LEFT, Ron Wyatt -- RIGHT, Dr. Robert Holt, MD.  In the middle, a movie-actor "Jesus".


     I got acquainted with Ron Wyatt back in 1988 and 1989 because of his search for the "Ark of the Covenant" which he was continuing his on-going search for in the tunnels that exist below the streets and houses and lots and cemeteries of Old Jerusalem.   His theory was that the prophet Jeremiah had managed to hide this Holy Golden Ark in one of these tunnels and walled up the tunnel and buried it so thoroughly just before the Babylonians had invaded that no one (but Ron) has ever been able to catch a glimpse of it since. 


       Ron Wyatt believed, along with General Gordon, who found this tomb in 1883, and thousands, perhaps millions of others, who have seen it since as religious tourists, that this ancient tomb near the Damascus Gate outside the walled city of Jerusalem, Israel, was where Jesus Christ was crucified, and buried, and rose from the dead after 3 days.

      However, Ron also had the unusual belief that as Jesus was hanging on a cross near here, and as he was dying, his blood dripped down through a crack connected with the hole in the rock his cross was anchored in, on a hidden object far below.

      October 12, 1989

     While three of us, Ron Wyatt, and Randy Osborne, and myself, Dr. Bob Holt, md, were engaged in trying to reach this ark with an electric jack-hammer drill and bring it to the surface, we were met by a "Man in White" who we later decided was Jesus himself dropping by to "Wish us success on our mission."

       An actor playing Jesus looked like this in one of the Jesus movies put out by Hollywood, but perhaps did not when Ron talked to him, or some other entity playing his role and making speeches for him that noon by Ron Wyatt's excavation near Gordon's Calvary.  He quite likely had a more modern appearance, as an artist has pictured him here.   I don't know because I was hidden a few feet away but heard both sides of the conversation clearly.

    The same week that we met the "Man in White," but before this encounter, Randy and I, but not Ron Wyatt, met two other "Angels" that looked and talked like humans at a place identified as Har Zin in the Negev Desert.

   This other encounter became more important to me than it was to Ron Wyatt, because it became the first of my own encounters with such "beings".  Encounters that continued for many years, some of which I did relate later on other pages.

The mountain called "Har Zin" as seen in the distance across the desert.

More  Mary Nell Wyatt's Account of the "Man in White" Incident -- I am the suspicious "Prophet" that neither she nor Ron Wyatt trusted ----


               Dr. Robert Holt, MD --"The Prophet"

Mary Nell Wyatt examines her husband's Garden Tomb excavation

"Digging Straight Down"

     "Ron’s last plan was to attempt to dig a shaft through the solid rock into the chamber that held the Ark and other objects. But this was a very precarious approach – the shaft could cave in and damage some of the objects, or they could expend all that effort and discover they had missed the chamber. It would be a tremendous undertaking, requiring an awful lot of work. But one trip, after his main excavation team had left for home, Ron and a couple of faithful assistants began the shaft. They now had jackhammer-drills and much better equipment than he and the boys had used during the early years.

    This may be partially true, but I know of no group of assistants that left for home while Ron stayed on.  Larry was there when I arrived by airport Taxi from Tel Aviv.  Ron arrived later that evening.

    The next day, or perhaps several days later, we went together and rented a taxi for our planned stay.  I paid 1/2 the taxi rent.  Then we went to a tool rental shop and rented one electric jack-hammer drill.

    I paid 1/2 the rental cost of the drill, 1/2 the gasoline, 1/2 the food costs, and of course all of my own hotel bill, and I believe I paid 1/2 of Larry's hotel bill, he being supposedly working for his expenses.

     There was no reason to rent more than I drill, or a bigger drill, because this one drill was all the electric current (wattage) that the Garden Tomb could supply Ron, beside their own routine needs. The East Jerusalem Power company was small and under great strain to supply their regular customers even modest amounts of electricity.

    "They began drilling the shaft and got through about 10 feet of solid limestone over several trips but the end didn’t seem anywhere in sight. And Ron experienced something that is common to the human species – he became frustrated at the tremendous effort and expense that appeared to be yielding absolutely no results."

