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as revealed by the "Gospel Pesher" Codes


 excerpted from "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls"

by Dr. Barbara Thiering, PhD

   '     "Good Friday" is traditionally celebrated on the Friday before Easter Sunday, and begins  the weekend of "Holy Week" with "Maunday Thursday" being the day to celebrate the "Last Supper", Good Friday celebrated by some as the day of the crucifixion, and of course Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Christ "very early on the first day of the week."  Once the Bible Codes known as "Gospel Pesher" became generally available for everyone to read who really is interested to know the real dates, places, and actual historical events, it can be said with reasonable certainty that the only one of these traditions that is truly accurate is that the "Lord's Supper" was really held on a Thursday evening.  And that Thursday evening was March 19, 33 AD.

       There were two "triumphal processions" involving a donkey (ass) and palm branches, one on Monday, March 2, 33 AD at 2 PM starting at the "Queen's House", and the second on Thursday, March 19, 33 AD at noon.       

                                                                     AD 33  

Monday March 2  11 AM  Ain Feshkha   [JESUS] Arrives at Ain Feshkha.  Sends messenger

                                                              to prepare ceremonial animal at the queen's house, the

                                                              Manger (Mark 11:1-2, Luke 19:29-30, Matt. 21:1-2)

                                noon                       He leaves Ain Feshkha

                                1 PM  queen's house   Messenger arrives at queen's house (Mark 11:4)

                                2 PM                       Jesus arrives at queen's house.  He mounts the 

                                                               ceremonial  animal  (Mark 11:6-8)

                                3 PM   Qumran        He and the procession arrive at Qumran  

                                                               (1 hour walking pace) (Mark 11:9-10)       

                                                               He goes to the temple-treasury at the time for money 

                                                               collection.   No fulfillment has occurred for those 

                                                               expecting a Restoration at SS3969, 1st pos., Sam 

                                                               31st.    He says it is because of the financial corruption,

                                                               and overthrows the furniture for the banking system 

                                                               (Luke 19:45-46, Matt. 21:12-13).

 Thursday March 19   noon                      Ceremonial procession repeated at equinox position.

                                                               (John 12:12-13)

                                                               "On the next day much people that were come to the 

                                                                feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to 

                                                                Jerusalem,  13  Took branches of palm trees, and 

                                                                went forth to meet him, and cried,  Hosanna: Blessed

                                                                is the king of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.

                                                                14 And Jesus, when he had found a young ass, sat 

                                                                thereon; as it is written,  15 Fear not, daughter of Sion; 

                                                                Behold, thy king cometh, sitting on an ass's colt."

                                                     Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 235-237

The Prophecy that Failed, 

and failed repeatedly during the 3 1/2 years that Jesus was an Essene Messiah at Qumran was called the "Restoration"In this prophecy, God [Yahweh] would cause the Romans to "disappear", and a descendent of King David would be king of the Jews once more.  Not only that, but the Jews would rule over the entire world!    The Zealots wanted to fight to achieve this objective, but peaceful Essenes, such as Jesus, depended on God to achieve this entirely by a miracle, such as in their scriptures was the crossing of the Red Sea and the falling down of the walls of Jericho.

The Events of the "Last Supper" occurred between

1 PM and 10 PM on Thursday, March 19, 33 AD

You should browse these events before continuing 

if you have not yet done this!

March 19, 33 AD (Thursday)

     "In the reproduction "Jerusalem", [at Qumran] , the "Mount of Olives" was the monastery building east of the aqueduct.   After the Last Supper Jesus with his companions went across to the building, then turned down to the area of the divided cistern south of the monastery wall."

     "There were two hours to wait until midnight, when the test for Simon Magus and his associates would come.  Jesus had given evidence of support for Simon [the raising of Lazarus story], and was known to endorse western ways and the Julian calendar [this midnight was the proper time]; Theudas-Barabbas also was in the same party, as a close associate of the tetrarch Antipas."

     "If heaven favored Jesus at this time, the sign would come in the place in which he was most identified, the meeting hall of villagers.   Both married men and Gentiles were of this rank, and the hall had been built in the place where they assembled when they came to Qumran as pilgrims."

    "Jesus, coming to the doorway, said to John Mark, "Sit here", then took Peter, James, and John inside the hall.   During the next two hours he wrestled with the question of his loyalties.  He was not really on the side of the Magus; he had merely given him personal friendship.  It would be a betrayal of his own political position if he was arrested and tried as a zealot.  His political sympathies actually lay with Annas, who had also come into the village hall for the midnight vigil.  For a time, Jesus turned to him for support, submitting to him, and praying to him as the Father. (Mark 14:35-39)   Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 108, 109

These events occurred during a time-correction routine at Qumran quite similar to that gone through in our country when we switch between Standard time and Daylight saving time, but in this case three hours were "jumped" not just one!

