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A continuation of a compilation by Nirmal
1st edition: 1996 2nd edition: 1997

There is at the present time [December 2004] a lot of controversy and criticism on the Internet between supporters of Pope John Paul II's liberal policies, and an older and more rigid group that would like to return that group to the Middle Ages Catholicism they are more comfortable with. One of the lightning rods for this criticism is this picture of the pope in 1986 allowing an Indian woman that is obviously not a nun touch his forehead during the "Feast of Lights" in India.

The assumption has been made by the Pope's critics that he was allowing the woman to either put ashes on his forehead, or the red mark usually called the "Mark of Shiva". However, this is far from certain. She may be just greeting him in the ritual greeting known as Aarti in India.

The controversy rages on about whether it would be better to kill this pope, like it is rumored they have killed others, or merely excommun- icate him. ..I, as Prema Sai, will give my opinion.... He should have danced with this woman to some lively Indian tune, then visited some Shiva temple with her, and made an offering of incense and some perfumed food and flowers!.... Perhaps the entire world would be more tolerant today, had he done these things!

This pope was in earlier years, befo re old age and Parkinson's Disease slowed him down to a considerable extent, quite a world traveler..... And here he is sitting on a platform in Papau, New Guinea with the local celebrities.... The year was 1984. ...So far so good. ....But someone had the bright idea of letting a rather mature lady dressed in the local costume make a little speech or sing a song! .........There she is in the front slightly left of the middle.

What bothers Pope John Paul's critics in this picture is that the local costume in Papau, New Guinea consists of nothing more than leis and beads from the waist up!... A far cry from what Catholic nuns wear the world around!

Even in this close-up, it is difficult to see for sure that this woman is bare-breasted. But she is a mature woman who has probably fed a few babies with her ample breasts, and nobody would turn their head to watch her walk by in New Guinea, except perhaps a hungry baby at supper time!

For those without the imagination or visual ability to separate details from the background clutter, I have gone to the trouble of removing this background clutter with picture editing software.

So here we have the honored woman standing alone in all her finery! .......A bit overdressed from the waist down by Western standards. /////And a bit under-dressed from the waist up by those same standards!....... However, in New Guinea, dressed in high style and appropriate for a meeting with the pope.

I'll vote with John Paul II and his advisors on this one./// Had his predecessors had better judgement in such matters, perhaps the Church would have avoided a lot of child molestation law suits in Boston, and a few high officials there might still have a job.

Dr. Bob Holt, md --- 11-6-2004

A dedicated supporter of the Pope and the new, more liberal Catholicism speaks out on these issues.

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