     "Of all the projects Ron has worked on, his sense of unworthiness to work on this one was and is ever-present in his thoughts. The Biblical examples of those who did a work for God but at some time or another failed in some manner (such as the time Moses struck the rock when he was told to SPEAK to it, which cost him the privilege of being allowed to enter the promised land) are vivid reminders to Ron of how serious the consequences could be if he should allow any of his actions or motivations to go against God’s will. Sometimes, it was easy for him to discern his course of action, but other times it wasn’t. Plus, he reasoned that if the time came that he had failed and God could no longer use him, how would he know? And by this time, he was beginning to wonder if he was being “taken off the job”. He has always known that God didn’t NEED him to get His work done – he could always find someone else. His efforts didn’t seem to be paying off – it had now been almost 10 years since he first found the Ark.

Words of Encouragement from a “Visitor”

“God Bless You in What You Are Doing Here”

      "Several years ago, Ron and one assistant had gone to Jerusalem to work on the shaft. A month or 2 earlier Ron had spoken at a church and one man present took a particular interest in the Ark of the Covenant."

      I was that one person who took an interest in the Ark of the Covenant, and the church referred to here by Mary Nell was the Hendersonville, North Carolina Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Ron was given an opportunity to speak in Sabbath School, Church, and show videos in the afternoon or evening, or both.

     His talks featured, among other things, his angel experiences. There was one such experience that I remember distinctly this long afterwards, and that was of his being stuck in a snow-bank somewhere in Tennessee.  Two young fellows came along "out of nowhere" said Ron -- and picked up the stuck part of his car and in a few seconds he was on the road again, with good traction.  He turned to thank the "young men" but they were gone.  Without, it appears, any car or visible means of transportation.

     In view of my own later experiences quite like this, I'm inclined to believe this "Angel Story" of Ron's.  And others like it.

     My "interest" in the Ark of the Covenant was heightened by my being involved at that time with a lot of people at the other end of North Carolina in the "Rapture 88" movement -- based, of course on Bible Numerology.  To them, actually finding the Ark of the Covenant was very prophetic and predictive of the "Rapture" or "Second Coming".

     "I well remember when he called here and began to question me about when Ron was going over, etc. He sounded like a nice enough person and I told him I didn’t know for sure (which I didn’t) but that it would be in a few months."

     It's true that when I showed my interest in going to help Ron Wyatt to him at the Hendersonville Seventh-day Adventist church I told him that I would share 1/2 the expenses (which I did) he was not definite that he was going.  But he did show interest in my proposal and mentioned the date he had available to go if he did go.  It seemed obvious to me that he was playing some sort of "mind games", perhaps to see if I was really interested, --so I played along.  But called Mary Nell to at least let him know I'd likely be there if and when he went.

     "He then asked me where they stayed because, he explained, he was going to Israel and wanted a relatively cheap hotel. So, I told him where we usually stayed – it seemed like an innocent enough question. But I was soon to learn a terrible lesson – that we cannot tell anyone when he is going overseas to work, whether it be Israel or Egypt, or wherever."

      "When Ron and our friend (who was helping him) arrived at the hotel, there was this man who had called me. He somehow had found out Ron’s arrival date (I hadn’t told him)!"

       I had found out Ron's arrival date in our little "mind game" Ron and I had played in Hendersonville, but it had not been definate.  It seems obvious to me that Ron didn't tell his wife everything.

     The "prophet" business is a summary of the argument I used to convince him that then was the time to go based on "Rapture 88" Numerology.  I'd argued for going at dates so as to be there for Yom Kippur ("Day of Atonement") of 1989, which to me at the time was the "End of the 6th Trumpet" of Revelation chapter 9.

      Rev. 9:15 "And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an HOUR, and a DAY, and a MONTH, and a YEAR, for to slay the third part of men."

