Prof. A. Graham Maxwell

An Erin Miller look-alike

NOT Erin Miller (herself)

Dr. Clyde Provonsha, MD



 tells the Western World 

 of a 



OCTOBER 22, 1844


MAY 14 -15, 1948


For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved!  John 3:16 and 17

There's a lot of religions

 And many of them believe in life eternal

William Miller

The Real Theology of the 

Only True God!


Adam and Eve Story derided!

Noah's Flood debunked!

 The 2nd Coming Explained 

 Foster Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church Of the three ministers who preached this series --  preached a series on "Grace" in January 2006. two "fell from grace" and no longer preach there!

January 28, 2006

Dialog between Pastor Bryan Aalborg and Pastor Erin Miller --

with edited-in substitutions and additions by Dr. Bob Holt, md.

on May 22, 2011

Let's be CLEAR here.  Neither Bryan NOR Erin said what you read

 here in the RED type!

Song Leader: "Praise the Lord"-- I tell myself, with my whole heart I will praise His holy Name!"

       Erin Miller: "The Lord is merciful, and gracious, and slow to get angry and full of unfailing love, and will not constantly accuse us, nor remain angry forever, -- "

       Bryan Aalborg: "He hath not punished us for all our sins, nor doth he  deal with us as we deserve, --"

       EM: "For His unfailing love towards those who fear Him is as great as the height of the heavens above the earth--"

       BA: "Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds --"

       EM: "(God's Compassion) abounds much more!"

       BA: "As the deer pants for streams of water -- so I long for you, O God, (the True God, the "Compassionate God") -- I thirst for God, for the living God."

       EM: "Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds -- (God's Compassion) abounds much more. The Lord detests lying lips, but He delights in men who are truthful.-- (And now, at long last, you are reading and hearing THE TRUTH!)"

     BA:  Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds---"

     EM: "(God's Compassion) abounds much more. --- 

             'Peter, do you love me?"

     BA: "Yes, Lord. You KNOW I love you."

     EM: "Feed my sheep." ---

(Here Simon Peter, who in this gospel story

had just caught, with his 6 companions

a great number of fish, 153 in all, was being

addressed by Jesus as a shepherd of sheep!)

            "Peter, do you LOVE me?"

     BA: "Yes, Lord.  You KNOW I love you."

     EM: "Feed my sheep." ---

                             (Here we are involved in a type of Essene

                    NUMEROLOGY, that is connected with 

                    Essene ASTROLOGY -- The greatest 

                    Essene prophecy of Jesus' "Age" was the 

                    Millennial Week prophecy, in which one 

                    DAY stands for 1000 YEARS -- and two 

                    Millennial DAYS (2000 YEARS) = an "AGE".

                    By repeating his command to Simon Peter,

                    stating it TWICE, Jesus is making Peter his 

                    authorized "Fisherman" AND "Shepherd"

                    for the entire "Age of Pisces"!)

           "Peter, do you love ME?" 

     BA: "Yes, Lord.  You know I LOVE YOU!"

     EM: "Feed my sheep." (Actually "ewes" (female sheep) in

              the Armaic version of this text)---


(By repeating his instructions to the 

                  "Fisherman"  Simon Peter the THIRD TIME,

                   addressing him again as a "Shepherd" not 

                   a "Fisherman", Jesus is extending his 

                   authority past the end of the "Age of Pisces"

                   into the following "Age of Aquarius" --- a 

                   THIRD "Millennial DAY -- a "DAY" originally 

                    assumed would BEGIN in 2000 AD.   Had 

                    Erin Miller's and Bryan Aalborg's spiritual 

                    forefathers the MILLERITES understood 

                    this Essene NUMEROLOGY, things might 

                    have turned out differently on 

                    October 22, 1844 ---

"Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds --"

     BA: "(God's Compassion) does much more abound."

     EM: "Rebellion"

     BA: "Repentence."

     EM: "Fractured"

     BA: "Forgiven."

     EM: "Guilt."

