Both Ronald E. Wyatt and I were young men back in the 1960s, and both of us became nurses.  There are two ways that a male nurse could become upwardly mobile in those days.  One was to take additional schooling and become a Nurse Anesthetist.  Ron Wyatt took that avenue and earned quite a bit of money as a NURSE ANESTHETIST in a hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.  I lived in upstate New York, and finished College at Columbia Union College, then went to Medical School at Loma Linda University Medical  School at Loma Linda, California and became a Medical Doctor.   Ron and I got involved in our first project together in 1989.  New for me, but  a long-time one for him.

       Paul Harvey was a charismatic Radio News Commentator of the 1960s who, after reciting the regular news of the day, became famous for one or several HUMAN INTEREST stories that had come to his attention that he would add to keep up the interest of his regular listening audience -- which was considerable.  Paul Harvey's listeners would drop whatever else they were doing to listen to these ADDITIONS to the regular news of the day.  Which he would announce by saying -- "and THAT is the REST of the STORY."

        Ron Wyatt, early on decided that what he was being taught by teachers and preachers in Church from the Bible was not the WHOLE STORY.  There must be more, and he would find it.  He would look for, and find the evidence that would prove the Biggest and most Doubtful Bible Stories TRUE by finding such missing pieces of evidence as the Real Ark of Noah, the missing Ark of the Covenant, the Ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Golden Chariot Wheels from that Pharaoh who was drowned with 600 of his Charioteers in the Red Sea while trying to bring back his escaping slaves from Israel.



LEFT, Ron Wyatt -- RIGHT, Dr. Robert Holt, MD.  Middle: Elevations of Boat-Shaped Formarion



     Ron Wyatt acted as if God had called him especially to discover everything worth discovering in our age, and was loathe to take advice from anyone else who happened to disagree with him on any subject whatsoever.  In the case of David Fasold and Larry Williams, this prevented Ron from following up on evidence that Noah's Ark was made of reeds, such as were all large cargo-carrying rafts or boats of that era.  And in Larry Williams case, Ron never gave a second thought to the possibility that Israel may have crossed the Gulf of Aqaba at Sharm el Shiekh. 

   When I helped Ron Wyatt and Randy Osborne dig for the Ark of the Covenant in October of 1989, Ron wouldn't tell me where to go to dive and look for the Golden Chariot Wheels of Pharaoh's chariot, but I did know enough from watching his former videos that once I found a marble column standing by the Gulf of Aquaba I was at the right place. So I learned to scuba dive and looked for and found Nuweiba in Egypt. I wish I could report that I found some more of Pharaoh's chariot wheels myself and that Ron's FAMOUS chariot wheels are GENUINE , but it cannot be proved that what he has shown the world is not just so much underwater JUNK with coral and seaweed growing on it.  Disturbing to some people, and perhaps rightly so!

         Nuweiba, located half way down the eastern shore of the Gulf of Aqaba is also the only break in a mountainous ridge that prevents easy access to the desert interior of the Sinai Desert between the Gulf of Aqaba and Egypt.  If, indeed, the Israelites fled directly across the desert straight westward with the Egyptian charioteers in pursuit, the situation described in Exodus 14:3  would have been literally the case.

    Exodus 14:3 "For Pharaoh will say of the children of Israel, They are entangled in the land, the wilderness hath shut them in."

     HOWEVER: It's JUST AS TRUE that this would be the case had the miracle (if that was what it was) or natural occurrence (if that was what it was) or made-up story (if that was what it was) COULD HAVE OCCURRED at Sharm al Shiekh (where Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke say it occurred, or at the natural ridge in the Gulf of Suez where Napoleon showed it most likely occurred although the wind did not blow long enough in his case to allow him to cross over without incident.  (Somebody had to go out in a boat and fetch him!)          

THE REAL HISTORICAL STORY: Napoleon, who was well aware of what the Bible says and what local folklore maintains, rode his horse part way across a certain underwater ridge in the Gulf of Suez while a very strong EAST WIND was blowing.

THE BIBLE SAYS: That Israel crossed "on dry ground" ---    

BUT: Finding a marble or granite column at Nuweiba changes the likelyhood it happened here, not at the other places, RIGHT?  Well, maybe NOT!

     Seeing a marble pillar l(actually granite) lying in the sand of the desert not far from the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba on one of his earliest visits to Nuweiba, Ron Wyatt said that he talked the local authorities (Israeli at that time) to erect it as a marker.  Then he began saying that King Solomon had originally made this  pillar to mark where Israel had crossed the Red Sea in the Exodus crossing.  It was, said Wyatt, the "Migdol" of Exodus 14:2.

