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"God's Remnant Church"


What do I mean by "Unofficial" -- and WHY?

 The "Closed Door"
 "And I polished up the handle of the big front door."  Revolving Front Door

Knock-Knock! Who's There?

Other Doors!

Door to a "New Age"!

 Ellen Harmon's Visions 
Ellen Harmon's First Vision

Ellen Harmon's Sanctuary Vision

 Ellen Harmon's Dreams
Ellen's First "Temple" Dream

Ellen's Stairway and Coiled Rope Dream

Ellen's "Speeding Train" Dream 

Ellen's "Man with Dirt Brush" Dream

 James and Ellen White
Ellen & James W's Future Foretold


        James White as Sir Joseph, 1844 onward, the Queen's Navee is the SDA Church his wife, Ellen Harmon White was so instrumental in founding.  The "Open Door" vs the "Closed Door" was an early disturbing "mistake" made by E. G. White in her early prophecies according to her present critics..


   Uriah Smith, Editor of the Review and Herald for over 50 years-- Adventist views of Daniel and Revelation are mostly his views.

 Hiram Edson of New York.
 Hiram Edson's Corn Field Vision
 Joseph Bates, Sea Captain
 Captain Joseph Bates
 Uriah Smith, Writer, Editor 
 "I copied all the letters in a hand so free--",
 Uriah Smith, Writer, Editor
 The Battle Creek Fires
 INFALLIBILITY restated for Adventists 

 The Battle Creek Fires

Sister White's wonder children
"I wore clean collars and a brand-new suit--"
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, MD   also RFH
 Western Health Reform Institute.
 You are again invited to either a silent slide show. or a narrated Power Point Presentation (You may safely ignore the warning against EXE files in this case) 
 Loma Linda University
That pass examination did so well for he,
That now he is the Ruler of the Queen's Navee! E.G. White and Loma Linda University
 Jesus a Real Health Reformer 
2 Christs, one a fake, one real

A real king (of Kashmir) who promoted a Healthy Diet and Vegetarianism! 



    John Harvey Kellogg  was caricatured in the Hollywood movie "The Road to Wellville"- The "Right Arm" of the Adventist Message has been "Health Reform" -- and rightly so. Was Jesus really behind this? My answer is --"YES!

      Alonzo T. Jones as "Sir Joseph" of the "HMS Pinafore"----- Worried about Adventism's being "out so far" without an anchor ----- he and Waggoner pulled them back to Peter's fishing boat!

 Alonzo T. Jones.
 Of legal knowledge I acquired such a grip
That they took me into the partnership.
And that junior partnership, I ween,
Was the only ship that I ever had seen. Jones, Waggoner, and 1888.
 The Trinity Wins -- Why?
 But that kind of ship so suited me, .....That now I am the ruler of the Queen's Navee!. Human Nature and CHEAP GRACE! 10 N.T. Texts against a Trinity 
 Smyrna Sabbath Chapel
 Almost SDA Church that is Anti-Trinity

 Route 66 Key to Prophecy!

What BLIND EYES cannot see!
 "Elijah Revival" Garland, N.C. (CLICK)

I grew so rich that I was sent
By a pocket borough into Parliament.
I always voted at my party's call,
And I never thought of thinking for myself at all. 

 Carolina Conference 
 Confronted with Bible Codes
 Robert Folkenberg, Pres.
 I thought so little, they rewarded me
By making me the Ruler of the Queen's Navee! Robert Folkenburg, GC President
 The "Peter" Principle CLICK HERE
 He thought so little, they rewarded he
By making him the Ruler of the Queen's Navee! Simon Peter's NEW church


         Robert Folkenberg caricature, General Conference president from 1990-1999.  And Yes, some shady financial dealings caused him to resign [without any "guilt" on his part of course]



      Robert Flewelling Holt, portrait painted by painting instructor at a Hendersonville art class. Like Sir Joseph of the HMS Pinafore, I had to climb the ladder but unlike Sir Joseph, I finally escaped the "desk" mentality and let my mind soar into the great "unknown"!

 My Orthodox Years. ---R.F.H.
 Now landsmen all, whoever you may be,
If you want to rise to the top of the tree,
If your soul isn't fettered to an office stool,
Be careful to be guided by this golden rule. ...My childhood years in Utah
 Orderly, Nurse, Doctor.

 I started my medical career as an orderly     --CUC then LLU--

 Pentecostal Experiences.
 It was not until 'Middle Age' that I had my first real encounter with the 'Holy Spirit I get to know Jesus and John
 Ron Wyatt's Angels

I became a World Traveler for Jesus


Adventists, as do other Christians, argue and speculate about "Heaven". Learn the startling truth here! Jaela Cornejo 1,1,11 A New Heaven and a New Earth R.Holt:HEAVEN is a Time not a Place!

 No more WAITING for HEAVEN! 2 Promises KEPT by Jesus

No LIES, LIERS, PIGS, cigarettes, or unprotected SEX in Heaven!  "HEAVEN" as a trip in a BOAT by Jesus: Dr. Bob Holt's Interpretation Gregg Taylor and Leaving Heaven by choice 

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