     BA: "Grace."

     EM: "Regret."

     BA: "Renewal."

     EM: "Shame."

     BA: "Peace"

     EM: "Dirty."

     BA: "Friend"

     EM: "Failure."

     BA: "Freedom."

     EM: "Desire."

     BA: "Desire."

     EM: "Transgression."

     BA: "Transformation." "When we were utterly helpless --"

     EM: "God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.  If we confess our sins to Him--"

     BA: "He is faithful and just to forgive us from every wrong!"

     EM: "In the kindness and love of God, our Savior appeared. He saved us."

      BA: "Not because of the righteous things that we have done but because of His MERCY."

      EM: "He saved us by the washing of rebirth and the renewal of the Holy Spirit  whom he poured out on us generously -- through Jesus Christ our Savior  -- Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds--"

      BA: "(God's Compassion) abounds much more!"

      EM: "Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds--"

      BA: "(God's Compassion) abounds much more!"

      EM: "Where (what has been labeled as) sin abounds--"

      (EM and BA in chorus:) "(God's Compassion) abounds much more!"


    COMMENTS by Dr. Bob Holt, md.   There can be no doubt to those who read the Gospels and the Book of Revelation that Jesus Christ claimed to know the future.  But there is serious doubt among current Bible critics and scholars about whether or not he really did know the future.   Knowing full well that according to the time schedule inferred from reading the four gospels that Jesus prophecied the destruction of Jerusalem about 40 years before the Romans attacked Jerusalem and burned Herod's temple (as prophecied in Matthew 24), these same scholars have dated the writing of this gospels as being after 70 AD, specifically because they don't believe anyone, including Jesus Christ, could have known in 33 AD that Jerusalem would be destroyed so thoroughly 40 years later that "There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down." 

     To me, one of several people now able to read Matthew 24, and interpret it using "Gospel Pesher", this chapter is one of many indications that Jesus was during his 3 1/2 years as a Messiah in the Qumran area by the Dead Sea, engaging (mostly secretly) in trips into the future.   Trips using technology as yet not available to mankind, but available to Jesus at that time by his association with a divine being who possessed and used such technology.

     On a previous page, entitled "Amazing Grace" I copied Erin and Bryan's dialog, word for word, and criticized it afterwards by carefully examining their examples.   On this later page, I have instead changed and added to their dialogue.  

    "Grace" has been so misused by Paul and the religious establishment that I have substituted a "Compassionate Christ" and a "Compassionate God" for this idea of "Grace" which in the end did not work out well for either Erin or Garin Carter. 

     What they needed from God and from His supposed Church was compassion not "grace".

      Compassion is taught in the Bible, and also in all the major religious "Holy Books" of the world.   However, scribes and priests and Church functionaries with an agenda of their own have mostly hidden this compassion from view, or taught those they wish to control that they only can dispense it, and only on their terms  -- (as in the case of Erin  Miller and Garin Carter).
   Beginning with this page I will attempt to show to what I can realistically expect to be a somewhat hostile and unbelieving audience, that there is indeed a COMPASSIONATE GOD and that JESUS CHRIST (who was called other names in other cultures) had at least some success in portraying this COMPASSIONATE GOD in His real character and with His real personality.   So far some of my readers might agree.

      But then I will launch out into the deep, so to speak, and show that this COMPASSIONATE GOD is never pictured among those of His "Subjects" who know Him well and love Him, as the semi-nude overweight Greek flying old codger "with an attitude" as pictured on the left.   Who made Adam out of mud and Eve out of Adam's rib, and robbed them of "eternal life" for a minor infraction, then thundered the "Ten Commandments" at their enslaved descendents!


View of the Dead Sea Scroll caves from the South.

       As I showed my readers before on the web page titled THE INVISIBLE ESSENES, the real reason Herod the Great held the Essenes in high honor, and allowed them privileges he would not give anyone else, is because he met an ESSENE named Manahem as a child who was able to prophecy Herod's future many years before he became king.   I only cited part of this story on this other page -- now I will give it completely.

