Placed on Internet November 19, 2010

by Dr. Bob Holt, md, mph

....For this third of three pages I, as a medical doctor with scientific training and twenty plus years of Emergency Room practice will give the opponents of ELS codes in the Torah a chance to say their piece. ...To be sure they all agree that such 'hidden messages' can be found, but they are there by coincidence and pure chance occurance, and not because G-d or anyone else put them there for the purpose of making prophecies or recounting history BEFORE or AFTER the events have happened. ..I don't happen to agree with this opinion, but let's hear these critics out. ..That will give me and you at least a chance to 'refine' our claims and defend our conclusions.

.Bible Review

.".This is a generally quite critical magazine that gives Archaeologists and critical Bible scholars a platform on which to state their opinions to a large and well-read audience throughout the English-speaking world. ..One would expect to find in this magazine a well thought out rebuttal to those, such as Michael Drosnin and Dr. Katz, who were capitalizing on the enthusiasm of people now using Bible Codes software to find numerous codes, some of them seeming to support all sorts of new prophecies and predictions, in effect re-writing the Bible to their own specifications. ..And indeed Bible Review did publish such a rebuttal.

.....In this rebuttal, several authors reviewed the relatively recent research by the scholars since the 19th century showing that the Torah especially was quite likely written by several writers, not just "Moses" -- writers that scholars have labeled for want of their real names, "J" for "Jahwist", "E" for "Elohist", "P" for "Priestly", and "R" for "Redactor".

...If, indeed, Moses is not the only one to which the Torah was "dictated", then, of course -- the scenero presented in "Computorah" by Dr. Moshe Katz cannot be supported, and G-d did not dictate the entire Torah to "Moses" as one long cipher with no gaps, spaces, and punctuation -- the state to which the entire Jewish Old Testament Scriptures must be reduced for the computer to find these ELS codes.

... The authors of this "Bible Review" article also remind us that there was no Hebrew language as we know it today, in the supposed time that Moses was at Mount Sinai, and that there were several versions of the Hebrew Bible available right up until Gutenburg's printing press made it practical to make up a compromise version that after that date was uniform in wording. ..Before that, of course, there were enough variations between various texts to make a code that depends on exact sequences of letters impractical if not impossible.

....The most damaging part of this article was written by or about another experimenter who used, or made up, another search program like that used in the Bible Code Search programs, able to look for ELS codes in other books. ....This experimenter, to make his point, and for humerous reasons also, no doubt -- used "Moby Dick" as the book he searched. ....Not only could he find a lot of important names of people of past and present historical interest, but also dates and predictions in ELS. ....The assumption was made in this article that given a large enough body of text, with sufficiently varied type of material, such as we find in the Hebrew Old Testament, chance and coincidence could indeed account for what can be found in ELS.

....As the result of this "Bible Review" article, and others like it, the initial enthusiasm for the wonderful new "Bible Codes" has waned in the general reading public, although the Tabloids, mostly the now almost dead Weekly World News and the still viable Sun Tabloid still mention the Bible Codes relatively frequently -- along with predictions supposedly from the Torah ELS codes which fail to materialize at about the same rate as Astrologers, and other so-called "Psychics" make. ....Most people today consider "Bible Codes" to be a "Fad", and an out-of-date "Fad" at that.

....And, indeed, the Bible Codes "Fad" has persisted, as the above article in my own local newspaper, the ASHEVILLE CITIZEN TIMES related on the RELIGION page of this particular issue. As with most controversial subjects, most Protestant ministers and Catholic priests have avoided supporting "Bible Codes" of any type, preferring instead to feel free to interpret both the Old and New Testaments in their own way -- although some still claim the "Holy Spirit" guides their thoughts as they compose their sermons and prevents them from making major errors. ..Any use of "Bible Code Software" would interfere with this process, they believe, and some may secretly or not so secretly come to the opinion that somehow or other the "Devil" is using this software to delude and confuse people. This has not, however, prevented Michael Drosnin from writing yet a third book [Bible Codes III] using Bible Codes software to make some more interesting and provocative predictions.

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