      I had discovered by researching the dates of the Holy Jewish Feast dates for 1988 and 1989 that there was exactly this amount of time involved, except for "ONE HOUR".  While in Jerusalem we went to the Jerusalem SDA Church held in YMCA and a Jewish student at Hebrew University there told me the Jews always allow an extra hour to go by so as to "guard the edges" of God's Holy Feast days.

      "It turned out that this man was under the impression (or delusion) that he was a “prophet” and intended to impose himself into the project. So here was Ron and his digger, ready to go to work – but there was no way Ron was going to let this man know anything important, so they went into the main cave system but couldn’t do the work they intended to do – not with him present."

       Where DECEIT becomes clearly a part of the PICTURE here, is right here, in which Ron made the innuendo here that I was a FALSE PROPHET (if I was any type of "prophet" at all.  Notice that she, Mary Nell, puts parenthesis around the word prophet when its applied to me.  And then adds that "there was no way Ron was going to let THIS MAN (that would be me, the "false prophet") know anything important" ------- "they couldn't do the work they intended to do."  Here  what seems obvious is Paranoia, an assumption that I, (the "false prophet") must be working for the Devil, not Jesus.  And not only that, was scheming to take his 10 year old project away from him, the imminent discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.

      That any of these innuendoes and not-so-hidden accusations are still in this report in 2011 of something that happened in the Day of Atonement season of October 1989 shows a lack of judgment and clear thinking on the part of Mary Nell Wyatt also, based on what happened next -- the episode involving the "MAN IN WHITE".   Was the "MAN IN WHITE" the Devil?  Come to congratulate his "False Prophet"?  There's a glaring lack of consistency here that is obvious to even the most mentally challenged religious reader.  But NOT it seems, to either Ron Wyatt or his wife!

      "As Ron explained it to me, this episode was the straw that sort of “broke the camels back”. He had prayed, as he always does, about going over and had been convinced it was what he was supposed to do. Ron was paying all the expenses out of his own pocket and this one was costly. Adding it all up, it was approximately $7,000.00 to $8,000.00 down the tube, which is a LOT of money to us."

     I'm reading this now as someone who had, as Ron and I decided even in Hendersonville before we met (contrary to Mary Nell's foreknowledge) at the Jerusalem Hotel near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem -- paid 1/2 of all the expenses for those things we did jointly -- that RON paid all these expenses, that suddenly became more expensive than planned.   An outright LIE.  Obvious to me, if to no one else!   And certainly the one most out in the dark is Mary Nell Wyatt.  Perhaps this account will be the first she will ever see that explains to her (an she's a nice lady) where things went wrong here.  Because her husband, now dead, never told her.

      "So, Ron began to question if he was really doing what God wanted him to do, or if he was just fooling himself. At this time, it had been almost 10 years since he had first found the Ark – had he done something wrong that God could no longer use him? Whatever was the case, Ron decided on that trip that he was through – finished. He would close up the cave system and never return."

      Yes, he did close up the cave system after this particular trip in October 1989, and only returned once in 1990 to accomplish this and get his tools.  But NOT for the reason he gave his wife.  The director of the Garden Tomb decided, or the Denomination Church Board in charge decided, that Ron Wyatt was taking too long and putting the place at risk due to his questionable activities and strange beliefs and tendency to keep everything he was doing a deep dark secret. I know this because I got a personal phone call from the Director, a Mister White, several months later.  He called me because I left several hundred dollars with them specifically to pay for putting in an extra electric circuit breaker so Ron's activities would not be so much of an inconvenience to the Garden Tomb usual activities.

       "And let me tell you, this is NOT like Ron at all. He was very excited when he left here, and the experience with the “prophet” showing up must have been a terrible blow. What little he has told me about the incident indicates that it was a far worse experience than it sounds. But whatever happened, it completely deflated Ron, who interpreted the failed trip to mean that he had been “taken off the job”.

