Were shared by myself, Dr. Bob Holt, md


LEFT, Ron Wyatt -- RIGHT, Dr. Robert Holt, MD.  In the middle, a model of the Golden Ark

     I got acquainted with Ron Wyatt back in 1988 and 1989 because of his search for the "Ark of the Covenant" which he was continuing his on-going search for in the tunnels that exist below the streets and houses and lots and cemeteries of Old Jerusalem.   His theory was that the prophet Jeremiah had managed to hide this Holy Golden Ark in one of these tunnels and walled up the tunnel and buried it so thoroughly just before the Babylonians had invaded that no one (but Ron) has ever been able to catch a glimpse of it since. 

     Ron Wyatt also spent many years finding and identifying a "Boat Shaped Formation" that he saw in a Life Magazine article back in 1948.  Together with Larry Fasold, who I visited with in his home in California, Ron proved to the Archaeologists and local Turkish government that the chances are very good that all that remains of the original Ark of Noah, called Nu-un Gimisi in Turkish is this "Boat Shaped Formation".   Here's a picture of a much younger Ron Wyatt standing by a picture of his discovery.


We need to be more Critical of both these Ark Stories, and also of the story of a third ark, in which Moses rode as a baby. To later become a Pharaoh.

By doing so, we'll be doing those world religions based on the assumption that all these stories are accurate and true as reported in the Bible-a favor!

And that will be my GOAL for this series of Web Pages!



    Back now to where I myself became a part of this picture.  As I mentioned in the beginning, I got acquainted with Ron Wyatt back in 1988 and 1989 because of his search for the "Ark of the Covenant" which he was continuing his on-going search for in the tunnels that exist below the streets and houses and lots and cemeteries of Old Jerusalem.   His theory was that the prophet Jeremiah had managed to hide this Holy Golden Ark in one of these tunnels and walled up the tunnel and buried it so thoroughly just before the Babylonians had invaded that no one (but Ron) has ever been able to catch a glimpse of it since.

     By the time that I joined Ron Wyatt in October of 1989 at his archaeological site not far from the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, Israel, the hole in the ground surrounded by a wooden box with a hatch-cover you see here on the right had been surrounded by gravel fill and disguised as a garden area.  A set of stairs led down from a nearby walk on which thousands of tourists pass daily on visits to the "Garden Tomb" where a great number of Protestants believe that Jesus Christ was temporarily buried after his crucifixion.  We blocked entry to this area by tourists while we were working, -- Ron Wyatt, myself Dr. Robert Holt, and another worker,  John Osborn, by hanging a sheet with a sign denying admittance to others not involved with our excavation.  I'll devote some of the pages linked to the table below to our encounter with some angels we met on this same trip to Jerusalem in 1989, and to a visit from someone we called the "Man in White" that Ron and I agreed later may have been Jesus Christ himself -- perhaps in disguise. Other links will be to the story of the "Mount Sinai" Ron Wyatt found in Saudia Arabia, and my own visit to Sarabit al Khadim in the Sianai Desert in Egypt.

     Below is a picture of me underground at Ron Wyatt's "dig" near the "Garden Tomb".  We did not accomplish our goal of chopping a hole deep underground directly over where Ron claimed to have earlier viewed through a medical instrument what he believed until he died was the "Ark of the Covenant" and other articles that were in Moses' original tent sanctuary for Yahweh in the wilderness. I am on the left (white beard, black hat and overall-suit).  On right is tangle of electrical cords and an electric hammer-rock-drill.  Poor light conditions.

      What Ron Wyatt actually saw through a hole in a rock cistern through which he inserted a long metal endoscope (possibly a sigmoidoscope or smaller) on another trip before our joint endeavor in 1989.  Sent to me later by another interested party.

Fr    Here is an attempt many years later to make some sense of what we're looking at in the above picture taken with very limited light through a medical endoscope with a tiny light on its end.  This line drawing was done by an interested party that sent it to me by Email.  I never knew or have forgotten his name.  Sorry!

      Here's a drawing of what Ron Wyatt thought he was dealing with in his repeated attempts to gain access to what he thought to be the "Golden Ark of the Covenant".  What he really wanted was to actually open this ark and gain access to the original tables of stone on which were engraved, by the finger of God, the TEN COMMANDMENTS.  I was, in October 1989, a part of Ron Wyatt's plan to accomplish this.  (Highly unlikely from the very outset, I must now admit, but I was younger, braver, and more naive than I am now.)

      Another view of what I, and those few others who had the opportunity to actually enter Ron Wyatt's tunnels beneath Jerusalem encountered.  We slid down a vertical tunnel to land on this cross-timber which formed part of a shelf or landing, where we could reach other tunnels made in previous attempts.  Some of these had dead ends, and could only be gotten out of with great difficulty.  I can tell you this based on personal experience.  It was one of Ron Wyatt's "tests" to let someone get into this predicament, and see if "an angel" would help you get out!

