Seventh-day Adventists 

Ellen (Harmon) White's Second of TWO

SEQUENTIAL Dreams in 1842

In her first dream, Ellen was struggling to reach the proper place in a GREAT TEMPLE to confess her sins before the SLAIN LAMB.  But before she was able to do this, the WORLD seemed to dissolve, and she was LEFT BEHIND.



      "---a trumpet sounded, the temple shook, shouts of triumph arose from the assembled saints, an awful brightness illuminated the building, then all was intense blackness. 

       "The happy people had all disappeared with the brightness, and I was left alone in the silent horror of night."




     "I awoke in agony of mind and could hardly convince myself that I had been dreaming.   It seemed to me that my doom was fixed, that the Spirit of the Lord had left me, never to return.  My despondency deepened, if that were possible."

     But the story does not stop with this first dream.  We read on page 79 of "Early Writings" as follows: "Soon after this I had another dream. I seemed to be sitting in abject despair, with my face in my hands, reflecting like this: If Jesus were upon earth, I would go to Him, throw myself at His feet, and tell Him all my sufferings.  He would not turn away from me, He would have mercy upon me, and I should love and serve Him always."

   "Just then the door opened, and a person of beautiful form and countenance entered.  He looked on me pityingly and said: 'Do you wish to see Jesus?  He is here and you can see Him if you desire to do so.  Take everything you possess and follow me."

   "I heard this with unspeakable joy, and gladly gathered up all my little possessions, every treasured trinket, and followed my guide."

"He led me up a steep and apparently frail stairway.  As I commenced to ascend the steps, he cautioned me to keep my eyes fixed upward, lest I grow dizzy and fall.  Many others who were climbing up the steep ascent fell before gaining the top."

     "Finally we reached the last step and stood before the door.  Here my guide directed me to leave all the things that I had brought with me.  I cheerfully laid them down; he then opened the door and bade me enter. In a moment I stood before Jesus.  There was no mistaking that beautiful countenance." To find out what Jesus gave Ellen, and told her what to do with this "gift" I invite you now to take a Power Point "trip" with me by clicking on the link I will provide next.

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