     "Antiquities of the Jews"  15-10-4    (371) "  The Essenes also, as we call a sect of ours, were excused from this imposition (to take an oath to Herod) .  These men live the same kind of life as do those whom the Greeks call Pythagoreans; concerning whom I shall discourse more fully elsewhere. (373) However, it is but fit to set down here the reasons wherefore Herod had these Essenes in such honor, and thought higher of them than their mortal nature required: nor will this account be unsuitable to the nature of this history, as it will show the opinion men had of these Essenes. 15-10-5 (373) Now there was one of these Essenes, whose name was Menahem, who had this testimony, that he not only conducted his life after an excellent manner, but had foreknowledge of future events given him by God also.  This man once saw Herod when he was a child, and going to school, and saluted him as king of the Jews; (374) but he, thinking that either he did not know him, or that he was in jest, put him in mind that he was but a private man; but Manahem smiled to himself, and clapped him on the backside with his hand, and said, 'However that may be, thou wilt be king, and will begin thy reign happily, for God finds thee worthy of it; an do thou remember the blows that Manahem hath given thee, as being the signal of the change of thy fortune; (375)  and truly this will be the best reasoning for thee, that thou love justice [towards men], and piety towards God, and clemency towards thy citizens; yet do I know how thy whole conduct will be, that thou wilt not be such a one, (376) for thou wilt excel all men in happiness, and obtain an everlasting reputation, but wilt forget piety and righteousness; and these crimes will not be concealed from God at the conclusion of thy life, when thou wilt find that he will be mindful of them, and punish thee for them."

     (377) Now at that time Herod did not at all attend to what Manahem said, as having no hopes of such advancement; but a little afterward, when he was so fortunate as to be advanced to the dignity of king, and was in the height of his dominion, he sent for Manahem, and asked him how long he should reign.  (378) Manahem did not tell him the full length of his reign; whereupon, upon that silence of his, he asked him further, whether he should reign ten years or not?  He replied, 'Yes, twenty, nay thirty years;' but he did not assign the just determinate limit of his reign.   Herod was satisfied with these replies, and gave Manahem his hand, and dismissed him; and from that time he continued to honor all the Essenes.  (329) We thought it proper to relate these facts to our readers, how strange soever they be, and to declare what hath happened among us, because many of these Essenes have by their excellent virtue, been thought worthy of this knowledge of divine revelation.


        I learned to interpret "Gospel Pesher" by studying Dr. Barbara Thiering's book, published in 1992, then going to see the sites she described.  In 1995 I took a trip to India, including Kashmir, where I later affirmed that Jesus lived most of his lifetime after his crucifixion and resurrection at Qumran.  And in 1997-1998 I acquired the software to access the Old Testament (Torah) Computer Codes that work by skipped letters (ELS). It was in December of 1997 that I had an interview with a person posing as a cartoonist in the walled city of Jerusalem that I now feature on both my web-sites.   That person was, in my opinion, either Jesus Christ himself, or another person posing as him, and doing his bidding.    By the end of 1998 I was also proficient in discovering ELS codes on my own that other people were not finding.   By 2000-2001 I was communicating regularly with Suzanna Olsson, who was living in Pakistan and Kashmir, and sending me pictures and information from Kashmir and Indian history books that by using the same "Gospel Pesher" techniques I had been using on Bible texts I was able to demonstrate that Jesus not only lived in Kashmir before and after his crucifixion, but was using a space-craft to commute between Kashmir and Judea during his 3 1/2 years at Qumran as an Essene Messiah.  Then I made the connection between the existence of the ELS codes and Jesus, and  determined that Jesus did have access to both a high-technology spacecraft and the advanced computer used to fly this space-craft.    Finally it became clear to me that Jesus was indeed a TIME/SPACE traveler, and when I put up my first web-site, about this time I drew and displayed this cartoon on the web-site of Jesus riding around on this "flying saucer" like it was a "flying carpet".   SO, I have been maintaining for over 10 years now that Jesus was, indeed, a TIME/SPACE traveler.  But it has taken me almost 20 years to acquire the techniques and knowledge necessary to give me confidence that this is indeed true.