     Here's where I'll tell you what Ron really did, and this was after, not before, the "MAN IN WHITE" incident, so he had that on his conscience also (if he indeed had a conscience)--

    Ron had the Subsurface Interface Radar with him, which he was using when the "MAN IN WHITE" visited us. Well, he showed someone else he met on this trip the instrument, and how well it worked.   This other person, whose name I was never told, was from behind the Iron Curtain, possibly Czechloslovakia or Rumania.  A treasure seeker trying to find possibly illegal treasure in his own country.  This person (or persons, or organization) admired Ron's instrument and his ability to use it.  And made Ron an offer that Ron decided, in spite of the considerable risks involved, --Political, ethical, and those of misusing and risking equipment not really Ron's to risk -- to take this offer.  Supposedly with all expenses paid, all shady viza problems taken care of, and one imagines, a very substantial "finder's fee" if the treasure these people were after was indeed located -- I can't remember what kind of a treasure it was -- crown jewels perhaps of some sort or another.

     Randy and I were not consulted.  Just told by Ron that he would be "out of the country" and "unavailable" over the weekend.  So Randy and I went to church by ourselves, then drove up to the Sea of Galilee, where I found an ancient anchor stone with a hole in it like I later saw near mount Ararat.  Then we came home to the Jerusalem Hotel.  At church Randy and I told the congregation the story of the "MAN IN WHITE", which cements it in my mind that Yes, this occured BEFORE Ron went off looking for bid illegal bucks.

    Well, Ron returned with brochitis from working in a cold, rainy climate under primitive conditions.  His borrowed Subsurface Interface Radar was broken and would no longer work.  And he had not been able to find the secret treasure his shady "friends" had been looking for.

      Part of the extra money that Mary Nell had complained about was because we all decided to stay longer than our original airline tickets were for, so we had to pay a hefty penalty for the change in dates.  And in a bit of what appeared to me to be temporary insanity or a "temper tantrum" Ron abandoned his plan to dig straight down in the square hole that you see Randy in above, and instead started a new hole over to one side where he had not as yet, drilled at all.  This was, of course, totally wasted effort, since he lost his permission to work here after the "strange" events here, involving the unauthorzed and dangerous trip to an "Iron Curtain" country, for which he himself was entirely to blame.

       "But then Ron had an experience that changed his life. One day on that trip, he and the “prophet” were sitting on the ground just outside the entrance into the cave system – Ron’s helper was inside. Ron was working on the radar scanner – changing the paper or something – and the “prophet” was in the shade of a large bush eating his lunch. Where they were sitting was, at that time, many feet lower than the ground level just behind them because this was where Ron had excavated down years earlier. It’s necessary to understand this in light of the next event.

      "Ron heard a voice behind him say “God bless you in what you are doing here”, and he looked up. Standing on the much higher ground many feet above him was a tall, slender man with dark hair wearing a long white robe and head covering similar to that worn in Biblical times – except that it was all pure white. Startled, mainly because he didn’t TELL anyone what he was “doing here”, he wondered who this man was.

      "He tried to make polite conversation and asked him if he was from around the area. The man replied simply “No” then remained silent. Ron then asked him if he was a tourist, and he again replied simply, “No”. More silence, then the figure in white said, “I’m on my way from South Africa to the New Jerusalem”. Ron was so startled that he couldn’t say anything, but just stared at him. Then, the man again said, “God bless you in what you are doing here”, and then turned and walked away.

       "After a moment, the “prophet”, who couldn’t see the man because he was beneath the shade of the bush, said, “Ron, do you think we’ve been talking to an angel?” Ron replied, “At least…”

       As I suggested before, Why would Ron as me, a supposed "false prophet" or perhaps "the Devil", who this person who Ron quite soon decided was Jesus Himself, come to check on him, was?

      "I remember his call like it was yesterday. If you don’t know Ron personally, let me explain that Ron is very low-keyed. He never acts excited or angry – his voice rarely gives away his true feelings. But I knew something had happened even though his voice was calm. He told me what had happened, and explained how just hours earlier, he had silently given up – frustrated, tired and simply worn down, he had lost his belief that what he was doing was God’s will. Then, this stranger appeared and he repeated word for word their conversation. He was glad that the “prophet” had at least heard the conversation – at least he knew for sure that it really happened."

