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The "KEY to Bible Prophecy"


is to understand and use the ESSENE "codes"


  Matthew 13:10 'And the disciples came  and said to him, 'Why do you speak to them in parables?' 11 'He answered and said to them, "Because it has been given to YOU to know the MYSTERIES of the Kingdom of Heaven, but  to them it has not been given, and he will have abundance, but whoever does not have, even that which he has will be taken away from him."

     12 "For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever  does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.'

     13 "Therefore I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand."

     14 "And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says: 'Hearing you will hear and shall not understand,

    And seeing you will see and not perceive,

    15 'For the hearts of the people have grown dull.

     Their ears are hard of hearing.

     And their eyes they have closed,

         Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with

     their ears,

         Lest they should understand with their hearts

     and turn,  So that I should heal them."


       16 "But blessed are YOUR EYES for they see, and your ears for they hear; 17 For assuredly, I say to you [Dr. Bob Holt md] that MANY PROPHETS and righteous men desired to see what YOU SEE, and did not see it, and to hear what YOU HEAR, and did not hear it!"


     Matthew 16:19 "And I will give you the KEYS of the Kingdom of HEAVEN; and whatsoever you bind on EARTH will be bound in HEAVEN."


     It was not until I, Dr. Robert Holt, went to the Qumran Monastery in 1992 for the first time after reading Dr. Barbara Thiering's book  "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls" and compared what I saw there with what she saw and described there, that I was convinced that The Essene writers of the 4 Gospels considered the Qumran Monastery and Kherbit Mird and several other of their Essene sites to be the REAL HEAVEN, not some other far-away place perhaps out in the starry universe beyond our sun.   It was Qumran itself that Jesus was here promising Simon Peter.  He, Jesus, will see to it that Peter, not someone else, will receive the symbolic "KEYS" to Qumran-"Heaven".  This happened very soon after Jesus' crucifixion in 33 AD.   Jesus, although scarred by his crucifixion wounds and nearly dead from snake poison and opium mixed with vinegar, was given myrrh and aloes as an emetic, and survived the crucifixion, to return to Kashmir in Lord Shiva's Vimana.     

Various happenings at Ain Feshkha 29-33AD

My drawing in 1992 of how Jesus may have looked with a shave and haircut near Qumran in 29 or 30 AD.

"Vision" of Jesus as revealed by Lord Shiva , God of Kashmir.

       By comparing the written history of Kashmir [by Kahlana Pandita]  translated and interpreted by Chunder Dutt into English, which book I was mailed from Pakistan by Suzanna Olsson about 2002 -- with what I already knew about Jesus career at Qumran from Thiering's "Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls" -- I was able to determine that Jesus reigned as a "King" in both places, using Lord Shiva's aircraft, (A "Vimana") to travel whenever he needed to, between these 2 locations!

The real "KEY" to Bible Prophecy was imagined and executed by the Essenes during that period when Jesus was their


Jesus's 12 Disciples [those called the 12 Apostles]

included Gospel Writers!

"John" was written by John Mark [Eutychus}

Peter wrote "Mark" Matthew [Levi} Annas wrote "Matthew"

The FIRST SOWER of Matthew 13:3-9 was ADAM during the 1st Millennial Day

4004 BC to 3000 BC


 The SECOND SOWER of Matt. 13::24-30 was NOAH before the Flood.

2nd Millennial Day --3000BC to 2000 BC

    Matt. 13::31 "The kingdom of heaven is like unto a MUSTARD SEED, which a man took and sowed into a field. 32 Which is indeed the least of all seeds."

That 3rd SOWER was Abraham  but without the KEY of the MILLENIAL WEEK, we couldn't know!

TThe BIRDS which nested in the branches were the ANGELS who met Abraham!


It is only because I now know and use the ESSENE KEY to Bible Prophecy, The MILLENNIAL WEEK of 1000 year ["Days"], that I can properly understand modern history as viewed by the Essenes!

DAYS 5 and 6 ["Christian"] are Treasure in a Field [ESSENES] and PEARL of great price! DAY 7 is the "NET" when  FISHES  of ["Pisces"] are sorted!

Matt. 13:33- "The kingdom of heaven is like LEAVEN [yeast]which a woman [Jezebel, wife of Ahab] took and hid in three measures of meal [3 MILLENNIAL DAYS, 3000 years], till it was all leavened!"

