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Ellen  White's Strange Dream or Vision of


In this dream or vision, experienced by the youthful prophetess about 1850 she watched a very fast railway train, perhaps a modern SUBWAY train, loaded with a multitude of people [it seemed like everyone on earth was on board] that was bound for HELL.    Interestingly, there were no high speed trains or subways in existence in 1850, and they would not become common until more than 50 years later! 


The conductor, who looked a lot like JESUS CHRIST, was instead the Devil or SATAN! 

     With the current popularity of the "LEFT BEHIND" books, this might be a very important Ellen White dream or vision to both read and understand!     

    I am providing here a Power Point Slide presentation of Ellen White's "Speeding Train" vision or dream of 1850 --Dr. Bob Holt, MD.

The Power Point slide show I will provide you with here is an ".exe" file, and a routine ".exe" file warning will appear, which you can safely ignore in this case. To Continue with Ellen's Speeding Train Vision or Dream:-Click Here!

2014 Improvement: People now fear exec files, so here's my latest explanation in TEXT not PowerPoint.


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