10 PM old time 1 AM new time-- For the next two hours, Jesus spends time both with John

                                                      within the monastery grounds, and with Peter in the outer 

                                                      hall for villagers.  On the hour, he offers prayers to 

                                                      Jonathan Annas.  He accepts Jonathan's direction

                                                      concerning the cup of poison (Mark 14:32-38, Matt. 26:

                                                      36-41, Luke 22:41-42)

                                                      He rejoins John Mark and gives the teaching in John 15:


11 PM old time 2 AM new time -- He says another prayer (Mark 14:29, Matt. 26:42)

                                                       He rejoins John Mark and gives the teaching in

                                                       John 16:1-33. 

March 20, 33 AD (Good Friday)

Midnight ----    3 AM new time -- Jesus says the midnight 3 AM prayer, saying  " the hour

                                                      is come".  It is the Julian beginning (true time) of Sam 31st 

                                                      eq position, SS3969.  If  a Restoration [of Israel] is to come

                                                      for Jesus  and Simon Magus it should come now.  There is 

                                                      no fulfillment [of the Essene prophecy supported by Jesus],

                                                      and both Simon and Jesus as the King are left without 

                                                      political support (John 17:1-26, Matt 26:44) 

                                                          An alternative triarchy arrives in the outer hall to take over

                                                      (John 18:1-11, Mark 14:43-50, Luke  22:47-53, Matt 26:


                                                       Simon Magus is arrested as a false prophet, condemned, 

                                                        defrocked, and confined in the monastery building, "the  

                                                        (Potter's) field".  (Mark 14:1-52, 15:21).

1 AM old time 4 AM new time--    Jesus, as a second leader under Hellenist rules, is tried 

                                                        next ----

5 AM old time  8 AM new time -- Pilate arrives from Jerusalem (40 km, 200 stadia, 2 1/2

                                                       hours by horse, horse rate 80 st per hour)  He tries and

                                                       condems Simon Magus.

6 AM old time 9 AM new time -- The tetrarch Antipas offers a bribe for Theudas.

                                                      Judas ("this man") is tried in his place.   Jesus is heard also,

                                                      defined as the third man, the King, and made to wait (John

                                                      18:31-38, Mark 15:1-5, Luke 23:1-10, Matt. 27:1-2, 11-14}

7 AM old time 10 AM new time -- Pilate becomes a member [of the Essenes]  by a token

                                                      washing of hands, in order to receive the bribe.  He announces

                                                      that Theudas-Barrabas is to be released, and Judas

                                                      to hang. (John  18:38-40, Mark 15:6-15, Matt. 27:15-25, 

                                                      Luke 23:13-19.

                                                         AGRIPPA  mocks Jesus' claim to be king in his place,

                                                      dressing him in the purple of a king-bishop, and putting on

                                                      him the ascetic crown of thorns worn by Jonathan Annas

                                                      (Stephen "the crown", and the Thorn, in the flesh).

                                                      (John 19:2-5, Mark 15:16-20, Matt. 27:27-30)

8 AM old time 11 AM new time -- Independent trial of Jesus.  No bribe is offered for him,

                                                       and he is condemned.  (John 19:8-12, Luke  23:20-21)'

Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 237-241

Three Crosses, Two Thieves

"Good Friday"

March 20, 33 AD

8:55 AM old time 11:55 new time-- Pilate gives the formal order for execution (John 19:


                                                          The men are taken to the unclean SW section.

                                                          Jesus is offered poison as a way of avoiding the pain 

                                                          to come, but refuses it (John 19:14-17, Mark  15:

                                                          22-23, Matt 27:33-34)

9 AM old time 12 noon new time--  The crosses are erected in the unclean area near the 

                                                          unstepped cistern (John  19:23-24,  Mark 15:25-27,

                                                          Luke 23:33-38, Matt 27:36-38).

                                                          Jesus speaks to Simon Magus, whose cross

                                                          is to the east of his (Luke 23:39-43)

Luke's "Good Thief"- "Bad Thief" Story

"Good Friday"

March 20, 33 AD- Noon

    Luke 23:39 "And one of the malefactors  which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us."

      40 "But the other answering rebuked him, saying, Dost thou not fear God, seeing  thou art in the same condemnation?"

      41 "And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss."

      42 "And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.

      43 "And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise." 