     Exodus 14:3 "Speak unto the children of Israel, that they turn and encamp before Pi-ha-hi-roth, between Migdol and the sea, over against Baal-zephon: before it shall ye encamp by the sea."

    Assuming this pillar was located here in the time of Solomon (or perhaps even long before) Ron Wyatt discovered from diving here,  and from examining topographical maps of the under- water configuration that there was a "land bridge" underwater here quite similar (but much deeper underwater) here than Napoleon had tried to cross while a strong wind was blowing at the proper area of the northern Gulf of Suez.

    To be able to prove that here is where Israel actually escaped Pharaoh's army with 600 chariots, Ron thought that he must find at least the remains of one or several chariot wheels or chariots underwater  here at Nuweiba, but it would go far in his mind to establish this as the crossing point if he could find another marble pillar on the other side in Saudia Arabia. 

about a pathway 40-300 foot deep
sea charts show it to be 2500 foot deep!

      As he tells the story, he went part way in a row boat and the rest of the way underwater in his scuba suit, and saw the place where the other pillar had once been located, but was now removed.   Later He and his two sons went back.  His sons were with him, he was  arrested by the Saudis and only got back to Egypt with great difficulty.

    According to the Bible Exodus version of the "crossing", God moved his pillar of smoke and fire between the Egyptians and fleeing Israelites until they were safely passed over and out of the easy reach of Pharaoh and his army.  This would have been true at Nuwieba even if they crossed in boats (perhaps more likely given the extreme depth here even where the "land bridge" is located). Alternately, erosion and large-scale land sinking here might have made it much deeper now than it was then.

      Exodus 14:19 "And the angel of God, which went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them:--"

    20 "And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness unto them, but it gave light by night to these: so that the one came not near the other all the night."

    One can see the same type of redaction here, the melding of two different stories to appear as one, that critical scholars have found in the Noah's Flood stories -- the STORM described in verse 21 NEED NOT have been occurring at Nuweiba while Israel was crossing here, perhaps in a number of boats, rowed back and forth repeatedly while the Egyptians were blinded by a dust-storm, tornado, or fog so thick they could not operate militarily.

    21 "And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided."

     Bible-believing people who are expecting a totally miraculous DELIVERANCE from the sorrows and troubles of this earth in our day, are looking for evidence God has done it before.  And Ron was providing it!



   Here's a satellite view of the entryway to the Sinai Desert I went through at Nuweiba, and below another satellite view of where Israel crossed according to Ron Wyatt.

Pharaoh's Chariot Wheels? Maybe!

    Ron Wyatt had the practice early in his career of using whatever he had been able to find and photograph in lectures and in video presentations as the real thing which later under more critical exam by other adventurers following his lead were unable to verify or duplicate.  This "golden chariot wheel" photographed by Ron underwater at Nuwieba may be nothing more than an old RR wheel! Some think so.
    I was convinced from the earliest videos of Ron Wyatt's adventures that he had indeed, among all the other things he had found, found one or more chariot wheels from Pharaoh's own chariot when Pharaoh led 600 chariots in pursuit of the fleeing children of Israel.   That this would be like winning the powerball LOTTO I now realize, but didn't then.  All that was needed was the ability to scuba-dive, and time, and money.  And of course, God's blessing on the project.   Ron had proved that last requirement, so in 1990 I got certified for underwater diving.
   Like so many others who have tried to find what Ron Wyatt was preaching he had found on that beach beneath the waves, I found lots of underwater junk of all sorts, covered with sea-weed and coral, but no genuinely old items of any real historic value.







"Jebel el Lawz"






I heard part of Ron Wyatt's adventures from himself, during my joint efforts with him at his Jerusalem excavation, and part from David Fasold, "Arkologist"

In 1984

Ron Wyatt, alone except for some help from local Bedouins,  first saw what was called by the Saudis "Jebel el Lawz", and identified it as the real Mountain of the Laws.

    Arrested by the Saudi authorities for being in the country without papers showing he had proper permission to be there, he spent 78 days in prison, and had all his notes and pictures impounded when he finally was released with some help from prominent Americans such as the Astronaut, Col. Erwin, who knew him because of their joint efforts to locate Noah's ark at Mount Ararat. 

     Ron had researched the probable location of the real Mount Horeb or Mount Sinai for a long time before actually seeing it, but actually spent a little time at the location in 1984.

