealed these CODES to

..............Moses on Mount Sinai, we can identify an Essene Messiah as the one their day preserving these CODES at the Essene "Scrollery"!

............. Which Essene Messiah? The one descrtibed in 4Q534, 4Q535, and

..............4Q536! Fortunately I have no reason to keep quiet, so I will say...


Now for the comments of those who must try to make everyone happy

in a very "critical" environment!

"The Dead Sea Scrolls, A New Translation" pg. 427

112. The Birth of the Chosen One

4Q534 - 536

"That all things happen according to the divine plan is a characteristic theme of the Dead

Sea Scrolls. If someone belonged to the Qumran sect, that was not simply good fortune,

but the outcome of a divine decision, and the Qumran sect sometimes referred to itself

as "the chosen of God" 9e.g., text 4, A Commentary on Habakkuk 10:13; text 8,

War Scroll 12:5). This text, however, speaks of a particular person as the "chosen

one" -- chosen, it is clear, to be a Revealer of God's secrets to others.....When the first

part of the text was published, scholars surmized that the "chosen one" was the messiah;

later, following a suggestion of A. J. Fitzmyer's, scholars began to attribute to text to a

lost Book of Noah and to understand "the chosen one" as Noah.

........In fact, there is no very good reason to assign the text to a Book of Noah, although

Noah's birth was taken to be miraculous (see text 2, Tales of the Patriarchs). With the

full release of all the unpublished scrolls, it is clear that the initial impulse was correct: the

"chosen one" is a messiah, if not the messiah. ..Particularly striking are the parallels to the

scroll 4Q541, the latter part of The Words of Levi (text 34). ..There a prophecy is given

of a mighty priest who will arise and "reveal hidden mysteries" and whose "teaching is like

the will of God" -- much like the "chosen one" of this text who "will reveal secrets like the

Most High" (4Q536 1.8) and whose "wisdom shall come to all peoples" (4Q534 col.1,1.8).

........The coming priest of The Words of Levi, then, may well be "the chosen one" of this

text, that is, the priestly messiah, who, with the "Leader of the Nation," the royal messiah,

shall rule Israel in the Last Days. The Birth of the Chosen One relates some of the

distinguishing physical characteristics of the priest, and describes the greatness and success

of his ministry."

Thus, once again, these mighty scholars have avoided the

"thin ice"....a royal messiah might be Jesus, now the one

described must be a "priestly messiah"...However, the "Gospel

Pesher", for which these Scholars have nothing but derision, because it is not their "work",

or even their type of "work". show that Jesus was sometimes seen as a High Priest on a

temporary basis by the Essenes as a whole, and was later seen as the ONE and ONLY

"High Priest" by the Christian offshoot of the Essenes [as presented in the Book of Hebrews

in the New Testament].....And so, we are supposed to believe now, in 1999, over 50

years after these Scrolls were uncovered, that some anonymous Essene author has not

only "invented" birthmarks that must appear on a person who was never born, and we are

still waiting for, but exactly how much he must weigh, to the nearest shekel, that he must

be born at night, how much of the day he will sleep during his first two years, and that

his hair must be red!.....How much easier it would be if these people could only believe

that such a child was born at Qumran, was examined by Simeon as recorded in Luke, or

someone like him, found to have all these distinguishing features, which were then recorded

as a record not a "prophecy" and a prophecy then made because of ongoing factors then

known about by all involved.....However, if anyone in the "concensus group" were to admit

this outright, their whole "house of cards" would come crashing down overnight, and the

poor honest fool that made this admission would be to blame!

This has been lengthy, but necessary....

We need to know the mentality of those who have

prevented us from learning the "Truth"!

For another Dead Sea Scroll that has been "covered up" and

ignored by the "Scholars", but also points quite definately to

the Essene Jesus

A trip no-one else has ever taken!

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