       On one or several of Jesus' many TIME/SPACE voyages into the FUTURE, he stopped to chat with a teen-age girl named ELLEN HARMON, and provided her with the VISIONS and DREAMS that resulted in the formation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.   She was a poorly-educated girl, even by the standards of the early 1800s and was ill-equipped to be skeptical of what she was being shown by Jesus in these VISIONS and DREAMS --- thus she was just the type of person Jesus was looking for.

     He, Jesus, was therefore able to accomplish much MORE with Ellen Harmon, who soon thereafter became known as Ellen G. White, than he would have been able to accomplish with a more educated person.    He was indeed following a program that the Essenes had, 2000 years before Ellen White's time, found to be very successful.  Wrote Flavius Josephus in the 1st century AD:

      "Wars of the Jews" 2-8-2    (119) "For there are three philosophical sects among the Jews.  The followers of the first of whom are the Pharisees; of the second the Sadducees; and the third sect, who pretends to a severer discipline, are called Essenes.   These last are Jews by birth, and seem to have a greater affection for one another than the other sects have.  (120)  These Essenes reject pleasures as an evil, but esteem continence, and the conquest over our passions, to be virtue.  They neglect wedlock, but choose out other persons' children, while they are pliable, and fit for learning; and esteem them to be their kindred, and form them according to their own manners.  (121)  They do not absolutely deny the fitness of marriage, and the succession of mankind thereby continued; but they guard against the lascivous behavior of women, and are persuaded that none of them preserve their fidelity to one man."

     Jesus Christ the ESSENE, seeing Ellen Harmon as a possibility for his own ESSENE daughter, chose her, while she was "pliable, and fit for learning" and was able to "form" her "according to their (the Essenes') own manners".    And indeed, about a hundred years later, he saw me, on another of his time/space voyages, and decided to perform another such miracle with me, and make of me his ESSENE "son" --- .   It took much longer to "educate" me, and he used a lot of people to do it, such as, for instance, the two people flanking the Erin Miller look-alike at the beginning of this web-page.   Professor A. Graham Maxwell and Dr. Clyde Provonsha of Loma Linda University. And another quite influential minister of that era, Pastor William (Bill) Loveless.

(It may be that the main thing  I learned from Pastor Bill Loveless was how to be

stubborn and arrogant, and stick with my convictions come hell or high water!

     I have summarized the long and twisting trail of my Jesus-provided and Jesus-supervised education just prior to this on this current web-page.  Like Ellen White before me, I have discovered that the "establishment" DOES NOT accept new and controversial ideas kindly.   Also, like her, I was chosen by Jesus for certain characteristics of temperament, such as stubbornness and arrogance, as viewed by others who may disagree with what I have learned to be TRUE.

     In an age that has chosen to ignore 

and go on preaching the same old worn-out dogma decided on by ignorant monks and power-hungry prelates through the Dark Ages and Middle Ages, as if the real "theology" of Jesus and the Twelve Apostles, the theology revealed in these re-discovered

did not exist, and indeed never existed!

I was chosen by Jesus to change this situation!

Big job?   You bet!  Difficult job?  Most certainly!

Part of the problem, as I stated on a former page is:

