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 Foster Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church Of the three ministers who preached this series --  preached a series on "Grace" in January 2006. two "fell from grace" and no longer preach there!

    In their original dialog on January 28, 2006, Erin Miller and Bryan Aalborg cited the Biblical examples of Noah's drunken nakedness, Abram's calling his wife Sarah his sister when entering Egypt to save himself from grief or perhaps death, and David's sinful adultery with Bathsheba as sins of the Old Testament heroes (or villains?) that God's "Grace" covered.   Because, they chanted, sometimes in chorus, "When sin abounds -- grace can even more abound."

    They did not, however, on that date cite the story of Eve's sin in eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, a sin so evil that supposedly the son of God would have to later come to earth and die on the cross so that anyone could ever again be accepted by the God offended by this transgression.   

This subject I will deal with later on this page!


     On a previous page, entitled "Amazing Grace" I copied Erin and Bryan's dialog, word for word, and criticized it afterwards by carefully examining their examples.   On a later page, I instead changed and added to their dialogue.  

    "Grace" has been so misused by Paul and the religious establishment that I have substituted a "Compassionate Christ" and a "Compassionate God" for this idea of "Grace" which in the end did not work out well for either Erin or Garin Carter. 

     What they needed from God and from His supposed Church was compassion not "grace".

      Compassion is taught in the Bible, and also in all the major religious "Holy Books" of the world.   However, scribes and priests and Church functionaries with an agenda of their own have mostly hidden this compassion from view, or taught those they wish to control that they only can dispense it, and only on their terms  -- (as in the case of Erin  Miller and Garin Carter).
   Beginning with that page I will attempt to show to what I can realistically expect to be a somewhat hostile and unbelieving audience, that there is indeed a COMPASSIONATE GOD and that JESUS CHRIST (who was called other names in other cultures) had at least some success in portraying this COMPASSIONATE GOD in His real character and with His real personality.   So far some of my readers might agree.

      But then I have here launched out into the deep, so to speak, and show that this COMPASSIONATE GOD is never pictured among those of His "Subjects" who know Him well and love Him, as the semi-nude overweight Greek flying old codger "with an attitude" as pictured on the left.   Who made Adam out of mud and Eve out of Adam's rib, and robbed them of "eternal life" for a minor infraction, then thundered the "Ten Commandments" at their enslaved descendents!

      Before such modern pioneers in Archaeology as Rawlinson, the Wooleys and others like them, discovered and translated a lot of ancient inscriptions in plain sight (but not understood) and many more buried by sand and debris for thousands of years -- it was assumed by many in the Western World that the Bible contained the only valid historical records of mankind.  Now only the most naive and poorly educated can accept that this is true.  Or those convinced by religious superiors that their "eternal life" depends on turning their backs on, and closing their minds to, both facts and logic.   If you are one of those in this unfortunate position, far be it from me to further complicate your life.   Those thirsting for real knowledge may of course, read on!  What about the ministry?

      To put it extremely bluntly, Job security is much more important to ministers than is historically accurate "truth". 

The Wooleys examining wonderful old artifacts of ages long ago.

    Tablets like those shown above told the story of a great flood that covered a very large area so similar to the story of Noah's flood in Bible Genesis that most scholars soon agreed that it was the same story.  Slight differences in these stories from Genesis were explained.       Both stories in the same cuneiform (wedge-shaped) writing as these baked-clay tablets shown and pictures such as those above were found.  Some even described and pictured the creation of men. The Elohim of Genesis and the Anunaki of Sumer are the same.   The "Elohim" mentioned in the Bible came alive in these stories, which describe how these "Gods" made mankind in a laboratory (pictured above) by gene-splicing DNA and implanting humanoid eggs "in vitro" much as scientists do today.  Many trials were required.

        Those of us now allowed to study what has been discovered, and to think about such things, and come to logical (not religiously acceptable) conclusions, can accept the  following outline of history ---

       Up until about 6000 years ago, there were indeed primitive humans, mostly naked, some of which worked in mines in Africa for the Elohim "gods".   One of these "gods" named Enki decided to produce an extremely gifted human he named Adapa, who was produced in the same Sumerian laboratory as earlier humans, but by using Enki's own sperm was much smarter and more talented.

