*MIND TRIP Series*

Part I

Close Encounter

 Thursday, October 28, 2010

Patty Peffer standing on mountain top overlooking Georgian Bay of Lake Huron near the Cranberry Golf Resort of central Ontario, Canada -- The blue in the background is the lake.

Coming Home from a Trip to Ontario, Canada on November 28, 2010, Patty Pfeffer and I had passed through Johnson City, Tennessee late in the evening as it was growing dark...... Orange cones began to appear on Interstate 26, and soon we entered a construction area on the Interstate.

We Slowed Down, of course, and soon found ourselves behind a truck with a huge "bowl-shaped" sign (not pictured here). We had to stop -- but then the truck started up and we proceeded to follow it along Interstate 26 up the mountain grade towards the North Carolina border ..It was like following a UFO!-- because the sign on top the truck was shaped like a bright white bowl--hemispherical with no words on it, and spidery supports inside it.

 Patty and I noticed right away the resemblance of the large white-lit sign on the truck to a UFO -- and after a few minutes of following the truck in the dark, I said to Patty, jokingly of course ---"Look, Patty, that UFO is carrying off the construction truck!"  She laughed, a bit nervously, and said -- "You're right!" --"That's exactly what's happening!" There's a perfectly "Normal" explanation for this verbal interchange -- since for the last several hours before this encounter with the pace truck with the strangely shaped sign Patty and I had been talking about UFOs -- and jokingly proposed if we talked about one long enough, perhaps one would "manifest" itself as we watched. Indeed it seemed one had appeared.

What Patty and I 

"saw"- Oct. 28, 2010

Either Before or After this "Close Encounter" (of a seemingly quite ordinary kind) Patty and I had also discussed an experience her and I had had on "Brown Mountain" in West-Central North Carolina where we had another "mind trip" involving real or imaginary UFOs. 167 YEARS BEFORE OUR "ENCOUNTER"-- Ellen Harmon's unusual dreams and what some called "visions" of December, 1844, others called hysteria, self-hypnosis, and some even called "Devil Possession".  These may have, of course, been quite similar in cause, and even in experience, to those Patty Pfeffer and I had experienced on this trip and on the "Brown Mountain" adventure.

Before these visions, Ellen Harmon was a sickly girl who had suffered a tragic childhood accident in which another child, a bully, threw a large rock at her, causing unconsciousness and a coma. Some have credited this "brain damage" with her later "visions".  Ellen became very religious, and prayed a lot.


Ellen Lost Consciousness of the world around her during these experiences -- many of which occurred during public meetings in which a lot of other people were watching her, and praying, and singing songs. Some were also having "visions" of their own.

   Ellen's visions often began with the sensation of flying -- a typical dream experience of many of us.

An Early "Pentecostal"-It seems obvious to those of us now who have had "Pentecostal- type" experiences that the youthful Ellen Harmon was having, in those early years in the early 1840s, typical "Holy- Ghost" possessions which resulted in unconsciousness and exotic dreams and mind- experiences.  What was unusual in her case was that such experiences did not become common until 100 years later, in the 1950s and onward.    No "Pentecostal" today would question Ellen Harmon's visions.

 Back now to Patty and my trip of November 28, 2010. --- I should also relate that I showed Patty earlier in the day how to "shape" clouds (mostly make them disappear) by staring at them intently as we rode along in her Subaru "Tribeca" (which she has appropriately named "Luke Skywalker".

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