     What keeps anybody among the scholars from connecting this last text,4Q491 fr. II = M2,  in any way with Jesus Christ is (1) No one other than Dr. Barbara Thiering PhD, is willing to step forward and admit that Jesus ever spent any time at or even near Qumran, or even knew any Essenes.   To do so would cause them to be forced to answer a lot of questions they would rather not face.  (2) It's a lot more safe and comfortable to allow those who would defend Jesus' "divinity" (as decided at the council of Nicea three centuries after his crucifixion) to do so, understanding that they are doing so to protect their jobs and influence.  While those professors and scholars inclined to be skeptical of Jesus' divinity are entitled to see him as an uneducated Galilean peasant.   (3) It is the well-known and widely accepted view of these skeptical scholars that these Gospel stories about Jesus and what Jesus is supposed to have said are so unreliable that none of these speeches of Jesus were made by him at all, but were made up decades later by people who perhaps never even met Jesus. (4) Only those who, like Dr. Barbara Thiering, PhD believe the gospels and especially the first part of John were written from actual dictated notes can have any confidence that Jesus made the claims recorded in the gospels and especially John.  (5) Once these various attitudes and suppositions are dealt with, however, Jesus in the gospels is making exactly the same claims as the author(s) of such Dead Sea Scrolls as 4QMessAr and 4Q491 fr. II = M2  is making!)

Long before Erin Miller and Bryan Aalborg 

did their "Amazing Grace" Dialog --

another Miller, William Miller, 

was preaching  very different type sermons!

       In these sermons, preached mainly in New England and upstate New York in the early 1800s, God the Father, called YHWH or Jehovah, had long before this time decided to destroy our present evil world by fire and generalized non-watery destruction, not a flood, as He had in the days of Noah.  Just before this general destruction of all humanity with the exception of a small group who were ready for the return of His only Son Jesus Christ, there would be a literal "Second Coming of Jesus" which would be visible to every man, woman, and child living on that date on earth.  

      As Jesus said repeatedly in Matthew 24 and 25 "(Some) will be taken and (others) left." Those "left" in Miller's scenario would be left as dead, and the earth left in disarray and ruins, to be inhabited for 1000 years only by wild animals and birds of prey and the devil and evil angels.  Miller's campaign of religious mental terrorism lasted for less than a decade until the several dates he set for this "righteous" but non- compassionate act of YHWH had passed.   The last date decided upon by Miller, his fellow preachers, and dedicated group of followers, was --

October 22, 1844

  I've used an Erin Miller look-alike on these pages. Erin preached sermons remembering Wm. Miller. William Miller and people in the 1830s used charts such as these based on Daniel's symbolism. William Miller (pictured above) was a famous 19th century preacher of the Second Coming of Christ.

    William Miller is not, so far as Erin Miller knows, a relative of Erin (Tyner) Miller's husband, but Erin's church, Foster Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church, still "officially" believes in the same type of "Second Coming of Jesus" that William Miller preached, however, now expected to occur at some unknown date in the future, because "No one knows the day or the hour -- but my Father only--" Acts 1:12. The Adventist belief is still, however, that Christ's coming will be literal, not symbolic, and that "Every eye shall see him--"Revelation 1:7, and this will NOT be a "secret rapture" as is taught by most other modern believers in the "Second Coming of Jesus".

      That October 22, 1844 passed uneventfully so far as a large group of people being "raptured into heaven" is concerned has not stopped other preachers and would-be prophets from setting new dates for their preferred version of Christ's "Second Coming" to occur, including most notably, the "RAPTURE '88" movement, whose adherents in the thousands expected to be "raptured" on September 11-13 (Rosh Hashannah) of 1988, and those more recently following the NUMEROLOGY of Harold Camping, who set a date of May 21-22, 2011, about a week ago as I write this on Memorial Day weekend of 2011.  Tornadoes are indeed leaving wide swaths of destruction in various American cities this spring, but nothing close to what was expected by Camping and his followers.