      Picture below of Mary Nell Wyatt posing beside the Garden Tomb spot where Ron Wyatt and her believed the sign was posted by Pontius Pilate proclaiming that the man crucified by this sign was "King of the Jews".  I no longer believe this to be true, but did at the time I was helping Ron Wyatt, and met the "Man in White."

     And below is Ron Wyatt's son posing in almost the same position where the Wyatt's believe that Jesus was crucified.  This picture was taken many years before I went to help Ron Wyatt in October of 1989.


     It's True that Jesus Christ, or some entity allowing Adventists to believe this, served as a Symbolic "High Priest" to millions of people after Oct. 22, 1844.

     Ronald Wyatt's theory that Jesus was crucified near the Garden Tomb, and that his blood dripped down through a crack beneath the cross onto the mercy seat of the Golden Ark buried 10-20 feet below is not only very unlikely, even if the ark is really there, but unnecessary to the Adventist symbolism of a real living Christ as the mediator for our sins in a Heavenly Sanctuary.

     Not only that, but it adds more credibility to the idea that Christ's sacrifice in 33 AD paid once and for all the "debt" owed to Jehovah-God for all of the sins of mankind since Adam and Eve.  This is a FALSE THEOLOGY that Adventists combated before 1888 using the symbolic picture of Jesus Christ as our High Priest as pictured above.  Using this symbolism, we must all strive to practice "Good Works" and live the best lives we are able to live.  Not rely on Christ's sacrifice to make this unnecessary.

     Finally, I started to discover after 1989  that Jesus was an Essene, spending most of his time as a Jewish Messiah 7 to 14 miles from where Ron Wyatt thought he was crucified at the Qumran monastery and nearby.   And was crucified in March of 33 AD in an unclean area at that monastery.  The real "Garden Tomb" was the combined Cave 7 and 8 of the Dead Sea Scroll caves.


Much of the Bible Old Testament is

Retroactive Reporting and Redaction

to achieve Religious Goals that don't

have much to do with actual

Historical Events!


    When I first put up my first web page, HEALTHARK.COM, in 1999, I had read Ahmed Osman's book "Moses, Pharaoh of Egypt", in which Osman, an Egyptian lawyer, and a Muslim by religious faith, shows quite a bit of evidence from Egyptian tombs and inscriptions that Yuya, the prime minister under Pharaoh Amenhotep III had a pretty daughter who became the secondary wife of the pharaoh while he was waiting for his sister to become old enough to become his Royal Wife.  They had a son who was only 50% Egyptian and 50% Hebrew.  (Yuya's mummy is available and is not Egyptian.)

      Part of the story of Yuya was used by Hebrew "Redactors" to construct the Story of Joseph in the Old Testament.  From this comes the idea that Moses, the son of Aminhotep 3 and Yuya's daughter Tiye was hidden in a basket-boat among some reeds as a baby because his father the Pharaoh sought to kill him.  And that this son, once accepted became an Egyptian general, and was given an Ethiopian (Cushite) wife.  But the "Redactors" intentionally omitted the part where he actually ruled many years as Aminhotep 4, changing his name to Akhenaten after he became a Monotheist.  Declarlng the only God, the "One God" to be Aton (or Adon in Hebrew). From this partly suppressed knowledge, Jews are freely allowed to refer to their god as "Adonai" (the plural form of Adon).

      Moses' escape into the Wilderness of Sinai after supposedly killing an Egyptian (unlikely) comes from Akhenaten's 30 year exile living at the wilderness temple at Serabit al Khadim.  Where I have visited myself at great risk during Ramadan, riding with a lone Egyptian taxi-driver who at one time lived near here (he said). A small cameo picture of Queen Tiye, Akhenaten's mother was found at this temple.

     But this history (if you'd like to call it that) is heavily "contaminated" with other material from the Midianites, whose god traditionally was a mountain god of thunder and storms, and quite likely lived on or near mount Jabal al Lawz in Saudia Arabia, not Mount Saint Catherine, the now traditional site since Constantine's mother made that her first choice.   Most likely Akhenaten held a much grander view of the God Aton, Creator and sustainer of all life on Earth, than the petty hostile Jehovah of the Midianites.  However, Hebrew priests found such a jealous God to be just the sort of "person" they were looking for, so long as they could claim that "He" preferred only them as his "Chosen People".

       To CONTINUE our critical discussion of why the High Priest Aaron, brother of Moses, made a "Golden Calf" and also to follow me following Ron Wyatt to Jerusalem, and beyond--

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     Not having nearly enough material to "flesh out" either the story of Joseph or of Moses' God he met in the desert (who called himself I AM), the Hebrew "Redactors" discovered the story of Imhotep, and, perhaps reading Mary Nell Wyatt's Egyptian inscriptions both in the desert near the Nile, and at Saqquara, they used the I AM name, the 7 year famine, and Imhotep's skill as a physician and "Wise Man" to supply a great amount of material for the TORAH!

For another extended series about Joseph as Imhotep, the architect of the step pyramid at Seqquara in Egypt,

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