and the Other Wise Man

   Christian authors through the many centuries since Jesus Christ was born have written many stories about the "Wise Men" or "Magi" who  came to visit Joseph and Mary and the infant Jesus in Bethlehem of Judaea soon after he was born.  The original story that we are well acquainted with was by the author of the Gospel of Matthew.  But one of the best known modern attempts was by an author named HENRY VAN DYKE, pictured here on the left.

b   I first became acquainted with ARTABAN, the hero of Henry Van Dyke's religious novel, as a small child living in a two or three room apartment in a prairie farmhouse in Utah.  The farmhouse was owned by a Mormon family (this was, after all, Utah, where the overwhelming majority of the    farmers are Mormons by religion, and very hard-working     by nature and necessity).  But my family was not Mormons, but Seventh-day Adventists.  In those days, the early 1940s, only slightly     less disliked and shunned by "mainline" Christians, such as Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, and Roman Catholics, as were the Morrmons outside of Utah and Navada and a few other western states where by pereserverance, hard work, and lots of missionary effort, the Mormons have achieved a majority and a large representation in government.

    Russell Holt, the man pictured here on the left, was my father, my preacher, my school-teacher. and the one besides my mother (also a school-teacher) who taught me to read and write, and love good books and good stories.   And it was my father, Russell Holt, who first read me the "Story of the Other Wise Man", and instilled in me the idea that just because you don't achieve right away what you hope to achieve doesn't mean you should just give up, and drift with the tide, but instead perservere, and work hard, and perhaps you will succeed in unexpected ways!


     On the night that the sign was to be given, Artaban was speaking to nine of his Magi friends in his home. He said to them, *My three brethren are watching at the ancient temple of the Seven Spheres, at Borsippa, in Babylon and I am watching here. If the star appears, they will wait for me ten days, then we will all set out together for Jerusalem.




      I believe the sign will come tonight. I have made ready for the journey by selling all of my possessions and have bought these three jewels–a sapphire, a ruby, and a pearl. I intend to present them as my tribute to the King.* He said, *I invite you to make the pilgrimage with us that we may worship the newborn King together.*

    While he was speaking he thrust his hand into the innermost fold of his girdle and drew out three great gems–one blue as a fragment of the night sky, one redder than a ray of the sunrise, and one as pure as the peak of a snowy mountain at twilight. He would give them all to the King.


     Then one of Artaban’s friends said, *Artaban, this is a vain

 dream. No King will ever rise from the broken race of Israel.

He who looks for Him is a chaser of shadows.* Then he bid

 Artaban farewell and left his dwelling.    

     Each in turn offered his own particular excuse, and finally only his oldest and truest friend remained. He said, *Artaban, I

 am too old for this quest, but my heart goes with thee.*

Then with a hand on Artaban’s shoulder he said, *Those who would see wonderful things must often be willing to travel  alone.*


       Left to himself, Artaban put his jewels back into his girdle. Then he parted the curtains and went out onto the roof to again take up his vigil watching the night sky.






        All night long Vasda, the swiftest of Artaban’s horses, had been waiting saddled and bridled in her stall, pawing the ground impatiently and shaking her bit as if she shared the

eagerness of her master’s purpose. As Artaban placed himself

upon her back, he said, *God bless us both. Keep our feet

 from  falling and our souls from death.*



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