    So now, in a few paragraphs, I have morphed into a real "Prophet" or at least a credible witness that can back up that Ron really did talk to Jesus or an angel.  Before the part that Mary Nell Wyatt never learned, because I kept it quiet, as did Randy, about Ron's apparent episode of "working for the Devil" that very week-end.  Breaking the Sabbath quite likely to add to his other sins.

      "And when he questioned the locals who worked along the only path anyone could take to enter the area, he discovered that NO one had seen anyone of that description either come into the area or leave. Although the escarpment is extremely long, today it is surrounded by buildings, fences and stone walls which prevent anyone coming into the area except through one particular street. And the vendors along that street have been there day after day as long as Ron had worked there and he knew them well. There was no doubt about it – the stranger in white had been seen by no one else. And then Ron told me that he believed it was more than just an angel – he was deeply impressed that it may have been Christ, Himself.

     "Whether Christ or an angel, the experience was enough to encourage Ron and convince him that his efforts had NOT been in vain, and that he WAS still in God’s will.

      "And since then, I have seen the results of that experience over and over, in both of us. From that moment forward, nothing could or will ever dampen Ron’s zeal or belief in that or any other project. When he and his group were kidnapped about a year later (August 1991) in eastern Turkey, I know the knowledge of that experience gave me complete peace – I never once (after the initial shock) believed Ron was in serious danger because I knew he still had work to do. My calm was so noticeable that when Ron returned, his friends at the hospital ribbed him, saying “Your wife sure must not care too much for you because she was AWFULLY calm on TV when talking about her kidnapped husband.”

     I went to see the "Boat Shaped" formation with David Fasold, not Ron Wyatt, and so missed out on an opportunity to get kidnapped and held hostage as did the others referred to here by Mary Nell Wyatt.   And I did get a chance to talk to others personally who had gone scuba diving with Ron looking for chariot parts.

    I discovered by my own examination of nautical charts that the so-called "land bridge" at Nuweiba is 2500 feet deep in the middle of the Gulf of Aqaba.   And I did my own scuba diving near the granite column, which was placed there in Roman times according to those who know more about such things than Ron ever got a chance to know, because he only tries to "prove" what he knows already!

       "Ron doesn’t talk about this experience with “the man in white” a great deal, but I believe it literally changed his life, giving him enough encouragement to endure whatever it takes to get the work finished. And since that time until his death, Ron, like everyone else, had been “waiting”.

       Yes, Ron waited right up until the moment he died for Jesus to come back and reward him for all his supposed "discoveries" and all the deceitful things he did to get people to believe that something was TRUE that was indeed FALSE.   Fortunately that never did happen and most likely will never happen.   So Ron, and others like him will just SLEEP ON FOREVER and never know the difference.

     Meanwhile, I went back to Israel, and tried to get into the "Banana Cave" next door to where Ron thought the Ark was located. But in 2006, everything in that area was excavated, and now anyone who wishes to get permission to do so can climb down a very long steep ladder into the completely emptied cistern that was all of any importance that was ever there.

     I did, however, continue meeting Ron Wyatt's angels.  They did. apparently abandon him for me -- Ron's greatest fear.

     I, unlike him, show a tendency to learn from my mistakes, and continue trying to learn.   Evidently these "angels" like that!   

  As Jewish Archaeologist found when they dug out the cistern where Ron had dug before
 Would be left in Jesus' heart to drip 20 feet!

August 2006

Ark of the Covenant Excavation Reveals Plastered Enclosure


       Excavations just completed in Jerusalem revealed what appears to be a 12,000 gallon Byzantine cistern. A circular plastered enclosure measuring approximately sixteen feet in diameter and approximately ten feet in height was partially excavated. The cistern having walls as much as six feet in thickness adjoins an un-plastered circular room which surrounds the crevice which Ron Wyatt associated with the crucifixion site.