"LEAVEN"= "SIN" in Jewish symbolism SO 1000BC to 2000 AD are 3 "SINFUL DAYS!"-----------------


7 BC to 1000 AD


1000 AD to 2000 AD


1844 to 3000 AD

    Which Jesus?

  The real ESSENE Jesus, who like the rest of the ESSENE "Covenanters" struggled every day to avoid breaking a long litany of RULES and REGULATIONS on every conceivable subject, breaking many of these RULES?                           OR

   The MYTHICAL "PERFECT" Jesus, who could "Walk on Water",  still storms with a word,  never had any SEXUAL desires, never got ANGRY, and created not only this WORLD, but the entire UNIVERSE before his miraculous birth from a VIRGIN -- herself declared IMMACULATE (without sexual sin) very recently (1846). ...After an APPARITION appeared at Lourdes, France to Bernadette Soubirois - later known as Saint Bernadette.



 Walter Rea ended his career as an Adventist Preacher by becoming a Critic of Ellen G. White's Books and Prophecies

       I will give Ex-Pastor Rea a place, here on my Web Page, to make his points, his accusations, and I'll even AGREE with him, that if indeed Paul's Gospel is the TRUTH (which it is NOT) then Ellen White can be faulted for clearly disagreeing with and not following the "Gospel" that has provided major support for both the Catholic Church and "Her" Protestant "Daughters".  What Rea doesn't understand, however, is that God (supposing the ESSENES are indeed representing the REAL "God") has no intention of allowing the supposed "Apostolic Successor" to Saint Peter, to regain control of all the Earth, and turn those KEYS to both Heaven and HELL forever.  

         Divine Beings tried to get others to do their bidding before they found that Ellen White, perhaps the "Weakest of the Weak" was the one they had available to do their bidding.   I'll not here speculate on WHO might be behind Ex-Adventist Walter Rea, that's for you to decide.  --- Dr. Robert F. Holt MD, MPH

      ISSUE NO. 1 --31 percent of the 15 chapters of "Desire of Ages" is "indebted to other material"  MY ANSWER: That to me seems to be DOING PRETTY WELL for a supposedly uneducated author like ELLEN WHITE!

     That may mean, if one can depend on this assessment, that 69 percent of this book is entirely ORIGINAL THINKING or WORDING on her part! 

     And this on a subject, the "Life of Jesus Christ" that is possibly the most written-about subject in Religious History! 

      I doubt that Pastor Rea, or any other Pastor or Scholar could do as well!  Except, of course, if they were cautioned by a LAWYER not to quote anyone else closely enough to make it possible for someone like Walter Rea to level the type of charges that Rea has indeed done!

      ISSUE NO. 2 "Her [Ellen White's] history, chronology, and theological interpretation often cited confidently by Adventists were not always reliable." 

     "This is indeed a FAILURE, but not so much of Ellen White, who was doing her best to be accurate with the information and sources she had at her disposal, but with the ministers she repeatedly warned and chided for not doing their own research, and to add a great number of gullible and naive people to their congregations by asserting, wrongly, that Ellen White was INFALLIBLE -- which claim, so far as I know, was one she never made!

     ISSUE NO. 3 "There was massive borrowing on all levels of Mrs. White’s writings."  TRUE:  But this is true of any minister or religious teacher I have ever known or listened to.  One would never even think of leveling such a charge at Billy Graham, or Jimmy Swaggart, or any other famous preacher.  Even Presidents of the United States routinely read off from teleprompters speeches written by others from whatever "materials" these professional "speech-writers" think will prove a point or win votes.

     "What should be addressed here is the CULT Mentality of those who like robots or sheep follow a person who they think has a more special relationship with "God" or the "Holy Spirit" than is available to them.  ELLEN WHITE denied that this was TRUE in her case also -- part of the time.  But perhaps not ALL of the time.  And arguably- perhaps not LOUD ENOUGH.

    ISSUE NO. 4 "What was written was not always accurate, that is, she made mistakes."  TRUE of ALL of US.  But like the REST of US she reserved the RIGHT to argue that what looks like a MISTAKE to ME seems like to her is NOT a MISTAKE.

    ISSUE NO. 5 "It can­not be said therefore that she was always speaking for God." 

    The assumption here is either a FALSE ONE or at least an un-proved or unprovable one.  "That God doesn't make mistakes, or has never in the past made any mistakes."