  In 1985,   Ron Wyatt talked his former partner David Fasold, who had helped him identify the "boat shaped formation" at Dogubayzit, Turkey, near Mount Ararat, as Noah's Ark in accompanying him on a ride from Tabuk into the Saudi Arabia interior to see where the trail led that began at the other marble pillar across from the one at Nuweiba.

    Arrested again by the Saudi authorities, and kept in jail for eight days, he and David Fasold returned from their April-May 1985 "adventure" again with no photos and no notes, -- but David Fasold, who had an almost photographic memory as soon as he was freed and had some paper available, wrote a typographical map with approximate distances and drawings of what they had seen which I have shown above.   I saw these drawings and heard his story of his trip with Ron from David Fasold when I visited him at his house in California in 1990.   I also visited Larry Williams on the same trip to California, and saw Larry Williams photos of what was to be seen at Jebel al Lawz.  Larry was writing his book then, and few others beside me got to see these pictures.  I, of course bought Larry Williams book "Mountain of the Laws" , published by Wynwood Press, as soon as I saw a copy I could buy in a bookstore.  Perhaps in 1991 or 1992.

“…by six we were on the road, following David Fasold’s instructions and my topographical map…. According to David’s instructions, we should find a turnoff four kilometers past the gas station… (p. 151)

  “We attempted to follow David’s meticulous instructions to the letter….(p. 152)“

…we asked these people how to find Ibraham Frich, the local Beduoin who tends most of the sheep in this great valley

…. We wanted to see Frich for 2 reasons. First we wanted to tell him hello from David and to give him some things we had bought for him in town that we thought perhaps he would like.

"Second, David had told us that Frich’s camp was right at the base of Jabal al Lawz, so we would not have to ask where the mountain was… (p. 153)"

    "The section of his book telling about how they arrived at the site is dotted with numerous references to the directions given them by Mr. Fasold."

Summer 1985- Ron asks Col. Jim Irwin’s assistance on the project.

Account by Mary Nell Wyatt

    "A few months after his return home, Ron flew to Dallas and met with Col. James Irwin, whom he had become acquainted with several years earlier. Ron liked Col. Irwin and found him to be not only a man of integrity, but someone who was willing to help others. Ron told him about the evidences at Jebel el Lawz and asked if he would be interested in “joining forces” on the project. Col. Irwin had connections in the Jordanian government and Ron thought perhaps he could gain entry. He told Ron he would see what he could do to help him.

      May and Oct. 1986- Col. Irwin wrote the Jordanians and the Saudis in an attempt to arrange permission to explore and excavate.

      On May 18, 1986, Col. Irwin wrote the Jordanian Dept. of Antiquities and on Oct. 15, 1986, he wrote to the Saudi Department of Antiquities and Museums, both on Ron’s behalf. He sent the replies to Ron, both of which mention “Mr. Wyatt” in their responses and prove that Col. Irwin had true intentions to help Ron, not “take over” the project. But his efforts were in vain- he was unable to gain entry into Saudi.


      June 1988- Larry Williams and Bob Cornuke go to Saudi and come back with the claim that they found the real Mount Sinai.

       The following quote is from an update in Col. Irwin’s “High Flight” newsletter, written by then vice-president of High Flight, Bob Cornuke. It made the following statement about a trip they made in June 1988:

     “Great news! We strongly feel that the real Mt. Sinai has been discovered…. Larry Williams and I have taken two trips to Saudi Arabia and traveled to Jebel Al Lawz. This mountain is believed by some Bible scholars to possibly be the real Mt. Sinai….”


1990- Larry Williams writes a book about their “discovery” of Mount Sinai

    Larry Williams wrote “The Mountain of Moses”, published by Wynwood Press, New York, which detailed his and Cornuke’s “adventures” searching for Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia. He gives details as to WHY they went to that particular location and HOW they got there. For those who wish to check out his account, his book’s ISBN number is 0-922066-45-0.




       To CONTINUE to find out what Ron Wyatt and David Fasold found when they later continued on past the pillar on the Arabian side of the Gulf of Aquaba, and how David Fasold saved the route to the real "Mountain of the Laws" (Jebel el Lawz) in Saudia Arabia ---

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     Not having nearly enough material to "flesh out" either the story of Joseph or of Moses' God he met in the desert (who called himself I AM), the Hebrew "Redactors" discovered the story of Imhotep, and, perhaps reading Mary Nell Wyatt's Egyptian inscriptions both in the desert near the Nile, and at Saqquara, they used the I AM name, the 7 year famine, and Imhotep's skill as a physician and "Wise Man" to supply a great amount of material for the TORAH!

For another extended series about Joseph as Imhotep, the architect of the step pyramid at Seqquara in Egypt,

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