     A date has not been established for the un-plastered room and at this time archaeologists are uncertain as to it’s function. Quoting one investigator: “I am perplexed. I have never seen anything exactly like this.”

     The photo at the top is a view of the excavation from the surface some thirty feet above.

     At the bottom and right side of the picture steel shoring frames are visible.

     At right-center the un-plastered circular room surrounding the “crevice” and “cross hole” area can be seen. Removal of the overburden, by way of the recent excavations, made it possible to reveal and define the circular nature of the room. In the past only portions of the walls could be seen on each side of the “crevice” and “cross hole.” A steel drilling platform which was employed in the excavation is seen in the center of the room.

      In the lower left an excavation opening is seen which leads into the cistern. This opening was created as a result of the recent dig and is in addition to an 2005 opening through a six foot thick cistern wall that is built on bedrock.

The elevation of the bedrock under the cistern wall gets higher as it extends to the north toward the cliff face. The man made portion of the cistern wall is five or six feet high where we cut through last year. Near the cliff face the bedrock is at a much higher elevation requiring less construction.

      It is interesting to note that we find the remains of a plastered floor at the elevation of the cistern rim. The wall of the circular room surrounding the “cross hole” and “crevice” seems to have been slightly higher than that of the cistern, as it extends above the plastered floor by about eighteen inches.

     It is also interesting to note that the “cross hole” and “crevice” is located in the center of the unidentified circular room.

     At the top-center sand bags cover a portion of a stone stairway.
The lower portion of the stairway is missing and seems to have been unintentionally removed by Ron Wyatt as he originally entered the area. Working underground and in a confined area it would have been impossible for Ron to have recognized the nature of the stones that had to be removed for access. Projecting down the existing stairs, the indication is that the stairway would lead into the cistern along it’s Northern walls.

      The second image is an overlay of the 2005 excavation along with the outline of the position of the circular walls as revealed by the recent excavation.


      "Whether this was the actual geographic location then became less relevant than the spiritual meaning of the story as the guide admonished us that if we went into the tomb looking for Jesus, like his apostles so many centuries before, we would not find him there. Accordingly, if we brought Jesus into the tomb with us, we should not leave him there, but bring him along with us as we went back out to face the world he came to save."






  I, JESUS  was indeed born as a human being quite like everyone else, -- TRUE!

       BUT: I was born into a strange SECT of HOLY MEN, the ESSENES!

       AND: It's a custom of the ESSENES not to get married to a woman who has not proved her fertility by becoming pregnant and staying pregnant for 3 months.

       AND: I was the PROOF of my mother Mary's fertility -- after 3 months her Essene husband Joseph married her because he knew I was his son --

       BUT: So that Roman believers in the ISIS religion, of which there were a lot in the Roman empire, could believe that I was a God -- equal to HORUS her Son -- who was also the SUN up in the sky daily -- and who HAS ETERNAL LIFE -- Joseph allowed others to say that not he, but the SUN (God) was my  Father, and ISIS (the Holy Spirit) was my real mother (not Mary, a human and an Essene "Virgin") ---

 I, JESUS was the first-born son of Jesus and Mary, not the only son of Mary and NOT the son of Joseph.  Both Jesus and Joseph went through a lot of grief and trouble because some in their day THOUGHT this to be true, which it wasn't.  All Jesus REAL brothers were younger than him and conceived AFTER Jesus and Mary were properly married, while Jesus was conceived before.   This can be proved by both the names and histories (given mostly in Acts) of all these other family members.

 I, JESUS was NOT born in a wooden or stone box (MANGER) out of which animals ate straw, but in an Essene building one kilometer from the monastery in which animals and women were allowed to have their babies.  The Essenes called the whole building a "Manger" because animals were fed there.

 I, JESUS was indeed born in what the Essenes considered to be a PART of Bethlehem of Judaea, but not the City of Bethlehem but only where Bethlehem shepherds grazed their sheep.  7 or more miles away.  By the Dead Sea.

I was promised by a God (but not Jehovah) 10 things --

     1. That I would be called the "Only Begotten Son of God"

     2: That I would be made a King of a Kingdom

     3: That I would rule an Empire.

