Introduction to BIBLE CODES




Millions of people, world-wide,

have now read the book by Dan Brown,

The Da Vinci Code,

and/or watched the movie or video by the

same name. When one speaks of "Codes"

or more specifically "Bible Codes" this

is what they think of --- but one should not

judge all "BIBLE CODES" by what one

knows about, or has heard about,

The Da Vinci Code.

        If you have read the above Magazine put out by Fundamentalists against


or if your own favorite Christian preacher has preached against anything of this sort, you may not want to go on. 

       If you do go on, I am assuming you have at least a partly OPEN MIND, and want to learn about other things your minister, Rabbi, or priest may not approve of, --- and then make up your own mind.

The Da Vinci Code

may indeed be nothing more than an imaginary "Code" that Dan Brown inherited from others before him who enjoy "conspiracy theories" and Gnostic ideas, and support women's liberation and "Goddess" theology -- but on the other hand, it's also possible Leonardo Da Vinci did indeed put these symbols in his paintings for the purposes suggested in the book and movie.

I'll continue my "Introduction to BIBLE CODES" with more about "THE DA VINCI CODE" because a lot of people are already interested in this latest "CRAZE" as your minister would put it. But before THE DA VINCI CODE was another subject of a lot of interest to a lot of JEWISH RABBIS and not a few CHRISTIAN MINISTERS brought about by Michael Drosnin's best-selling book THE BIBLE CODE in the United States, and by Dr. Katz's COMPUTORAH in Israel, and a famous movie resulted titled THE OMEGA CODE which was shown in movie theatres world-wide.

A lot of people bought computer software so they could access these ELS CODES that appear to be present mainly in THE TORAH written in Hebrew. Beginning in 1997 and still quite interesting to some as I write this, after a short "honeymoon" among Christian "Conspiracy Theorists", the general opinion now is that this was a FAD also. But a great number of LEFT-BEHIND books are still being written, bought, and read by MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

Before the TORAH CODES became popular, an Australian PhD named Dr. Barbara Thiering aroused some interest in the academic religious world with her book on a "GOSPEL PESHER" that she claims to have found in the Gospels, Acts, and Revelation that allows her the give a much more accurate history of Jesus Christ and the "Twelve Apostles". Her books have sold well and are still being published overseas, although Americans in the BIBLE BELT never showed as much interest in Thiering's books as the later books by Drosnin and Dan Brown. The "Pesher" books were titled "JESUS AND THE RIDDLE OF THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS" in the US, and "JESUS THE MAN" in Australia and Great Britain.

And of course there is still the on-going interest in BIBLICAL NUMEROLOGY as found throughout the Bible, but more specifically in DANIEL in the Old Testament, and REVELATION in the New Testament.

So there you have it.  Lots of "CODES" that can be labeled "BIBLE CODES", even if you have no interest at all in Dan Brown' "THE DA VINCI CODE."

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