       Indeed, Adapa was so talented he could be taught to pilot Enki's space vehicle, and indeed on one occasion made a flight to Nibiru, the home planet of the Elohim usually far outside our solar system.   There Adapa was offered "eternal life" but under conditions that he could not understand.   Also the god that created him, Enki, had warned him that the Father God, Anu, would try to poison him.  This was how Adapa was tricked into refusing the "bread of life" and "water of life" that would have allowed him to live as long as the gods.

      This story differs radically from the Genesis story in that "eternal life" was not "lost" by a woman that was tricked by a Devil disguised as a snake but instead a man which was double-crossed by his own creator-god.   Who never intended for his creation to live forever.

      Adapa was indeed rewarded for his superior qualities by becoming the first human High Priest, wrote many books on scientific and religious subjects, and his life was extended to live many thousands of years -- much longer than the biblical "Adam" who died at the relatively young age of 930 (Genesis 5:5)

The Sumerian stories contain no "Eve" story, but one of the Godesses, a female named Inanna, was indeed accused of obtaining a lot of tablets containing much of the scientific knowledge, including that involved with travel through space, by sexually seducing Enki.  She was a favorite of the Father-God of the Elohim, Anu, on whom she also worked her sexual charms.  Inanna was never really punished for this or other sexual exploits.  Really, the only sexual sin among the Elohim was rape, which did have serious consequences.

    After Adapa's priesthood there were other priests and kings in a list that roughly corresponded to the list in Genesis to the patriarchs before the "Flood" but which reigned for a very much longer period of time.   Our period of time of about 6000 years was a prophetic construct of the Essenes, which began their calculations at a time when the Elohim did indeed allow widespread knowledge among humans to spread in such areas as Sumer, and Egypt, and India.  

       A Biblical author who used Jah or Yahweh as the name for his main "God" wrote a lot of our favorite stories about the time of King David and Solomon.  Some think this author was a woman in King Solomon's court.   One researcher has even suggested Bathsheba was that author.   Bible critics now label this author as "J" because the Germans begin Yahweh with a "J".    Be this author a man or a woman, it is him or her that women can blame the "sinful Eve" on, and all the trouble this has brought on women since the time of Solomon.

       In any case, the story is most certainly a mythical one, although it may have been inspired by either one or several of the pictures left by the Elohim of former ages, or some missing tablet that has not as yet been discovered.

      Jesus and Paul, the architects of modern Christianity, preferred the stories in the Book or Books of Enoch to that part of Genesis which contains the "sinful Eve" story.   Indeed both Peter and Jude (Jesus' brother) quote Enoch directly.  In none of the Books of Enoch is Eve blamed for "sin", but she and her daughters are tempted by angels who seduce them.  These angels are named, with specific angels tempting women with specific sins.   In  Enoch these angels are chained by God to await final judgment at some future date.  This is the part of Enoch that Peter is quoting in 1 Peter 3:19 "By which also he went and preached unto the spirits (angels) in prison (chained by God); 19 Who also were disobedient, (by seducing and tempting women), when once the longsuffering of God (the 120 years) waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was preparing,, wherein few, that is, eight souls, were saved by water." In the days of the early Church fathers, they supressed these books of Enoch because they disliked the stories of angels seducing women, and preferred the "Eve and the snake" story.    Paul adapted it to a theology in which Jesus died to protect us from the wrath of a much less "compassionate" Yahweh than the Books of Enoch describe.

      There is an encounter with the "Tree of Knowledge" in Enoch, but it is a positive encounter, and no serpent is present.   The tree is described as a beautiful tree with delicious fruit and the perfume from the flowers is what attracted both Adam and Eve to the tree.    By far a better story in my opinion than that made up by "J".

      Ultimately I will show that Yahweh-Jehovah-Allah was not Jesus' "Father God", but that's a subject for another time.   Right now, I'll be happy if some of my readers will be broad-minded enough to realize that "sinful Eve" was a myth, and a not very good one, at that.   And there were other possibilities than that proposed by "J", whoever "J" might have been.


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