    I'll not offer you here a sermon on this subject but here's a text that comes quickly to mind. Genesis 6:6 "And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart."

    ISSUE NO. 6 "Others helped her to do the gathering of material and also to do the writings."

    MY ANSWER: This is only a problem for those who have to believe that Ellen White was INFALLIBLE.  Something she herself denied, that her family denied, and that I dealt with under ISSUE 2 and 3.

    ISSUE NO. 7 "All of what she said she saw did not come from visions."  MY ANSWER: All of us who are human depend on faulty memories, which become even more likely to "trick us" the older we grow.  I cannot reliably tell anyone what part of what I dreamed last night was a part of my dream, and what part is my attempt to piece together what I can remember with what I must now "make up" to make some sort of a sensible account or story.  But when I get through, I'll tell you what I "SAW" -- a figure of speech, to be sure -- but not necessarily a LIE!.

    ISSUE NO. 8 'All that came to the church in these writings were not inspired." 

    MY ANSWER: That depends on whatever meaning you are attaching to the word INSPIRED.  I can point out to you any number of MISTAKES in the Bible.  In fact I've got a fairly large paper-back book listing these Bible mistakes, contradictions, and descrepancies.  But try to get anyone to agree with you that the "Bible is NOT inspired" in its entirety, MISTAKES and all.  So be it with Ellen White's writings.  "Inspired" people write "inspired" books and articles.  Even the copied stuff, the borrowed stuff, and the stuff that can later be proved to be COMPLETELY UNTRUTHFUL AND WRONG.  (Of which there are plenty of examples in Ellen White's writings).

    ISSUE NO. 9 "She was influenced by others in what she wrote and those that influenced her never claimed to be influenced by God or inspired themselves."

    MY ANSWER: So far as I know, Ellen White did not live in heaven, completely devoid of any contact with other human beings, sending down her messages by angelic couriers.  Those who think she did, and there may be more who believe this to be TRUE than I'd like to think about, even in my own family.  So OF COURSE other people's opinions had their effect on what she wrote.   The same thing is TRUE of Jesus Christ, because like Ellen, He lived here too.  And had opinions he got from his human associates that sometimes got him in deep dark trouble.  Up to and including being crucified.   As a Zealot and leader of Zealots.

    ISSUE NO. 10 "Mrs. White ate meat most of her life and did not take much of the advice she claimed came from God." 

    MY ANSWER: I, as a doctor with a cardiac stent in place for 3 years now am not going to start eating meat just because Ellen White ate meat most of her life.  Good advice is still "Good Advice" no matter who gives it.  And anyone who gives "Bad Advice" to their friends just because they themselves are too weak to practice what they preach deserves to watch their friends dying from something they might have prevented them from doing!

    I, for one, am glad to confront the information that Ellen White did not even attempt to keep and practice all the "Good Advice" she collected and printed up for other people to read, because I don't know of anyone who has the stamina and courage to do that.  Nor even the time to read it all.  Only such scholars as are listed above have such incentive, and that's only because they hope to prove her wrong and themselves right.

    It goes a long way towards my liking Ellen White and looking for the truly INSPIRED INFORMATION that someone "out there " has given her to do whatever she can with that INFORMATION, that when a Catholic woman in Australia asked her to think about the animals that had to die so Ellen White could eat meat, she gave up that life-long bad habit and became a VEGAN.  Which is a Hindu or Buddhist reason for being a VEGAN, not a Catholic one.




My Discovery of 4 Gospels known by Paul, not just the ONE GOSPEL he taught!

The Roman Catholic-Trinitarian "Gospel" of CEPHUS (Peter the supposed First Pope)....

The ESSENE - Early Seventh-day Adventist "Gospel" of "Good Works" and Jesus Christ...

The "Aquarian"- Environmentally Friendly- "New Age" "Gospel" of the SUN GOD --APOLLOS..

The ALPHA and OMEGA of APOSTASY as REVEALED by the 4 Gospels of 1 Corinthians 1:12, 13 


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 the "Blind Prophetess"

  was not so blind as

  some thought [proof] !!!


   There is, indeed, no HELL!

     And no other-worldly HEAVEN!


     JESUS was a real King [of Kashmir]

      He was never a COMMUNIST!

      He was not a CATHOLIC but

      He and his biological father and

           brothers were Jewish Zealots!