      Harold Camping, who had a wide radio following at  the time when 1988 was the preferred date by Hal Lindsay (the author of Late, Great Planet Earth) and many others in the 1970s for the Secret Rapture. wrote the book pictured here on the left.  Harold focused on the year 1994, and did some pretty precise calculations not involving Daniel and the "70 weeks" -- and wrote this book, which sold, of course, for 7 years longer than the books featuring 1988 as the correct date. Indeed this book was so convincing that people bought the book long after 1994 had come and gone. Like the Millerites, who grew in numbers after 1844 had passed, Harold Camping's listeners still hoped.  
Unlike Camping's group, who were expecting a literal, universally visible Second Coming, those who were expecting instead a Secret Rapture, as pictured here on the right, set several other dates and then started reading a series of fictional books, the Left Behind series, based on imaginary events..
    In 2005, Harold Camping used the resources he had available in his radio network called Family Radio and whatever money he had saved in the long run of "1994" to publish the book pictured on the left "Time has an End", using some of the same reasoning and Biblical NUMEROLOGY that had made his former books successful.  Of course, the idea of slicing off a small fraction of the billions of years that scientists say our solar system has existed is ludicrous to a wide audience, but to a select group of Fundamentalists, the idea has merit. Harold dates the beginning not at 4004 BC, but in 11013 BC, and the "END" in 2011 AD.  This is close enough to an old Aztec prediction of 2012 AD to gain the interest of a large "New Age" group. Since May 21-22 failed, now it's October.

"End of the World" a mistranslation

by the translators of the King James Bible

But a mistranslation that so many people want to believe so badly that the cover of the middle edition of three shown above of "LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH" by Hal Lindsey  shows that over 15 million copies of the book had already been sold by the time this edition was published.   The author of this book believed that the "Rapture of the Saints" was to have occurred in 1988, and the Battle of Armageddon fought in 1994.

      When one reads the New Testament texts that refer to the "End of the World" in the original Greek, it becomes obvious right away that most of them, and perhaps all of them refer to an "End of the Age" not an end to the physical world. Even more damaging, on closer inspection, is a major text seeming to predict an "End of the World" in which the author of Matthew quotes Jesus as promising never to leave his disciples and followers, but to remain with them throughout an entire "Age" --- which we can logically assume is the "Age of Pisces".   How can he "come back" on a specified date when he never really left?

        "Matthew 27:4 "--- Lo I am with you always, even to the end of the (Aeon) AGE."

       Over the years I discovered from the Bible itself, then later from several Essene scrolls (horoscopes) and finally by becoming familiar with the Essene Scribal Codes ("Gospel Pesher") that the Essenes by the time of Jesus Christ were promoting, besides various other prophecy schemes based on Daniel's NUMEROLOGY, a Millennial Week prophecy scheme as illustrated by the booklet on the left I wrote about 1989-1993.  

      In this scheme one millennial day is equal to 1000 ordinary years of 365 and 1/4 days.  And 6 of such millennial days is equal to 6000 ordinary years ot 3 "Ages" of 2000 years each. They saw the 7th millennial day as a "Sabbath" on which the earth would REST from the work (misery, wars, environmental damage) of the previous 6000 years (3 Ages).  The Ages involved were TAURUS (Adam to Abraham), ARIES (Abraham to Jesus), and PISCES (Jesus to a New Age of Religious Tolerance and Agape Love) --The 1000 years "Sabbath" was AQUARIUS (Latter Rain of the Rain-Man).


       Over the same period of time I was becoming comfortable with the Essene Millennial Week prophecy scheme, I was discovering a number of instances of it throughout the Bjble, in the Old Testament as well as the New.  The last chapter of Daniel (ch 12) has been edited by the Essenes with 7 endings to show seven millennial days.  Creation week itself in Genesis 1 and 2 verse 1-3 is an Essene addition tacked onto the front of the original Bible. The fourth day of creation parallels the 4th commandment in Genesis 20 because of Essene editing.  In the Gospels Matthew 13 arranges parables of Jesus in a way that illustrates the "Millennial Week",  And the letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3 illustrate both the seven millennial days and the 3 1/2 Ages that correspond with this period of time.   FINALLY, Revelation chapter 10, illustrated by my picture on the right, is about the arrival, not of the END, but of AQUARIUS, when men are told to "prophecy again".  

The Jewish Holocaust, the "Deal-Breaker"

The Reason for Shortening the Millennial Week 

Matthew 24:20 "And except those days ... be

shortened, there shall no flesh be preserved, but

for the Elect's sake, those days shall be shortened. 

