The Portrait of the "Arrogant Judge"

Which was done in the walled city of Jerusalem on December 12, 1997

 The Portrait of the

Arrogant Judge


done by the "Judge of All the Earth"

in Jerusalem, Israel....Dec. 12, 1997

NOTICE: Some of the following pictures are hand drawn or traced from

the original picture, others are computer color enhancements...All are in

the original picture, but faintly colored, subtly shaded, and hard to show

or invisible with a 256 color Windows color palette. Robert F. Holt MD

As you can see on the background to this Web- Page and the picture on the left, superficially it's a rather nice dignified portrait (like that of a judge). The "smudge" on the right, on closer inspect- ion is Monica and Clinton!

Already 3 people, not 1: The Arrogant Judge,

Bill Clinton, and Monica Lewinsky!

This makes the picture "prophetic" in that the news about Bill

Clinton and Monica would not be shown on TV for 1 1/2 - 2

months after this picture was drawn in Israel on 12-12-1997!

Here I've asked the computer to change the contrast and colors slightly so we can note some of the more obvious features of this remarkable picture. On the upper right corner is half a cross, with nobody on it..The empty cross is a main feature of my message on this Website...that Jesus survived Crucifixion as a man not a "god"and went on to do many other things! .Including, but not limited to..a ship ride to Rome, appearing at Edessa and Masada, and retiring in India!
Of course, Monica is still quite visible, looking down at some- thing out of range of this picture (I believe we all know what!) I assure you she has never seen mine! ..Bill Clinton's startled eye is now seen to be my lower lip and chin, and his nose near miss Lewinsky's hair. ..My forehead near the half-cross has some- thing on it, there is a door (sideways) by my ear, my left and right eyes are quite different, and there is an upside down wrecked ship across my chest near Monica Lewinsky!

Here, almost full-size, and in the original coloring, is my ear...And if you look carefully, you will see that some- body, or something, is either whispering into my ear, or trying to "get into my head", which in modern colloquial lingo is the same thing! ....However, if you'll now look over to the right, just below the eyeglass frame, you'll see what appears to be a hand, "knocking" on the side of my head!...The thumb is on the wrong side, but if you follow this thumb shape around as a solid line, you'll see what could be interpreted as a white dove, or an angel, or the Holy Spirit....The DOOR being right next to all this = the message of Rev.3:20.

The Fourth Person is here Jesus, knocking on the

"door", and saying: "Behold, I stand at the door,

and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open

the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with

him, and he with me." Being brought up to ignore anything

that "knocks" in a miraculous way, and to not listen to anyone who

writes religious counsel besides Ellen G. White, and to ignore anyone

speaking in your head as most certainly the "voice of Satan", it took

me until the Summer of 2000 AD, 2 1/2 years after this picture was

drawn in Israel to find "the closed door to Adventists" and the

"Knock-Knock" Jokes...dirtbrs4.htm and http:noknok1.htm


This is a computer color-enhanced picture of the strange creases on my forehead near the half-cross...A simple yet effective cartoon image of Jay Leno of the Tonight Show. He has something in his mouth, and it is not a lollypop, nor a cigar (but we're getting close!)...All during 1998 Leno's jokes kept returning to one subject, Bill and Monica!
Here, by changing the colors of part of the above picture, we note a ravenous beast, perhaps a wolf, with his mouth open to the right is a bird, perhaps one of those Revelation eagles that cry woe, woe

Here, by adjusting the contrast, we have minimized Jay Leno and his risque jokes, and have instead a smiling angel! Follow the wing on the left up to the smile on the white angel's face! ..However, half the angel's head is shaded, there's an extra dark "eye" in the blue portion. ..Below, a down-turned mouth and hint of a chin reveals an alien, a "grey". A Hebrew shin (sh) completes the angel-alien!

And here it is! What I've not seen until now (but not for lack of looking) the REAL SIGNATURE! Right to left (of course) in Hebrew...underlined by my eyeglass rim (so that I might "see it" Rev. 3:18 last part) yot, shin, vau (light blue),'ayin or aleph (either will work)...YESHUA (Jesus!)...Usually in the Bible Computer Codes I began doing right after this "Portrait" was done, He signs His name YESUA with an aleph (for "Alpha and Omega" First and Last). ...You know, anyone called before the Judgement bar of God Almighty could hardly do better than to have YESHUA written across one's forehead, and that by that Person Himself!

So far we've identified in a picture supposedly of

one person..Robert F. Holt, MD..The Arrogant Judge,

Jay Leno, Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton, Jesus Christ

whispering in my ear and knocking on my head, an

angel, a grey alien, a dove or the Holy Spirit, an

eagle, a ravenous beast, an empty cross, an open

door, and Jesus' Jewish signature! But we're not

done yet! That lower lip looks mighty strange!

Here I've done what I've not found it necessary to do before, enhanced the picture with lines I've added myself. ..I have a virtual army of people crowded on my lower lip and chin...There's a fat, stupid monk or construction worker on the left...The Mac Donald's "golden arches" belongs to either him or the "clown" next to him with the large baloon-shaped nose (perhaps Ronald MacDonald in person!)..Perhaps a small chinaman next to him....A Frenchman with a rain-hat dripping rain is last in the row...a rather unique rendition of "Aquarius" the RAIN-MAN...Several more faces are crow ded on the large-nosed clown's chest....The Interpretation? Jesus the Comedian, very much the subject of this Website, from its very beginning in 1998!

For those who may be running out of patience and interest in this most "magical" of pictures, I'll make it optional on another page to show you by more and more extensive magnifications and detail, that Pope John Paul II on a TV set occupies my left eye-glass lens (which also represents a computer monitor)..And that the "All-seing-eye" of the US dollar bill is my right eye, atop a shifty eyed character that may represent the CIA, FBI, Janet Reno, or whoever! A fireman on my right chest is yelling "Fire!"

The little blob of blue-green color below my beard represents the "Sea" of the "Age of Pisces" and some curved lines next to it (about 4) the winds and hurricanes and tornadoes that herald the "End of the Age"...When turned upside down, the picture clearly shows the wreck of the great ship "Salvation" although you can't see St. Paul on board. ..(Just completed this week, 2 1/2 years after its picture was drawn!). Instead of rigging and sails a ladder extends down from the ship. ..Perhaps I am now supposed to provide that ladder to those still looking for the RETURN of Jesus Christ, a person Who has "returned" so many times in the last 2000 years that no one may ever be able to know how many times! ....However, the BIG RETURN was in 1948, when Israel became a Nation once more!

How do I know this to be true? ...Because He keeps telling me so! ..And I am "any man," the one who opened the door when He came a-knockin!

More details in the Jerusalem 1997 picture!