9 AM old time 12 noon new time--  It is time  for the adjustment of the hours.  At true 9 AM 

                                                         but fast noon the half-roof in the vestry is left over instead

                                                         of being opened, leading to a  "three hours darkness"

                                                         (Mark 15:33, Luke 23:44, Matt 27:45) John Mark's party

                                                         do not make the adjustment, as they use 15a for unleavened


Noon                                                 End of adjustment.

3 PM                                                 After 6 hours on the cross, Jesus is in intolerable pain.

                                                         He cries out, both asking for the poison, and reproaching 

                                                         Jonathan for his treachery.

                                                         The snake poison is brought, Jesus drinks and loses 

                                                         consciousness  (John 19:28-30, Mark 15: 34-37, Luke

                                                         23:46-47, Matt 27:46-51)  

                                                         The tetrarch, planning to save Simon, goes to Pilate and 

                                                         cites Jewish law to persuade him to change the method 

                                                         of execution to burial alive.  The legs of Simon and 

                                                Judas  are broken.   The side of Jesus is pierced 

                                                         as a test for death.   John Mark confirms that blood 

                                                         flows, an indication that he may be alive. (John 19:


                                                                Simon Magus and Judas are

                                                        placed in Cave 7.  It adjoins Cave 8, used as a Sabbath

                                                        latrine for lay celebates.  The entrance is at its north-west

                                                        corner, to which steps lead from the cliff above.   Entry 

                                                        is through a large hole in the roof, which can be blocked 

                                                        by a large stone."

What remains of Cave 8 [left] and 7 [right]

4 PM                                                   James, who as the Prince and the Rich Man is 

                                                        responsible for Cave 8, arrives and opens it by removing 

                                                        a secondary stone (lithos, no art)  blocking its inner 

                                                        entrance.   It is used at 4 PM (Matt 27:52).  James 

                                               returns to the boundary of the buildings (Matt 27:53).

                                                        James asks Pilate for permission to take Jesus down 

                                                        from the cross (John 19:38).   John Mark tells Theudas

                                                        (Nicodemus, "Earthquake") that Jesus is not dead (Matt 




5 PM                                                        Women, using the unclean area at 5 PM, see

                                                         Theudas-Nicodemus wrap Jesus in linen garments 

                                                         (orthonia, worn by Therpeutae, cf. Contemp. Life 38)

                                                         and conceal under the garments a very large quantity 

                                                         of aloes and myrrh.  (Mark 15;40-41, Luke 23:49, 

                                                         Matt 27:55-56, John 19:40)

                                                               James asks Pilate for permission to take Jesus 

                                                         down to the cave.   It is before 6 PM, so James can still

                                                         lift up a burden.   Jesus is carried down to the cave. 

                                                         James removes the othonia and dresses Jesus in a 

                                                         sindon, a garment worn by Palestinian Essene novices.

                                                         (Luke 23:50-53)

6 PM                                                      Pilate is standing at the edge of the esplanade, 

                                                         supervising the burials.  James asks him for permission

                                                         to bury Jesus.  Pilate is told by John Mark that Jesus is 

                                                         dead.  Although he is surprised, he gives permission. 

                                                         James wraps Jesus in an outer sindon, and leaves him

                                                         in Cave 8.  After 6 PM he can roll a stone, although not

                                                         lift it;  he rolls the secondary stone (lithos) into place, 

                                                         closing Cave 8.  He leaves through the opening above 

                                                         Cave 7 (John 19:42, Mark 15:42-46, Luke 23:54,

                                                          Matt 27:57-60)

What remains of Cave 8 [left] and 7 [right]

7 PM                                                     The women have reached the queen's 

                                                         house on the plain after one hour's walk (not bound by

                                                         Sabbath rule).   They can look up to Cave 8 (Mark

                                                         15:47, Luke 23:55-56, Matt 27:61)

9 PM                                                      It is time to seal the outer opening with the main 

                                                         stone.  The chief concern is to guard Simon Magus,

                                                the "Deceiver" to Caiaphas (Matt 27:62-63).  The 

                                                         problem is solved by putting the chief jailor, Ananus,

                                               on guard; he as a servant of Agrippa is the political foe

                                                         of  Simon Magus (Matt 27:62-66).

                                                                Theudas comes on duty as the night guard.  He 

                                                          has orders from the tetrarch to ensure the safety of 

                                                         Simon Magus.   He knows also that Jesus is not 

                                                         dead.   Keeping the Julian Sabbath, he orders Ananas

                                                         to help him move the main stone aside.   The two go 

                                                         into the cave, move the inner stone, and carry Simon 

                                                         Magus into the western chamber, where he applies the 

                                                         aloes and revives Jesus.   Mary Magdalene, in the 

                                                         queen's house below, sees a light in the chamber."

Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls --- page 238-244


"Easter Sunday"

 The Real Easter Story