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Dr. Robert Flewelling Holt, MD, MPH graduated in 1971 with an 

MD degree and MPH (Masters in Public Health) degree from

Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, California



He completed his first year of Family Practice Residency at the brand 

new residency program at Loma Linda University Hospital and then 

transferred for his second year of residency to the Charles Wilson

Memorial Hospital in Johnson City, New York.  His first private office

was in the Indian Lake Medical Center in Indian Lake, New York.

As part of his duties there he was Medical Examiner (Coroner) for 

Hamilton County and also had an office in Blue Mountain Lake.

In 1976 Dr. Holt moved to Sampson County where he was hired as the Emergency Room Director of the Sampson County Memorial Hospital in Clinton, North Carolina -- Since then he has worked at Emergency Rooms all over North Carolina.  He is now retired.

After 1985 Dr. Holt traveled extensively all over the world. and is an expert in Bible Codes of several types and a religious scholar and author of a number of books. 

Dr. Holt is both critical of the church he has held membership in

for over 60 years, and thankful to this church for providing him 

with the educational opportunities he has enjoyed.  And also for a 

desire for "truth" that was fostered in his early years both by this 

church, its schools all the way up to University level, and by his 

father, Russell F. Holt, who was a lifelong Seventh-day Adventist

          preacher and parochial school teacher.


 Dr. Robert Holt MD, called Dr. Bob by a lot of his friends, has been 

a frequent attender at the Foster  Memorial Seventh-day Adventist

church in Asheville, North Carolina since the Edneyville SDA church 

was closed by the Carolina Conference, but attends several other 

churches regularly as well, including the Mills River Unity Center.

He is a firm believer in the gift of prophecy in Ellen G. White, and 

explains many of her prophecies using Jewish-style midrash  that 

have appeared to "fail" when taken literally and concretely.

Dr. Robert Holt MD, who has degrees as both a medical doctor and

a health educator with an MPH degree in Health Education, has 

enjoyed viewing and promotes to those with a sense of humor, 

that they should view the Hollywood movie and video titled 

The Road to Wellville, a poster picture of

which appears above.   Dr. Holt's father also taught him humor, and 

the value of being able to laugh at oneself.   Having met Jesus Christ 

twice personally in Jerusalem in the 1980s and 1990s and hundreds 

of times on his computer using an interactive form of "Bible Codes,

Dr. Holt is fully persuaded that Jesus Christ was and is one of the 

world's greatest humorists.   Those who wish to build a real 

relationship with the non-Trinitarian Jesus Christ should know 

this about him.  A major part of this UNOFFICIAL SDA SECTION

will be a humorous comparison or parody of the Seventh-day 

Adventist leaders and ministers to the comic Broadway play

titled HMS Pinafore, whose captain

got his position in spite of no sea-faring experience, and no real

           real aptitude for leading men.

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