      The real evidence of  TIME TRAVEL (both forward and backwards in time, at the control of the "time-traveler" Himself, in this case the Divine Person that Jesus called "My Father in Heaven") is right here in the Bible, as compared with modern events since 1844.  But particularly obvious in the events leading to the End of World War II and the re-establishment of Israel as a sovereign nation once more.  Some might attribute this to "Compassion" on the part of Great Britain and the United States of America for the Jews being systemetically exterminated in the Concentration Camps and Gas Chambers, but since, as I will here show, these events were predicted with great accuracy in the Whole Bible, both Old and New Testaments, and Jesus in the New Testament credited "My Father" with the ability and power to accomplish this, then a reasonable onlooker would say that the One Who did this, the One Who pre-planned this outcome and shaped events so that the Holocaust ended, most Jews were saved from World-wide extermination, and the Nation of Israel reestablished in spite of universal local opposition and extraordinary local efforts to prevent this nation's success and even existence is one of the best evidences we have not only for the existence of a "Compassionate God" Who loves Israel and the Jews, but Who also is allied with Jesus Christ, Who is His "Son" and a successful TIME TRAVELER, both forward and backward in time.

       Also available, both in 1844 and in 1948 are historical records of visits of the extra-terrestrial vehicles we call UFOs or sometimes "Flying Saucers".   In 1844 UFOs were very strange indeed, but by 1948 we had 30 years of experience with flying airships of our own manufacture, and could "explain away" the events at Roswell, New Mexico as a crashed weather balloon.  As other sightings occurred all over the world, these too were "explained away" by the United States Government, intent on proving that our government, and our government only is in charge of the World's destiny.    Not so!   A "Compassionate God" is in charge of our world's destiny, and proved it by events starting about 1844 and especially by events occurring between 1945 and May 14-15, 1948.  The Roswell incident occurred in July,1948, close enough to that last date to be connected in my opinion to this divine intervention in human affairs..


       The same events and the evidence for UFOs also goes against the commonly taught in our public schools theory of Evolution as the ONLY explanation for the existence of mankind, and the exclusion of a "God" (or gods) and angels as a very real factor in both our human history and our destiny.


      And so, here comes yours truly, Dr. Bob Holt, conversant with both Science (an MD and MPH degree from Loma Linda University and 20+ years of Emergency Room medical and surgical experience) and the Bible (not only its surface and symbolic meanings, but also "Bible Codes"), but also UFOs (multiple sightings, both daytime and night time!  And SAYS:

"We are NOW living in the "Age of AQUARIUS" (generally called the "New Age" by those not familiar with Astrology terminology) and have been since 1844 (long before I was born on March 31, 1933).   The Millerites had the RIGHT DATE after all!   The date for the "End of the Age (not World) was indeed chosen by Christ's "Father in Heaven" (a Compassionate God almost totally UNKNOWN in the Western World), and this God dispatched a spacecraft capable of TIME TRAVEL into the future, to the year 1844, and Jesus himself began the education of his new Essene "daughter" Ellen Harmon, His "New Age Messenger" to prepare a the world for MAJOR CHANGES.

      In Ellen White's very first visions, she "saw" a "time of trouble" coming upon God's "Elect" (the keepers of the Seventh-day Sabbath) in which a "death decree" would be made against them -- but a "Compassionate God" would save them before this "death decree" was totally enforced.  These visions were given Ellen White 70 years before WWI and 90+ years before Adolph Hitler's "Final Solution",  (exter- mination of all Jews)  (Jesus led Ellen White to believe that Ellen White herself and her future followers the Seventh-day Adventists would be the ones faced with extermination, but he did this because he knew that by this ploy, the message would be listened to and preserved  -- which it was, 

David Ben Gurion, part of "God's Elect"

in the New "Age of Aquarius"


SHEOL and Noah's Flood

The Invisible ESSENES

1844-End of the World

ADAM and EVE Myth

Sodom and Gomorrah


Destroyer of Ages