Seventh-day Adventists 

Ellen White's Dream She Shared with William Miller 

of a Jewel Casket, and a

Man with a Dirt Brush!

This dream or vision, experienced by both the youthful prophetess and the controversial Baptist preacher WILLIAM MILLER, whose calculations from reading the Bible book of DANIEL led him to believe and preach that Jesus Christ would return in first 1843 and then later on October 22, 1844, is here presented and interpreted.   

        The identical dream was of an ebony JEWEL CASKET full of JEWELS, which were disturbed and trashed by viewers, but later rearranged by a MAN WITH A DIRT BRUSH.   Dr. Holt interprets this as ARCHAEOLOGISTS in general, but in Miller and White's case, with himself!

        I am providing here a Power Point Slide presentation of William Miller's and Ellen White's "Jewel Casket" dream of about 1844, with myself starring as the "Man with a Dirt Brush" --Dr. Bob Holt, MD.

The Power Point slide show I will provide you with here is an ".exe" file, and a routine ".exe" file warning will appear, which you can safely ignore in this case. To Continue with the "Jewel Casket" and "Man with a Dirt Brush" Dream:-Click Here!

2014 Improvement: People now fear exec files, so here's my latest explanation in TEXT not PowerPoint.


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