     4: That I would be imagined as ruling an entire Astrological Age.

     5: That people would believe they were gaining ETERNAL LIFE in my Name.

     6: That people would believe all their SINS FORGIVEN in my Name.

    7:  That what I must do to gain these things was GIVE MY BLOOD, but not all of my blood -- in a word -- I must be CRUCIFIED.

    8: I must go through a painful CRUCIFIXION and appear to be dead.

    9: After this, I would still be ALIVE (appear to be RESURRECTED).

  10: Then I could go back to India, to Kashmir, to live out my life as a Real King.





  I, JESUS  although I was only a human being, KNEW that people wanted MAGIC.

       BECAUSE: Their leaders so long as records have been kept had taught them that Gods and angels could do all sorts of things that ordinary people cannot do.

       AND: If people thought that I was a GOD (or the "Only-begotten-Son-of-God) a "Horus" or an "Osiris", they'd listen to my teachings and become better people.

       AND SO: It did not disturb me when one of my Gospel-Writers whose name was Matthew hinted in Matthew 1:25 that my mother Mary was a VIRGIN and would have a baby by MAGIC, as did ISIS who had HORUS by magic.  (Her husband Osiris was dead and dismembered, so Isis made for him a Golden Penis and impregnated herself with this Golden Penis!)

       THE POINT IS: If the Romans (who ruled the Western World) would allow and even encourage those they ruled to believe Jesus was a God like Horus, then some of them, or even most of them, would follow Jesus' TEACHINGS -- and be obedient peaceful citizens.  And make the Roman Empire and Roman Catholic Religion the greatest, most powerful, and yes, RICHEST nation on earth.

  I, JESUS, relied on  Matthew, a Jewish priest, to get the word out to Non-Jews that I was born by MAGIC but he also expected Matthew to teach his Jewish readers that I was NOT born by magic but was a real descendent of Abraham, Jacob, Judah, and King David, (through Solomon, no less -- Matthew 1:6,7).  Matthew know that Jews were looking for a totally human Messiah that would be led by Jehovah (the Great "I AM") to throw of the Roman yoke, and allow Jewish Kings to rule a Jewish nation. 

 I, JESUS, knew better than to rely only on Matthew's skill to make me a "GOD" to Gentiles but a human "Messiah" to Jews, so I also encouraged my "Beloved Disciple" "JOHN", (whose full name was "John Mark", a very bright Greek young man) to greatly improve on my Egyptian God magical abilities in his Gospel.  As "Horus" I not only could live ETERNALLY myself (as the SUN) but give life ETERNALLY to others (as the SUN).

    SO I COULD PROMISE MY FOLLOWERS: "For God (Osiris) so loved the world (not just Egyptians -- every nation and race benefits from the SUN) that he (Osiris) gave his "Only-begotten-Son (Horus)" that whosoever believeth in him (the "Invincible Sun") should not PERISH, but have EVERLASTING LIFE."

  I, JESUS, authorized Constantine the Great, the popes following his authority, the Jesuits, and Yes, finally even dedicated Protestants like the Adventists after 1888 and the 1950s like Ron Wyatt to teach these delusions to people who need them!

  I, JESUS, was promised by a God (but not Jehovah) 10 things --

     1. That I would be called the "Only Begotten Son of God"

     2: That I would be made a King of a Kingdom

     3: That I would rule an Empire.

     4: That I would be imagined as ruling an entire Astrological Age.

     5: That people would believe they were gaining ETERNAL LIFE in my Name.

     6: That people would believe all their SINS FORGIVEN in my Name.

    7:  That what I must do to gain these things was GIVE MY BLOOD, but not all of my blood -- in a word -- I must be CRUCIFIED.

    8: I must go through a painful CRUCIFIXION and appear to be dead.

    9: After this, I would still be ALIVE (appear to be RESURRECTED).

  10: Then I could go back to India, to Kashmir, to live out my life as a Real King.

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