Face to face with the time-travelling Jesus!

LEFT, Ron Wyatt -- RIGHT, Dr. Robert Holt, MD.  In the middle, time-traveling Jesus!

     I got acquainted with Ron Wyatt back in 1988 and 1989 because of his search for the "Ark of the Covenant" which he was continuing his on-going search for in the tunnels that exist below the streets and houses and lots and cemeteries of Old Jerusalem.   His theory was that the prophet Jeremiah had managed to hide this Holy Golden Ark in one of these tunnels and walled up the tunnel and buried it so thoroughly just before the Babylonians had invaded that no one (but Ron) has ever been able to catch a glimpse of it since. 

    It was on that trip I got acquainted momentarily with two of what Ron identified as "angels" although they looked like ordinary off-duty Israeli soldiers dressed in army fatigues on top of a mountain in the Negev desert of Southern Israel under unusual circumstances that later made us certain that this mountain, identified as "Har Zin" on a nearby sign, was the same hilltop on which Aaron the first Jewish high priest died on, and was buried.  On that same trip a day or so later we all, Ron Wyatt, Randy Owens, and I met the "Man in White" at the site where we were excavating for the Holy Golden Ark, the last year any were able to do that for many years.

   After seeing a number of "angels" similar to those I met on "Har Zin" on other years by Zechariah's cave, on the Isle of Patmos, at Loma Linda University, and at a Seventh-day Adventist Camp-meeting at Freeport, Maine, I decided to go back to Jerusalem, Israel again.

   It was 1997 now, and Michael Drosnin had just made the type of Bible Codes known as "Torah Codes" or ELS --- Skipped Letter Sequence codes ---famous throughout the United States by publishing a book titled "The Bible Code".

    I had read his book and bought computer software that would allow me to look for these hidden codes myself.   But before I would invest a lot of time an effort into something new to me of a quite different sort, such as this was, I wanted to ask about these "codes" in Israel, and also visit parts of the Judean Desert between the Dead Sea and Jerusalem that I had not as yet visited.

Jerusalem Jewish Quarter

December 12, 1997 Friday Noon

   It was only to sort of fill in some time and entertain myself that I was walking through the Jewish Quarter of the walled city of Jerusalem at almost noon on Friday, December 12, 1997.  It was an area of small shops of all sorts, and I stopped in front of a Cartoonist Shop with a plate glass window in which, among other cartoons, was a cartoon of Golda Mier, the famous Prime Minister of Israel, who let that nation successfully through the Yom Kippur War of 1973.
    It became noon as I was admiring Golda Mier's cartoon and I decided that I needed a cartoon of myself to be drawn by this shop artist, so I turned the corner to walk into the shop and see if this was possible, and if so, for how much.  The cartoonist was at that moment leaving for dinner, but he promised to return after lunch and do my picture, provided I was punctual-- at 1 o'clock exactly.  "I have a family." "We celebrate the Sabbath early."

     The Cartoonist returned at exactly 1 PM, and fortunately for me I was waiting for him.  "I like that," he said.  This is NOT his picture but the picture of someone about his apparent age (but not even a small fraction of his real age).  Had I known who I was really dealing with here, not just some anonymous Jewish cartoonist but someone FAR more important (in disguise) I might have asked to take his photograph -- but I'm happy to say that he did sign the picture -- which in this case is still helping me piece together what seems to have happened.  In 2016, nineteen years later plus a month.   This is not his shop, either but the arrangement is similar.  I sat in a stuffed easy chair on this side of his chair, he turned to look at me, then drew the picture piecemeal, using about three different colors of chalk, turning back and forth as the work progressed.  I did not get to look at what he was doing until the portrait was completed, and he signed it.

      I only asked for a cartoon.  "I'm doing a portrait of you for the same price I usually charge for cartoons," he said.  "You are much too handsome for a cartoon."  I thanked him for the second (and final) compliment of the day).

     It turns out that our conversation was as important as the picture itself that my Supernatural Cartoonist drew of me, although I did not know this at the time.  He asked me questions in a matter-of-fact sort of way.  Like he was making conversation just to be polite and to keep me entertained while he was drawing my picture.  For some unaccountable reason I didn't conceal anything from him that he asked me, although technically, none of my private life was his business, or at least, so it seemed.  In a few minutes I had told him I had been married twice, and was now (in 1997) single.  I was religious, and preached to those who would listen to me under the name of the ELIJAH REVIVAL ministry.  I was just learning about the new ELS Bible Codes based on the Torah in Hebrew, and already knew about the Essenes, and planned to go down to the Dead Sea Area once again before I left for home and spend some more time at the Essene sites.   He took all this in without much comment.  Then he asked me what I thought of Elijah.  Who was he?  Where did he come from?  Who was his father?  Why the strange name?

     I told him that in my opinion, Elijah was an extra-marital child, born without a proper father whose family name he could claim.  That's why his mother named him after two names for God, Eli and Jah.   He had no father she could name him after.  He smiled as I was talking on, presuming to tell a Jewish man, and obviously an educated and talented Jewish man about the life of one of the greatest, perhaps the greatest of their prophets.   And making insulting remarks about his parentage.  The prophet I had named my ministry after.  All nonesense this!

     "Do you know why you've lost two wives and are now single?" asked the artist, touching up his work here and there, and signing and dating it.  "No, why."  "Because you are arrogant, that's why!"   That's how I have drawn you in this portrait, -- as ARROGANT!"  I looked at the picture.  It was well done, and resembled me, but I did appear arrogant, like a judge or president or someone else really more important than I appeared to be.  One of the things I DIDN'T tell him was that I had been an emergency room doctor for 20 + years.  Somehow I think he knew.  I paid him his asking price plus a generous tip, shook hands, and was on my way, not turning to look again at a man who would leave me wondering about a lot of things over the next 19 years, and only this week, the week of January 17 onward of 2016 am I finding answers I need to know.



The Arrogant Judge


Elijah Schwartz     




Does God have a Sense of Humor?

Obviously, YES!


       To CONTINUE with a close examination of what turned out to be a picture of me as an ARROGANT JUDGE, full of smaller CARTOONS depicting ahead of time PROPHETICALLY a lot of EVENTS I was involved in during the coming year (1998) and afterwards, --

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