Seventh-day Adventists 

A now middle-aged Ellen White dreams of the 

Final Journey 

of herself, her husband, and

the Adventists 

       All their lives since they were young adults, both James White, the fiery preacher of William Miller's concept of the Second Advent of Jesus Christ, and his wife the prophetess Ellen Harmon White, had preached and prophesied the "Soon Coming", the idea that Christ would return in the way that the Millerites had imagined that he would return.   If this was not to occur, it seems fitting that Jesus should warn them that this would be the case.   It turns out he did.  In this dream.   It's unlikely that either Ellen White, or her by then ailing husband understood this dream as a prediction of their fate, and indeed the fate of their generation, but Dr. Holt, "the Man with the Dirt Brush" interprets this dream as having this meaning.

Ropes across   

The Chasm

      I am providing here a Power Point Slide presentation of this dream of Ellen White in which she foretold, perhaps without comprehension, the Fate of both herself, and her husband, James White. --Dr. Bob Holt, MD.

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