Door to a New Age 

The Knowledge that Jesus was an Essene changes the Picture! As does Knowledge the Essenes were Astrologers! 

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Soon after she had her first vision in the late fall or early winter of 1844, Ellen Harmon married James White, an Adventist minister, and for about seven years they both preached a SHUT DOOR theology.

   Although Ellen and her husband moderated this absolute SHUT DOOR theology after 1851 in regards to the idea that no one but SABBATH-KEEPERS could be "saved", she did forbid Adventists to pay any attention to any of the NEW spiritual phenomena that began happening after 1844.  Specifically they were to disregard the KNOCKINGS the Fox sisters were hearing near Rochester, New York.    But from there on in her chapter in "Early Writings" she goes on to describe a lot of other religious phenomena that Adventists were absolutely FORBIDDEN to have anything to do with.

I am presenting my common-sense explanation for why Ellen and James White at first taught a SHUT DOOR then later began teaching an OPEN DOOR on these pages.   Let me point out FIRST that the Bible teaches both concepts, that of a SHUT DOOR and that of an OPEN DOOR.


Opening up a New Door to all people!

The Door to a "New Age" of Religious Toleration, Love towards all men, and No Longer any Need for


    "The Holy Ghost was poured out upon us, and I was taken off in the Spirit to the city of the living God."  

    The city of the living God is here a CODE PHRASE that refers to the "Age of Aquarius" otherwise known as the "New Age". The CLUE is that the "holy Ghost" had already been "poured" on Ellen's companions ["us"], something that did not happen on any Adventist group until long after Ellen died in 1915.

    "--when the door was opened in the heavenly sanctuary, where the ark is, in which are contained the ten commandments.   This door was not opened until the mediation of Jesus was finished in the holy place of the sanctuary in 1844." 

    The mediation of Christ refers to "sin-based" theology, in which a wrathful God can only tolerate "sinners" [all humans according to Paul in Romans 1:10] because His Son Jesus is "mediating" between us and this wrathful God.   Jesus' finishing his "mediation" and the beginning of the "Age of Aquarius" coincide, and here Ellen clearly gives a date for this, 1844, in the seventh month.

    "Then Jesus rose up and shut the door of the holy place, and opened the door into the most holy place, --"

      Here, to those paying proper attention, is the Astrological border between the Old Age [Pisces] and the New Age [Aquarius].   Pisces is while Jesus is in the "holy place" [mediating] and Aquarius is while no such mediation is needed [God now living with man] --- in the "City of the living God." 

     "---and passed within the second veil, where he now stands by the ark, and where the faith of Israel now reaches."

      Here another important marker is alluded to, when Israel [real Israel, not Seventh-day Adventists] return to Palestine, and are recognized as the "Nation of Israel" by the United Nations.   Again a definate, recognized date, May 15, 1948.

        But between 1844 and 1948 [112 years] Jesus' only "Israel" was the Seventh-day Adventist church, which was why he emphasized to Ellen White the "testing truth" of keeping the Seventh-day Sabbath.  Page 42 "--they are being tested on the Sabbath question."

    What is being covered up here to the people that symbolically have become "Israel" to Jesus is that the "New Age" has officially come, as I have shown, and that Jesus' "Father God" has to, by previous agreement with the other Elohim, allow the "New Age" of "Religious Toleration" to begin, and communicate with His "other children" in the "New Age", --- the "City of the Living God".

      Thus, the KNOCKINGS near Rochester, NY.   They are Lord Shiva's "knockings", so, since Lord Shiva is "Satan" or a devil to Christians, including Seventh-day Adventists, His Son Jesus can and does attribute these knockings to Satan or "the Devil".   One verse makes this almost clear.   It can be found on page 44, last sentence.

      "God will work in power for his people; and Satan [Lord Shiva] will be permitted to work also."

      Why Satan [Lord Shiva] is now "permitted" to work is that a "New Age" has now begun in which every world religion has some validity.  The Christian Church now has to sit at the table with every other religion.  

      "I saw that the mysterious signs and wonders and false reformations would increase and spread." Page 45, sentence 1.

     Adventists have shown their distaste for "signs" and "wonders" by calling those they have seen in Ellen White's visions such names as "hypnotism" and "devil worship" and labeling her a "false prophet".  So such visions are not sent to other Adventists, but to Pentecostals, Hindus, some Roman Catholics, other "visionaries", Edgar Cayce type individuals, and those deemed appropriate by Jesus and Lord Shiva who will enjoy and use these experiences.

     Going back now to pages 43 and 44, Robert Folkenberg's activities along the line of  promoting "Celebration" among Adventists and encouraging group hypnosis from the pulpit are not so bad as they seem at first.   While quite inappropriate for the Adventist "New Jews" and by Orthodox Essene standards, they are quite all right for Gnostic Essenes, and appropriate for the "New Age." 

    By May 15, 1948, Jesus has adopted the real Israel as his "Elect" and loosened his standards and expectations for the Adventist "New Essenes".   So their inappropriate back-sliding into a totally NOT VALID "Trinitarianism" in the early 1950s is less disappointing than it might otherwise have been.   Perhaps the cruelest irony is their failure to recognize that they were, for 166 years, the "New Essenes!"

    Among Christians after the 1950s, Jesus became quite fond of the Pentecostal-Holiness people, who reminded him of his Gnostic partner at Qumran, Simon Magus, whose covered-up names in the 4 Gospels were, Zebedee, Lazarus, Simon the Leper, Simon the Pharisee, Simon Zelotes, and Simon the Canaanite.   And in Acts, Ananias, Simon the Magician, "Pope" John, and several other names under which he played a lesser role.

     "Early Writings" page 43, bottom of page. "I saw that Satan was working through agents in a number of ways.  He was at work through ministers who have rejected the truth and are given over to strong delusions  to believe a lie that they might be damned.  While they were preaching or praying, some would fall prostrate and helpless, not by the power of the Holy Ghost, but by the power of Satan breathed upon these agents, and through them to the people." 

These words of Ellen White clearly describe the "Pentecostal- Holiness" experience, here forbidden to Adventists for many years -- until "Celebration" Adventists -- [under Robert Folkenberg] ignored these words!

        Those who have watched and listened to the short (10-15 minute) Power Point Lecture by me on the subject of "The Open Door", and have read the preceding words on this page may wish to watch a much longer slide show and/or narrated Power Point presentation that assumes that Lord Shiva is indeed behind a lot of this "New Age" phenomena, with the full cooperation of Jesus Christ.  These shows are much longer, at least 1/2 hour each.  You may watch them by clicking on the following links -- (you will get the routine Explorer-generated message about opening up ".exe" files, but I can only assure you that I am not a "hacker" trying to put a virus into your computer -- and you can safely ignore this warning) There are two versions of this lecture, one a slide show opndoor12.exe and the other a complete Power Point show narrated by me, Dr. Bob Holt, MD opndoor2.exe

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